The Colt of Fire and Lightning

by ShagPony

Chapter 1: An Adventure Begins

Hello darkness my old frieeeend~. Why the hell have you come to me again~?. Like seriously I'm getting tired of this knocking out business. First that one time I hit my head, then that car crash, and now this......whatever this is. As a matter of fact I can hear the occasional bird or rustle of leaves...strange actually, I'm pretty sure if I was knocked out it would be silent until I woke up.

. . . .

Unless....I don't have my eyes open.

Well let's see what place I've stumbled to now. At that I begin to open my eyes but immediately shut them do to the day light blinding me. 'yup definitely had my eyes shut. My god that burns! First I get knocked out and now I'm pretty sure I blinded myself, great. Also while I'm listing off the things that's happening, my body feels weird'.

I carefully open my eyes and blink away the brightness so I can adjust. When I do I see I'm in dirt. It's good dirt. I blink away the grogginess I have and lift my head. I seem to be in a forest. ' did I get here? If I remember correctly the orphanage doesn't have a forest this dense.' I bring a hand to my forehead to rub the small headache I have until I feel something that's not my hand. I bring my hand to my face only to find a... hoof?

"Okay, what the flip is going on here?" I twist the hoof to look at it and just as my brain sends signals, it responds just exactly the same. I want it left, it would twist left. I want it right, it twists right.

Gathering data...


Process complete

My eyes go wide as my mouth opens and closes wordlessly. I look at my hoof and trail all the way up the limb which is attached to a body I'm not familiar with. I see not my small human body with feet but a small white furred body with the same appendages but not only that I have wings and a fire like tail with blue streaks almost like lightning. I look else where and find my clothes close by but my shoes are missing.

Looking at myself again I begin to hyperventilate as a panic attack starts to come in.

"Ok don't freak out, everything's fine, just take it nice and smooth. You have all of this under control"

Not even 10 seconds later I start freaking out like the little girl I was.

(15 minutes of freaking out later)

Well this was quite exciting wouldn't you say. Really not much happened, just some screaming and running around while shouting to the heavens. Yeah, good stuff.

So after that little freak out session I decide to get a better look at myself. I shakily get on my fee-...I mean hooves and walked -with a bit of wobbling to keep myself straight- to a small body of water near my clothes. Having much difficulty walking with four legs it took me a while to get there. When I did I took a look at my reflection and see a small horse or whatever I am staring at me with a small muzzle and ears. I was about to scream and go crawl somewhere and cry my eyes out saying that this is all a dream until I remember what Jessy told me. When in situations like this -that is if there are any about being turned into a horse in the middle of no where- to not freak out, stay calm and collected. I may be 10 years old but I'm smarter than I look or act. Of course, I think most of that advice is starting to go down the drain to what I'm looking at right now.

But I'm still curious so I take a few breaths and look at my reflection again.

My fur is completely white, almost white as snow and my hair... mane? Is like my tail. A fire look to it with faint blue streaks like lightning. My eyes are the same as they used to be, left eye is amber but almost looks as if it's glowing like fire, and my right eye is blue but looks electric. I look to my body and see the wings are the same color as my fur but the tips of the feathers have a blue on them.

I then look at my clothes and think for a moment before I remember something that I hope is still there. With that in mind I shakingly get up and walk to my pants and start patting them down. Sure enough I find my phone and try to take it out but I become unsuccessful. Get a little frustrated, I pick up the jeans and shake them till the phone falls out of the pocket and on to the ground. Tossing the pants away since I have no use for them, I look to the small device trying to figure out how I can pick it up. I look to my hoof and slowly raise it to the phone and touch it. Lifting it up I see the phone doesn't follow.

'Not gonna be picking it up that way.' I thought as I glared t the phone. As I continue to glare I notice that it's screen is in the dirt which gives me another idea. I twist my right hoof to the flat is somewhat facing me and put it next to the phone, then, taking my left hoof I flip the phone into my right and press it there with my left. Lifting it up I slowly raise my left and balance the phone on my right hoof as much as I can. When it stays there, I gently press the home button which lights up the screen and try to go to the lock screen, but fail to do so with the hard part of my hooves. Giving up on that I look to see if I have any bars and I see....

No service. Great. Just flipping fantastic.

Just as I was about to scream in panic and frustration I heard faint voices in the distance. I smile as I light up with hope as that means whoever is out here can help me.....hopefully.....probably. Not wanting to waste anytime I look at my phone and then try to see if I can find someplace to put it. Can't bring my pants with me and I don't want to carry it in my mouth so that only leaves my wings. Listening, I hear the voice are still close so I take my time and gently put the phone in my wing and try to tuck it in tight only for it to not move in which my phone slips out.

