Proving Your Friendship

by Ariaks

Chapter 1

"Okay, everything's set! Now, who's gonna go get her?" Rainbow Dash asked. The other ponies looked around the room at eachother.

"Umm, well, Pinkie was acting a little strange earlier. So, if it's okay with you guys, I'd like to stay." Fluttershy said.

"Well ah don't wanna git her. She got really darn close to figurin' out ah was lyin' before." Applejack threw in.

Rainbow sighed. "I guess I'll g-"

"It's okay Rainbow. I'll go." Twilight cut in, "With how weird she's been acting today, I'm more than likely going to have to use force, and with my magic it'll be pretty easy."

Rainbow Dash shrugged. "Okay, Twilight. Go get her then."

Twilight left Applejack's barn and headed for sugarcube corner. When she arrived she approched the door and knocked a few times. "Hello? Pinkie Pie?" Twilight was not prepared for what she was about to see. Pinkie was sitting at her table with several objects. She was walking around them and moving them with her hooves, while giving them voices. Twilight also noticed that Pinkie's hair was no longer it's usual poofy self. It was now straight.

Twilight again knocked on her door, and opened it. "Pinkie? What in the wide world of Equestria are you doing?"

Pinkie looked at Twilight, angrily. "Oh, it's you! One of my EX-friends." Pinkie said, putting a huge amount of emphasis on the "ex".

"What do you mean 'ex'?" Twilight said, genuinely confused.

Pinkie looked taken back. "Had Twilight really not understood what she meant? After all, it was Twilight and the rest of her "friends" that all came up with excuses to avoid her and her parties."

"What I mean, Twilight, is that you ponies have bean avoiding me all day!" As Pinkie yelled, tears started to gather in her eyes, and her voice started to crack and quiver. "All you guys did all day was think of excuses to get rid of me! How could I think we were friends anymore?!" Pinkie finished, now fully crying.

Twilight felt horrible. She hadn't realized that minor excuses to make the party they had planned more of a surprise could hurt the pink pony so badly. "I'm really sorry, Pinkie. We didn't mean anything by it, we just had something planned, and now we want you to be a part of it." Twilight told Pinkie.

"No! You guys aren't my real friends! Not anymore" Pinkie yelled, still crying.

Twilight thought for a second "How can I prove to Pinkie that we're still friends?" Twilight thought. Twilight had just remembered a book that she had read not too long ago. The book was a little weird and it had ponies doing odd (and kinda embarrassing, for some reason) things to each other, but the book strictly said that "you should only do those things to a pony that you love." It was perfect! If Twilight did those things to Pinkie Pie, she would have to know that Twilight still loved her.

"Okay Pinkie, if you don't believe me, Then I'll just have to prove it to you!" Twilight said, confidently.

"What do you mea-" Pinkie was cut off by Twilight rushing up to her and pressing her lips onto Pinkie's. Pinkie was caught off guard. She had no idea Twilight felt this way about her, she wasn't even sure if she felt this way about Twilight. But one thing was for sure, she really enjoyed the kiss.

After Twilight had stolen all of Pinkie breath, she pulled away. Twilight wasn't sure if that was enough, so she decided to ask her. "Believe me now?" Pinkie looked back at Twilight. She looked directly into Twilight's eyes. She noticed how beautiful Twilight was, from her eyes to her hooves. Everything about Twilight was beautiful. And not only Twilight's looks, but her personality, as well. Her obsession with books, the way that everything had to be perfect, and how she needed to know about something that confused her, like Pinkie sense, even the way that when she got overly panicked, she lost it a little. Like when the parasprites attacked and she wanted to build another Ponyville in a few minutes.

Pinkie then realized that she did, in fact, love Twilight. She noticed that when she was depressed about not having friends, Twilight was the one she had thought about the most. After all of this thinking Pinkie finally replied. "I'm not completely convinced yet."

Twilight then smiled and gave Pinkie a lustful look. "Okay, then let me try to show you harder." Twilight said.

Twilight again, pressed her lips onto Pinkie's, but this time, she did it so roughly that Pinkie fell to her back with Twilight standing above her. And with this kiss it wasn't just Twilight's lips. Twilight had put her tongue into Pinkie's mouth. Twilight licked all around Pinkie's mouth. Pinkie felt like Twilight's tongue could cover her entire mouth.

