Pinkie Pie's Hardest Lesson

by Thunderman1984

Chapter 1: Ponyville's Newest Resident

Pinkie was making her usual rounds when out of the corner of her eye, she spotted something strange, a new pony! 'But,' she thought 'He seems down, I know, one of my patented 'Pinkie Pie's Welcome to Ponyville Parties' will cheer him up!'

With her new mission she took in what he looked like, he had a dark brown almost black coat, 'Odd,' Pinkie thought 'most ponies have bright colors for that,' with a grey Mane and tail with an almost Pinkamina style flatness to it, yes Pinkie knows about the Pinkamina Incidents and that you are always watching 'you naughty ponies.'

Next she looked at his cutie mark, which seemed to be a teardrop over a glowing metal bar, 'Maybe he's a Blacksmith,' Pinkie thought, but could not truly see it, so she took out a pair of binoculars out of her mane, there was actually a small pocket dimension in her unruly hair, such is true earth pony magic, and looked again. His 'Stud Stamp', as the stallions called them, has the teardrop but underneath it was a very peculiar item of jewelry, it was a gold necklace that had a very familiar item in the middle, A pink balloon, her Element of Laughter. Although it was brought back to the tree, she and the other elements had memorized every aspect of their respective elements.

Pinkie was at a loss for words. She dropped the binoculars, breaking them, and scaring everypony around her. They all ran toward her to make sure she was alright, because this was a part of Pinkie they thought never even existed. "I'm OK everypony, I'm alright, I ... IjustforgotsomethingIneededtodo."
With that she ran of towards the library.

A few minutes later.

Princess Twilight Sparkle was re-shelving her Library after another one of Rainbow Dash's many crash landings, 'Dear Celestia, she needs to learn how to land,' thought Twilight.

"TWWIIIIIIIILLLLIIIIIIGGGGHHHHHHTTTTTTT!!!!" Suddenly, Pinkie. Pinkie runs into the Golden Oaks Library startling Twilight.

Twilight does something she has not done in years , a surge.

Thankfully for Pinkie her True Magic protected her for the most part, but the books all became a tornado in the library proper. When Pinkie was finally close enough to Twilight, she just uses one of her hooves somehow and snaps in front of her face.

It starts raining books in the Library.

A few hours later Pinkie finishes explaining what she saw to Twilight. "And that's when I saw the pink balloon on his cutie mark."

Twilight was silent for several minutes, making Pinkie very uncomfortable. "This is very unsettling. Are you sure that is what you saw?" Twilight finally asked.

"Yes. I'm sure that is what saw. I dropped my favorite pair of Binoculars, and scared everypony around me."

"I figured you would say that, and I trust you fully. But I cannot be sure of anything until I have counsel with Celestia. Until then I suggest you keep a respectful distance from him. If he approaches you don't run from him, but for now don't go looking for him."

A few Minutes later in the Golden Oaks Library.

"Spike, SPIIIIIIIIKE!!" Twilight calls out to her assistant, who comes running into the library proper.

"What is it Twilight?!" No not Princess Twilight just Twilight. That's something she loved about her assistant, he never called her by her title, never bowed to her, well except for that one time... getting off track again.

"I have an urgent message I need you to send to the Princess." It was nearing dusk now so in order for Celestia to receive it on time in needed to be sent now.

"Okay let me go get some paper."

"No time, Spike. I already wrote it." Twilight also loved her assistant for that as well, always willing to be of service. While during work hours he was her assistant, but during off hours he was her little brother/son. It was weird, she knew, but they acted more like brother and sister, even though he knows how he came to be in this world.

Meanwhile, in Canterlot.

"That was a fantastic meal, was it not, dear sister?" Luna asked her sister, Princess Celestia, after dinner.

"That it was sister." she then turns to the maid cleaning the table, "Dear, could you give the Chef our regards please?"

"Of course, your Highness."