I grunt in annoyance and pick up the phone as I once did before and look at the device. 'God how am I supposed to take you with me if I can't put you somewhere.' I sit and think about this for a moment. I then look at my phone and narrow my eyes at it.

In my time of thinking I hear the voices have gone quiet and start to panic and glare at the phone with clenched teach just hoping it would go somewhere. When it did nothing, I shook it in my hooves as my cheeks puffed out in anger.

"You piece of crap, just disappear somewhere!"

As if God was tired of my babbling, I felt a tingling go down my hooves which made me shiver a bit and the next think I know, a flame engulfs my phone and it disappears. I then look at my now empty hoof with shock and disbelief.

"The hell happened to my phone?!" I shouted as I tapped my hooves together to see if it would reappear. Not getting anything I try to concentrate on that tingling feeling hoping for it to work. As quickly as I could so I didn't miss thos Poole that I heard, I tried to the hardest I could to make it happen again, and sure enough, I started to feel a slight tingle and saw a small spark at the tip of my hooves. Not wanting to give up I try to give my all and then the flame came back and my phone reappeared and fell to the ground.

I....I.....I had nothing to say, this was completely impossible, this should be completely impossible. I swear to god if this is a dream I hope it's a lucid one. Before I could panic about this I felt my left ear swivel to face the voices that were even farther than when I last heard them. Ok.....that felt weird and those voices from earlier are getting farther away. Not wanting to miss my saviors I touch my phone and focus on that feeling again. It took maybe a few seconds before it made my phone disappear and got up to run to the voices.

Only to go face first into the ground. Getting up -slowly this time- to my hooves, I tried to get myself to run but broke out into the most awkward jog ever, or is it trot. I think it's trot.

Dodging and ducking under foilidge to the best of my ability and almost tripping more times than I would like at the moment, I neared where I last heard the voices hoping they were still there. After a while of tumbling and stumbling I got closer and heard them again. To what I could hear they sounded female, one sounding extremely cheerful. As soon as I came out of a bush to meet my saviors my jaw droped, my eyes went wide, and I think my ears pressed against my head at the site in front of me. Infront of me were two -I think small- horses. One was a purple horse with the same but darker colored hai- I mean mane, with what appears to be a pink stripe in it. The purple one also had a tattoo that appeared to be a 6 pointed star, not only that but it had wings like me but also a horn. The other horse next to the purple one was a pink one with the same type of mane that almost looks like cotton candy, and had a tattoo of 3 balloons. Now if I thought this broke me than what I saw next was going to be the next punch. She's bouncing. While moving.

That's not what's gonna really fry my brain, oh no. Now I hear those same voices but they were coming from THEM! How is that POSSIBLE!?

Ok my brain is total disaster, heck I'd say my head is now more messed up then Deadpool's. But before I decided to faint I was frozen. Frozen by the fact that the pink one stopped what it was doing and slowly turned to show me baby blue eyes looking directly at the bush I was in. The purple one noticing her companions sudden stop turned to show me purple eyes at my bush as well, then turned to her friend and said something I couldn't quite hear.

The pink one responded back still looking at my bush or more like at me but then my blood ran cold as a menacing growl came from behind me. I turned around only to have my ears to firmly press against my head as I came face to face with something made out of wood that looked at me with hunger. Well....


(Twilight Sparkle's Pov)

In the dangerous Everfree Forest, not far from a hut that was home to a zebra, we find our beloved Princess Twilight Sparkle accompanied by her party crazy and perhaps spawn of Deadpool Pinkie Pie. At the moment Twilight was talking to Pinkie while they were walking to Zecora's hut.

"So, tell me again why you wanted to join me to go to Zecora?" asked Twilight to her bouncing pink friend.

"Because silly, my pinkie sense was acting all crazy today, telling me there was a gonna be a big doozy today in the Everfree and since you were going I thought I might as well join you." replied the happy mare still bouncing away without a care in the world.

Twilight gave a small sigh while her ears fell. she still didn't get the Pinkie Sense but she gave up trying to question it a long time ago. The only thing anyone jots it up to, is Pinkie being Pinkie. Even if that's the case, the Pinkie Sense hasn't really been false yet which inclined Twilight to ask about it. "What exactly is gonna happen in this doozy?"

