AppleBloom's Vendetta

by WinterTwister

Spike Located.

Apple Bloom woke up to something shaking her head, it was her bow so she tapped it and the mini-screen popped out.

"Agent Apple Bloom." Eye Patch said plainly.

Apple Bloom stretched before she replied. "Sir."

"We have created a temporary base inside of Manehatten, now we are positive he is here. You are to report to the temporary base as soon as possible."

Apple Bloom saw the background look slightly different.

Eye Patch pressed a button and the screen showed a map of where Apple Bloom was, and where her destination is.

"Ah see where it is, ah'll be right there." Apple Bloom was hoping to see the sights of the city, but her job was too important.

"See you soon. Eye Patch, out." The screen retracted, and Apple Bloom got up to stretch her joints.

Apple Bloom left the apartment and started on her way towards the base, luckily it wasn't far away. She arrived at the base after a few minuets of walking, the building was seemingly normal. Apple Bloom went up the small set of stairs and rang the doorbell, the stairs under her instantly folded and she fell down a slide screaming in surprise. Apple Bloom had fallen into a chair in front of a large desk in a room that was well-lit, she was still dazed about what had just happened.

A chair was turned behind the desk, it slowly turned and Eye Patch was sitting calmly. "Sorry about the drop, we need to make sure only agents know where this place is."

"That's alrigh, ah don't see why ah'm not used to it anyway." Apple Bloom said while fixing her mane. She looked around at the room, it was blank mostly, but behind Eye Patch, she saw that the wall was covered with small bronze stars with dates under them. "What are those.."

"Stars?" Eye Patch took a deep breath. "Those stars are fallen agents." Eye Patch looked down, a small tear dropped on the desk, but when he looked back up his face was the same as it always had been.

"They don't have names, sir."

Eye Patch hesitated but replied. "I remember each day an agent died, I honor them by placing a star on the walls of my offices, and adding the date they were born." Eye Patch turned to look at them for a moment, but returned to face Apple Bloom. "Well, we think we know where Spike is."

Apple Bloom planted her hooves on the desk and leaned forward from her chair. "You do?!"

Eye Patch stood up and read some of the papers he had on his desk. "Yes, he joined a local gang, and in under 12 hours he united every gang in Manehatten. How he did this, is unknown, they call him a prophet. We are sending you to the area where we think Spike is, and if possible, you are to suppress him in any way possible. He is still highly dangerous and must be brought in, is this understood?

Apple Bloom stood up. "Yes sir, ah'll leave as soon as possible."

Eye Patch motioned her to sit back down. "The area is well guarded, he organized them for the defensive, he knows we are coming after him. I am sending a strike team to stay behind you from a distance for your disposal if you manage to find him, you are to also wear this bracelet." Eye Patch retrieved a thin bracelet from his desk. "It will monitor your vitals, they will move in if something happens, or when you give them the order." Eye Patch tossed the bracelet to Apple Bloom, and she caught it and immediately put it on her hoof. "This is not a time for compassion agent." Eye Patch had a slightly angry stare in his eye. "I will not lose any more agents to this criminal."

Apple Bloom nodded to show that she understood.

Eye Patch brought out a map of Manehatten and he went over Spike's possible positions and when what would happen if she were to spot him. After they had finished discussing the course of action Apple Bloom stood up.

"Ah'll do my best sir." Apple Bloom stood backwards and a small tube and sucked her up and she found herself in the alleyway next to the bases building.

Apple Bloom started walking towards the direction to the part of Manehatten Eye Patch had pointed out. She walked for an hour before the building started changing from nice, and well kept to broken down and boarded up. Apple Bloom talked into her bracelet.

"Hello, is the strike team in position?"

The bracelet buzzed and replied. "Yes, we are in light pursuit of your trail, continue."

Apple Bloom looked at the neighborhood, it looked very unforgiving. Apple Bloom continued onward, but was slightly confused because the buildings started to look cleaner and had ponies working on them. She stopped when she saw a large building that had been repainted and the window glasses were repaired. 'This must be where Spike is...' She started walking towards the building.


Spike was watching his little empire starting to grow while starring out of his balcony at the top floor of his new home. Spike turned to Gilda who was behind him.

"Tell the Jones Street Ponies that once they are done with north-side construction that they must help the Hoofball Furies with the east, they are working slowly." Spike said calmly.

Gilda bowed her head slightly. She had to much respect not to, Spike had united all of the gangs and organized them into an actual power in a short time. She turned to leave the room to deliver the orders.

Spike turned back to stare out into the city, his eyes were drawn to looking at a pony a few blocks down and his breath was sucked away from him. 'Apple Bloom...'


Apple Bloom kept walking towards the building that was only a few blocks ahead, her heart racing knowing that Spike had to be there. Apple Bloom froze in her place after a few ponies had appeared from a corner in front of her.

"She doesn't have any colors..."

"Guess shes not one of us." The pony turned to look at Apple Bloom from his friend beside him. "You're trespassing little girly, grab her."

A pony behind Apple Bloom threw her into the dead end alleyway before she could react.

Apple Bloom braced herself and prepared for a fight.

One pony swung a hoof at Apple Bloom, but she grabbed it and threw him down into the wall next to her. Apple Bloom was struck in the back of the head in her blind spot after tossing the first pony into the wall. She stumbled away from the blow and was hit again twice in the sides of her head and she fell to the ground. The 4 ponies surrounded her, and then were joined by the one she threw, they each held either a pipe, a knife, or just used their hooves. "Kill her." said the pony that was thrown against the wall.

Apple Bloom could hardly keep her consciousness. She saw the ponies closing in on her and she tried to talk into her bracelet, but couldn't make a sound through the pain.

The 5 ponies were almost upon her but they turned after a yell came from behind them.


The 5 ponies back away from Apple Bloom and Spike went forward to look at her.

Apple Bloom looked up and saw Spike, but she passed out from the blows to her head before she could do anything.

"What did you idiots do?" Spike raised his voice, and one of the ponies walked forward.

"She was deep in our turf.. and like you told us to do was to get rid of anyone not wearing colors."

Spike dug his right claw deep into the ponies throat and then let him fall.

Before the ponies could react to Spike's action, they could hear some people warning from down the street. "Cops!" It was Apple Bloom's strike team coming to rescue her. The ponies ran away.

Spike looked at Apple Bloom. 'I can't get away if i carry her..Damn it.' Spike leaned down and kissed Apple Bloom's forehead and scattered off out of the alleyway.

Moments after Spike left, the team went to Apple Bloom's unconscious body.

"We need to get her back quick, she took dangerous blows to the head."

"Alright, pick her up and lets get back before more of those kids come along, we don't need any unnecessary deaths." The team medic picked up Apple Bloom and laid her on his back, and they hurried out of the neighborhood back to the base.


Spike was back at the top room of his room and looked out of his balcony after he saw the team retrieve Apple Bloom and scurry away. He banged his head on the railing and cause it to rattle uncontrollably, a small bead of blood crept down his face from his forehead. 'Apple Bloom...'


Apple Bloom was brought back into the base and was laid on a hospital bed, she was being examined by a doctor.

The doctor turned to Eye Patch. "She has a minor concussion, she shouldn't experience any memory loss and should be up and running again in the morning. But we did find something odd in her system.. she seems to have a small dose of mercury in her.. and we think it could have twisted her mind slightly. We found the source, she was wearing a necklace that had a small amount in it, not enough to harm her physically, but mercury is a strange element..we removed the necklace and the mercury should soon fade away eventually."

Eye Patch nodded and exited the infirmary, only feeling one thing, hatred.