Pinkie was running out of breath, but she never wanted this kiss to end. Even when Twilight finally pulled away, Pinkie was almost saddened by the fact that Twilight was no longer kissing her.

"How about now?" Twilight asked again. Twilight noticed how attractive Pinkie was at the moment. She was huffing for air and she was covered in sweat. There was also the fact that her hair was down. Twilight could not help being attracted to her. Twilight, at this moment, realized that she wanted more of Pinkie Pie. Whether Pinkie said it was enough to convince her or not. Twilight would not be able to help, but continue what she had planned for Pinkie.

Pinkie looked around, trying to avoid eye contact, her cheeks blushing. "I think I still need some more convincing." She said. Twilight could not of been happier to hear her reply, and she wasted no time. Twilight quickly started to kiss Pinkie's neck. She started to lick it, getting several moans of pleasure from Pinkie. Twilight was now licking Pinkie's chest making her horn about level with Pinkie's mouth.

Pinkie was not sure if it would feel good for Twilight, but she could try. Pinkie put her mouth over Twilight's horn and started to suck on it. Twilight was caught off guard and yelped in pleasure. Pinkie got shocked and stopped. "Oh, sorry Twilight, did that not feel good?" Pinkie asked.

"Please, don't stop Pinkie" Twilight asked, barely able to breath.

Pinkie was shocked to hear Twilight, she almost did not sound like the same pony. Her voice was filled with lust and need. All Pinkie knew was that Twilight wanted her to continue, which probably meant that it felt good. That's all Pinkie needed, so she did not waste any time.

Pinkie continued to suck on Twilight's horn. She wrapped her tongue around it, licked it up and down. And all the while she could hear moans coming from Twilight. Twilight tried to continue kissing and licking Pinkie, but she had trouble doing anything when Pinkie was sucking her horn. She could barley breath, and with every second it only felt better.

Pinkie kept on sucking, noticing that Twilight's moans were getting louder and more lustful with every second. After a few more seconds Twilight could not hold back anymore. She released a build up of magic from her horn and yelled loudly. After everything had released from her horn, she collapsed on top of Pinkie, unable to stand anymore.

After a few seconds, Twilight finally caught her breath, she then started to lick Pinkie again. It wasn't long before Twilight made her way down to Pinkie legs. Twilight remembered from her book that an earth ponies most sensitive spot was in between their legs. So Twilight started to lick right between Pinkie's legs. Twilight figured she had hit the right spot, since she heard Pinkie yelp in pleasure.

Pinkie could not believe how good Twilight was making her feel. She had never felt pleasure to this extent before. She hadn't noticed that she had placed her hooves atop of Twilight's head and was now pushing Twilight's face further in between her legs. She also noticed that she was uncontrollably moving her hips. She was also unable to close her mouth. Pinkie's mouth was open and her tongue was hanging out, large beads of drool coming off of it. It was like she had lost control of several parts of her body, due to the pleasure.

Twilight kept licking and Pinkie could barely take it anymore. Pinkie wasn't able to last any longer, she finally let out one last scream as she shoved Twilight's face into her. Pinkie then lost all of her strength. Her hoof fell off of Twilight's head and her hips collapsed onto the ground. Twilight, still on top of Pinkie, fell with her. Twilight was now laying down on Pinkie.

Pinkie with all the strength he had left wrapped her hooves around Twilight and brought her in closer. Twilight looked at Pinkie and asked "Was that enough?"

Pinkie smiled and replied "Yeah, I believe you now, Twilight." And just as she said that, her hair popped back up to it's original look.

The two ponies were laying with each other for a little longer, and Pinkie brought her mouth close to Twilight's ear.
"Twilight," She whispered "I love you."

Twilight smiled and replied. "I love you too, Pinkie." and Pinkie and Twilight both understood that they meant a type of love that went further then friendship.

Twilight and Pinkie continued to lay next to each other, content with their lives at that moment. Neither of the ponies could be any happier at that moment. They were with the pony that they loved with all of their hearts.


Rainbow Dash paced back and forth, impatiently. Fluttershy was curled up in the corner trying to stay awake. Applejack stared at the cake, she was so hungry that she was thinking about just starting the party now so she could eat some. Rarity was staring at a mirror fixing her mane for the tenth time. "AUUUGHHH!! Where are they!?!?!" Rainbow Dash screamed. "I knew I should've gone! I would've been back in ten second FLAT!!!"

The end.