Luna and Celestia then feel a familiar magic that they both tend to enjoy feeling, the feeling of Spike's messenger magic.

"What does it say, Sister?" Luna speaks up before it even arrives, confusing the maid still cleaning the table.

"We shall see." the smoke then flies though one of the many open windows she has always open in case something like this happens. "Ah here it is now. Eh heh heh hem. 'Dear Celestia' took her long enough to stop calling me princess. 'I have received some unsettling news from none other than Pinkie Pie, the Element of Laughter.' Oh no, that doesn't sound good. 'She has told me of a new stallion in Ponyville with a Grey mane and dark brown almost black coat. She tells me he looked somewhat depressed and she didn't get a good look at his 'stud stamp' as the stallions are calling them. She thought it was a drop of water over a gold bar, Making her think he was a blacksmith.'"

Luna then interjects "That's actually a whitesmith. Whitesmithes work softer metals like Gold and Tin. While Blacksmiths work with Iron and such harder metals."

Celestia just gives her a look of 'seriously?' "'When she pulled out her binoculars in order to take a closer look so she can "find more information about him to throw him one of her Patented Pinkie Pie's Welcome to Ponyville Parties," her words not mine, she got a closer look at his cutie mark. It was actually a tear drop over the Element of Laughter. She says she knows what it looks like by heart. We all know our respective elements by heart. We had memorized every aspect of them. It was my idea after the Sunset Shimmer incident. Even though we had given them back to the Tree of Harmony, I wouldn't be surprised if we still all know what they look like by heart. This is very unsettling in the fact that this might mean he was destined to be depressed. Even though he has never seen the Element of Laughter, he still has a cutie mark representing it's exact opposite. I have never heard of such a phenomenon, so I write to you for counsel on the matter. Please I have no idea on what to do on this matter at hoof. I have told Pinkie to keep a respectful distance from him for now but it is only a matter of time before she can't stand it. Your faithful student and fellow Princess, Twilight Sparkle. P.S. Say Hi to Luna for me. Also I realize she was referring to a whitesmith but in my haste to write you I didn't care to correct her and I was repeating to you what she told me.'"

Complete silence filled the Dining hall they were in. Nopony said a word, nor made a sound, you could probably hear a pin drop in the hall even though that didn't happen. All of a sudden the maid drops all the dishes send all the guards and maids in the room in a frenzy to clean it up. Celestia and Luna are just staring at each other. They nod heads knowing what must be done.

"Dear Twilight,You caught me at a really good time. Me and Luna had just finished dinner and were about to get to bed. Unfortunately we cannot make a decision at this moment of what to do. We will decide tomorrow after many a discussion, but rest assured we will not let this decision go undecided and you will get a message detailing our decision, but for now do not let Pinkie anywhere near this mysterious stallion. And tell the other Elements, as of right now do not go up to anypony with the opposite of their Element as their cutie mark. Your fellow Princess, Celestia."

In a few minutes in the Golden Oaks Library.

Twilight and the gang had decided a while ago when they had an emergency meeting take place they would meet at the Golden Oaks but each place had a signal all of them knew. Twilight sent up the signal. In just a few minutes All of the elements of harmony were in the Golden Oaks library.

"What's wrong Twi?" AJ spoke first.

"Yea why send up the signal, egghead?" Rainbow Dash asked next. When RD called Twilight 'egghead' it was just a pet name, never meant for malicious intent.

"I called you all here for a very important reason. Pinkie has encountered a new pony in Ponyville. Now wait before anypony interrupts me, I need to tell you about him. I'm sorry Pinkie but there is not much time and we all just want to go to bed."

"It's okay, Author, I know you don't have much time. Have fun on your date!" It's not a date Pinkie. "Sure it isn't"

"Anyways... This stallion actually has the opposite of the Element of laughter as his Cutie Mark. I am to tell you, on Celestia's orders, if you find anypony like that do not interact with them as of right now. They are discussing what to do about this tomorrow. Now go get some rest, I know we all need it."