Siren's Knight?

by MyLittleGeneration

Siren's Knight?

Adagio lowly growled as she got out of the classroom. Walking out the doorway, finally done with having to take history for the day. Actually, done with the day, in general. It was the final period, and she was happy on the inside, but you could barely tell sometimes when she puts on the usual angry look. It was the look she, her sisters, just everyone pictured when thinking of her. Ever since Battle of the Bands, the day her and her sisters were made fools of when they had once power. Once adored, slightly feared, now absolutely despised.

But did she care that she was hated? No. It was annoying, but wasn't something to sort of weep about. Words didn't affect Adagio. A couple of mean words can't possibly crush a strong being like her. Just knowing that humans can be hurt and think of ending their life over words was silly to her. She thought they were weak, she always thought that. Nobody could be any better than her in this 'human world'.

Clutching her fist, she went towards her locker, gathering just her backpack. Packed up and all set, she headed straight to the front doors, hoping to get home as fast as possible. No way could she tolerate any more human interaction. Such pure-blooded weaklings... Telling her what to do and what she should know. Adagio Dazzle. If things were different, maybe it'd be turned around...

She got out of the school, standing around the front yard. She just hung around for Sonata and Aria, as they usually get out together as a trio, or pack, as they call it. Hanging around, she caught glares from other students, narrowing their eyes as if to intimidate. Like that would work on her. No matter how many times you do it, there was no way Adagio would be broken down into tears. She was much more stronger and resilient than that.

Standing around more, she was getting annoyed with both the student glares and middle fingers AND Sonata and Aria being absent. The two were nowhere in sight, but Adagio took a guess that Sonata was being bullied and Aria was playing 'big sister'. Hell, wouldn't surprise her, even if a fight broke out somewhere. The poofy-haired siren just wanted to regroup and go home for another casual boring afternoon.

"Come on, girls..." she grumbled under her breath. "Where ARE you?" She impatiently tapped her foot on the ground, her angry expression getting worse. "Idiots..." she said lowly.

Buses were going, and Adagio could clearly see her car in the school parking lot, yet something was off with the blue convertible. It's luscious shine and look, reminding her of home, was covered with rotten graffiti. On the hood of the convertible, it spelled, 'Go Sleep With The Fishes, Bitches'. Adagio clutched her fist and ran towards her car. Checking the side of it once she approached, more words were sprayed, spelling out, 'Singing Sluts'.

Her teeth gritted together, nearly damaging them, and she put her hand in her hair, ready to pull it out. But alas, she calmed herself, releasing her hair from her fingers. "No..." she said quietly. "No, I'm not any of these brutes possibly trigger me into doing damage to myself." She lightly chuckled to herself. "No intelligence, whatsoever."

Her head turned around to see girls snickering and pulling out their phones to record, but it wasn't like they'd get anything special. Adagio left her car and tried searching for her sisters, wherever they were. Suddenly, her phone vibrated in her pocket, so she pulled up to read a text from Aria.

'Sry, got some pricks here confronting us and Sonata's hurt... again. Probably gonna fight.' the text read.

Adagio rolled her eyes. Just as she predicted. It's funny how she could predict things so easily without a minute of thought. Weak, her sisters, being put up with this human nonsense. Sonata cries, Aria fights, but Adagio just lets it go. Ignores. Neglects. How hard could that be for any of her sisters?

Who knows. All Adagio wanted was a ride out of Canterlot High, but Aria had the keys. Slowly, she facepalmed. "Great..." she muttered. "Now I have to find Aria?" She walked around, trying to find wherever her sisters were getting bullied. However, it seemed hard to find them. "Maybe inside?" she said, tapping her chin.

She got inside the building, listening carefully to crying or arguing. Alas, none. Perhaps it already ended? If it did, she would've received a text at that point. With all the wandering, she started to actually feel... worried? No, she shook her head in disbelief. "No, they're fine, Adagio." she spoke to herself. "They're just idiots, that's all."