Pinkie stopped bouncing mid air and put a hoof to her chin as she thought. Not having anything, she shrugged and continued to bounce away. "Don't know but it's gonna be a biggy!"

"Of course it is." Twilight replied with a shake of her head as she continued to walk beside her friend.

The two ponies kept walking, keeping mindful of their surroundings as they knew full well what the Everfree was like. They continued to walk in silence as Pinkie kept bouncing along. Pinkie then decided to break the silence with a tilt head. "So why are we going to Zecora's hut again?"

"Because," began Twilight, "I need to get back a book that Zecora borrowed, but the reason I'm going there is to catch up and chat." The Princess of Friendship said with a smile.


The two friends continued there walk -and bounce- on the path until the pink pony suddenly stopped bouncing and slowly turned around to look at a bush behind them. Twilight now noticing her friends sudden stop, turned to her with a raised eyebrow and looked behind them only to see nothing. As she looked Twilight turned her ears and noticed that the area around them seemed to be more silent. Taking that as a bad sign and still seeing nothing, Twilight turned her gaze back to the mare feeling a bit tense. "Uhm, Pinkie, you okay?"

"Nope, because something is about to come out of that bush."

Twilight was about to ask what she was talking about until they both heard a growl coming from the bush making them both tense up. Expecting a predator to come out, both mares became surprised when a white pegasus colt came out of it running quite awkwardly. What made their eyes widen though was when a timberwolf came out of it chasing him.

(Mason's Pov)

My first instinct was to run, just run like hell, and run like hell I did. I burst out of the bush heading straight for the two other horses who looked back at me with wide eyes. I took a small glance behind me to see the strange creature giving chase. I ran much faster but tripped on my hooves since I never really had them before. As I fell I heard a gasp but paid no mind to it as I looked at the creature and saw it pounce at me. I covered my eyes with my hooves waiting for my demise... but it didn't come, I opened my eyes to see the pink pony standing in front of me protectively while glaring at the creature on the ground a few feet away from us.

"Listen here you big meany!" said the pink horse, "if it's one thing I'm not gonna let happen, is let you hurt this colt, so just scamper off before ol' Pinkie Pie here gives you what for!"

At that statement the pink one now identified as Pinkie Pie, pulled out a cannon of some kind and out of no where too. Even though I'm internally freaking out about talking horses and would like to question that canon she has I didn't really care right now since I don't want to get eaten. So against whatever judgement I have or probably did have, I decide to trust this Pinkie Pie and stay as close as possible to her. Pinkie Pie looked to me as I stood behind her hind legs with a comforting smile. "Don't worry buddy I won't let them get ya."

Pinkie then turned back to the creatures which I now got the time to get a good look at. Strangely, they looked like wolves but they were much bigger, either that or I was smaller but it was made entirely out of wood which made it strange and just like wolves, five more came to stand next to it.

'Oh no' was an understatement to what I was thinking at the moment.

I then saw the purple one come to the side of Pinkie and....her horn was glowing....ok just gonna tuck that question away until we're out of this mess. The wolves started circling us so by instinct I got between Pinkie and the purple one who watched the wolves with caution.

Everything was still and the air was tense. It was so tense that it smelled like bacon....don't judge me I think nonsense when I'm scared. Then one of the wolves jumped at the purple pony which she then fired a purple beam at the wolf making it go back a few feet and land with a thud. Two more jumped but at Pinkie Pie which she then proceeded to fire....confetti at them, which was strange, but it proved effective enough to push them back. This went on a few times, one would jump to get an attack or make an opening but resulting in getting blasted by the purple one or Pinkie Pie. All was well until one caught the purple one by surprise and by instanct she....DISAPPEARED! OH MY GOD THESE WOLVES AR- wait she just reappeared behind the wolf so I guess she teleported.

Ok that's not suppose to be able to happen and that wolf is now raising its paw at me. Purple horse's eyes widen from leaving me to an attack but sighed in relief when Pinkie bucked it away and, man for a horse her size it was powerful.

"Don't you even think about hurting this colt when I'm here mister!" Pinkie barked with determination. Pinkie looked at the purple one with I think a scowl on her face. "Twilight, I know you did that out of instinct but this foals safety comes first."

The purple who I just learned is Twilight came back to Pinkie's side. "Sorry I'll make sure to not leave him opened." At that Twilight got back in a protective stance with her horn glowing.

After a few more minutes the wolves seemed to be backing off so I think we were winning. At this moment Pinkie decided to give a bit of a victory cheer.

