Apple Ticklish Feet


A Letter To Applejack

Dear Applejack,

That was really fun tickling your feet, and I really hope we can do that again sometime. But, Summer's almost done and I have a lot of chores I need to do in my boutique. My parents are visiting my boutique in a few days and I need to polish it. Maybe, when Spring comes, we can do this again. I know you may be busy at Sweet Apple Acres, making apple meals and fizzy apple cider. And I need to visit Twilight at her castle to clean up all the rooms. Maybe, sometime when we want to hang out, you can try tickling my feet. My feet are more ticklish than anyone else's. Well, let's do that when none of are busy. I know our friends are a lot busy at other times. Hope I'll see you again soon.

Your friend, Rarity

P.S. Maybe someday we should do that to Pinkie Pie or Twilight.