She made a turn, and found a part of the hall with a flickering light. She moved closer to check if they were there, or if there was anything marking that they were there, but nope. Nothing seemed to have went down there. Though, she couldn't help but notice a strange-looking gang of students approach her, seeming to have a sort-of devious smile on their face... Adagio only raised a brow while crossing her arms.

It looked like as though they were looking for trouble... which may bear bad news for both ends...

Clef was packed up, and started heading down the hallways to the stairs leading to the front door. "See you later." said one of his choir friends as he left the room.

"Peace." he said. "I'll catch you tomorrow."

Heading out, he quietly whistled a tune to himself. No rush, all he had to do was get to his car and drive. Easy-peezy. His footsteps and whistling were the only things that filled the vacant and silent hallways, until up to a certain point.

"Hello, siren..." said a girl's voice down towards a barely-lit hallway. "Seems you're alone." Siren... Clef knew exactly who that is, and he felt like something bad was going to stir.

Carefully walking, he peeked around the corner, and there he saw a group of students, mostly consisting of jocks and cheerleaders, cornering Adagio. Though Adagio didn't seem phased, he felt sure that she was on the inside. At least to him.

Recently, he's been spectating all sorts of negativity towards the Dazzlings. Those long days of being controlled by the three of them, who wouldn't be pissed? But thing is, it's been so far past that, weeks ago, two months ago, and people are still spitting at them as if it happened yesterday. He wasn't a part of the crowd of haters, but he had some grudge against her. At this point, it seemed ridiculous, right? How could they still be receiving all this hate, the same amount, the same disrespect, the same thing over and over?

While that ran through, he listened in more as Adagio started to speak. "Yes." she answered simply. "Listen, sweetie, just tell me where my sisters are, a-"

"Oh." said one of the tall jocks, buff and muscular. He had dark-red hair and grey skin. "Your sisters are fine." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a phone. Adagio's pupils grew as she recognized it. "We just did a snatch-and-grab. We didn't even see your sisters at all." He tossed the phone to Adagio's open hands.

"What the-" she said, surprised. "Wait, is this is supposed to be a trap?"

"What do you think, bitch?" asked the girl who spoke first, a cheerleader with pink pigtails and tan skin. "Your idiot sisters are probably out waiting for you, but we can't just let you go or anything. So, we thought it'd be fun to pretend we're that punk-ass Aria and lead you here, in one of the shady parts of the school." Clef's eyes widened in fear.

"Look, just move over, I have no time for you i-"

"Hey, we're not done yet." said the jock, as the group moved closer, pinning Adagio closer to the wall. "We haven't even started."

"Can't you just get over it?" Adagio questioned. "Grow up, it's been two months, I mean, we already have."

"My ass." said a fat kid in the group.

"Seriously." she admitted. "We were once in power, and sure it sucked, but we got over it rather quickly. Change is a drag, but what can you do, right?" She pinched her forehead in annoyance. "Just go home and do your hobby, I got idiots to pick up."

"But we got someone to deal with." said the perky cheerleader. "You."

"I beg to differ." Adagio said, crossing her arms, thinking they weren't going to do anything to her.

The tall jock, including the others, chuckled and giggled. "You think we aren't?" He stepped forward. "I think we can." And in one move, he pushed her hard. So hard she nearly fell to the floor.

Clef's eyes widened as far as they could. A thing about Clef, he is usually one to stop fights, or defend anyone. And literally anyone. To just go and help stop something, or prevent anything bad happening, it was worth it. He was pretty much anybody's knight. It sounded crazy, but... he felt like he needed to come in.

"H-" But before he could speak, the cheerleader came over to Adagio, her face full of anger, and she raised her hand. And slapped the ever-living hell out of her.


The siren leader collapsed to the floor, almost violently from the loud impact.Everybody reacted. Jocks went 'OH!', and the girls gasped. Clef... he put on his shining armor. "Oi!"

The group turned around, seeing Clef stand in the hallway. Behind the crowd, he could barely see Adagio, face down, hands on the ground, but can't see her expression. It was not a good-case scenario. She wasn't letting out a single sound, like a cry or sucking in air from the pain through her teeth.