"Yeah you back up you nasty timberwolves, WOOH!" Now, while it's sometimes good to rub your victory into the faces of thy enemy, it was at this moment that our party planner Pinkie Pie.... had screwed up.

During Pinkies victory cheer, a wolf or Timberwolves as she said, got lucky and knocked Pinkie away cutting her off from me and Twilight.

Twilight saw her friend get smacked away and blasted the timberwolf away and shouted back to her friend. "Pinkie, you ok-" Twilight didn't get to finish as another timberwolf took advantage of her distraction and knocked her away as well. Now Twilight and Pinkie were cut off by three Timberwolves with bruises on them while the last one of them was advancing on me.

"NO!" screamed the pink one who was dodging and ducking swings from the three timberwolves trying to advance but couldn't.

"Leave him alone!" Twilight yelled with anger as she prepared to use her horn again but was interrupted by a near miss from the three timberwolves.

I continued to back as far away from the timberwolf as much as possible but it kept on me intended on finishing me off.


My cry went on deaf ears as the wolf continued advancing. "Leave me alone!" I shouted. I then felt something stop my movements and looked to see a tree stopped me. I was about to go around and run or maybe hide but the single timberwolf was already on me licking its lips ready to devour me. I was cowering in fear.

"Leave me alone...."

The wolf was now right infront of me.

"Leave me alone!" I was starting to feel something tingly in my legs and my mane felt warm as my instincts told me to hit and run.

The wolf now had its jaws open ready to finish me off.

"I said....leave me...." I began as I stood on my hind hooves by instinct with the tingly feeling now being stronger.

"ALONE!" I then hit the wolf in its face and well, what I was expecting was for it to be stunned for like a second then get angry, instead I sent it back with a powerful strike of....lightning.

The wolf yelped in pain and was smacked into a tree and landed on the ground and burst into wood and sticks with a howl. I was surprised by what I did, I don't know what I did but it was.... awesome. But now I have A LOT OF QUESTIONS. Cause last I checked this wasn't some fantastic four stuff so what the heck was that.

Before I could think on it any longer, my attention was brought to two of the other timberwolves growling and running at me to avenge their fallen comrade. When they were closer the first one pounced to get a bite out of me but I guess by either instinct or something else I was able to dodge his attack, it was almost like my speed was greatly enhanced and I have been walking on four legs my whole life. After I dodged the first one I quickly ran under the second one and again by instinct or something, bucked him in the midsection and sure enough the same thing happened but this time I made it catch fire. In response the wolf yelped in pain and tried to put the fire out, emphasis on tried.

So I can control not only lightning, but fire too. Awesome.

My train of thought was interrupted when the first wolf pounced again. With no time to dodge I used my hooves to protect my face. As I waited for the strike from the wolf but got nothing, I opened my eyes to see it being shot with purple beams from Twilight who was standing next to me. I looked to where pink one was and found her chasing away the other timberwolves with the canon.

After the Timberwolves were taken care of, Twilight's horn stopped glowing and Pinkie put her canon away into nothingness which led me to ask myself. 'Does this girl know Dead Pool or something?'

I was brought out of my thoughts when Pinkie began speaking.

"Wowwie that was amazing what you did buddy! You were all like 'LEAVE ME ALONE!' and woosh, your mane caught fire and had lightning on your legs and wings and you were like 'BAM', and-"

During Pinkie's reenactment to what I did, the tingling went away and I suddenly felt dizzy and quite tired. Pinkie noticing my sudden change asked me something but I couldn't hear. Last thing I saw was Pinkie catching me before I fell on the ground, then blackness. My old friend. Why the hell are you back again!?

(Pinkie Pie's Pov)

Pinkie had stopped her ranting of how cool it was that the colt did all that fire and lightning show without a horn but concern for the now unconscious colt that laid in her hooves. Confused, Pinkie looked to her friend Twilight.

"Twilight what should we do?"

Twilight was still looking at the unconscious colt but then shook her head and looked to her friend. "We should take him to the hospital to make sure he's okay, but also firgure out how he did what he did without a horn."

Pinkie then looked to the colt then back at Twilight and nodded. "Okie-dokie-lokie Twilight!" Pinkie then picked him up by the scruff of his neck and placed him on her back then looked to Twilight again and then a thought came across her mind. "Wait what about Zecora?"

Twilight slightly shook her head. "Zecora will have to wait, this foal comes first." With that Twilight charged up her horn and teleported Pinkie, the colt, and herself to the hospital.