"Well, looks like we got another mate!" said the fat kid. "C'mon, kick her ass with us!"

"I'm not here to do that..." Clef said, trying to be calm. All he had to do was take her and bring her as far away from these guys as possible. "Please, just leave-"

"Hey, back off, pal." one of the jocks warned. "If you got no business with dealing with her, then scram." Almost stealthily, Adagio turned her head to look at who they were talking to. Most of her hair was in the way, but she could mark out a man's face, with blue eyes, black hair, and blue skin.

"Why are you even bothering her?" Clef asked. "Hasn't she had enough?"

"It's cause they're idiots..." Adagio muttered, which caught the cheerleaders attention.

"Aw, little whore wants more?" Almost out-of-nowhere, she threw a foot at Adagio's stomach, kicking her. Adagio let out a yelp and a painful groan.

"The hell?!" Clef said, more angrily. "What are you even doing?"

The large kid approached him. "Giving her what she deserves." He stepped up right towards Clef. He said quietly, "Listen, kid, you're defending a person who nearly took over the school. A rotten, horrible, careless bitch, and you think this isn't necessary?"

"I don't." he said simply.

The student was appalled. "The hell is wrong with you?" Rolling his eyes, he merely pushed Clef. Not hard, very light. "Save yourself the trouble. Not like we're gonna kill her or anything."

"But beat her? C'mon, let it go." Clef tried moving around, but the kid blocked him.

"We don't think so." Another kid walked up to block out Clef even more. "Don't be foolish."

Another girl stepped up to Adagio. "Pig." She grabbed Adagio by the collar and pulled her close. Her face was still mostly covered, but Clef could swear he saw a lot of red. "Why the hell you even still at our school?"


"Hey!" Clef shouted, trying to get passed the two guys, but both pushed hard. "C'mon, don't do this!"

"Why do you even care?" said the cheerleader, smirking at Adagio.

"Screw this..." said the tall jock. Quickly, he grabbed Clef by the collar. "Just. Leave."

Clef ignored, he had to help out. Slightly turning around, he took one step. Then instantly, he turned back and started dashing towards the downed Adagio, getting past the two goons. Like a guard, he stood in front of Adagio and spread his arms out. "Hey, she's had enough, alright?" He stared deeply at everyone, and behind him, Adagio slowly looked up. "Just... leave her be."

"What, you crazy?" said the cheerleader. "Kid, just ditch!"

"I'll ditch..." Almost without thought, he grabbed Adagio by the arm. "With her beside me."

The jock came close, letting out an annoyed sigh. "Dude, just ditch the bitch." he said.

"Why bo-"

"CAUSE SHE'S A GOD DAMN NUISANCE!" He reached his hands and grabbed Adagio tightly... a fatal mistake. Once he instantly raised his fist, he spoke, "LITTLE-"


A cracking pop blurted out as Clef decked the man in the face before nearly harming Adagio. Everyone was alarmed as the man fell back, and they started to surround the two. "Let's go!" he told Adagio, as he took her hand and bolted. Everyone tried to take them, but he was too quick. They escaped as fast as possible, with the two catching sight of-

"Dagi?" said a blue girl waiting in the lot.

"Woah!" said the other girl, shocked to see Adagio look... a little roughed up. Clef still didn't get a chance to see much of her face, the defensive lad. Clearly it was Adagio's sisters, Sonata and Aria. "Wha-" Aria noticed Clef holding her hand. "Who the hell are you?"

"No time to explain, just take her safe." He was about to let go of Adagio, but instead Adagio snapped her hand away from him. It felt rather cold to Clef.

"Safe?" The siren's head hung low, but slowly moved up. "I was going to be safe, either way." By the tone of voice, it sounded as if she didn't appreciate his help. "Just... why did you do that?"


"Not now, Sonata." snapped Adagio in a low voice. "Answer me..." she spoke.

"Hang on, how bad did they-"

"ANSWER ME!" And her entire face showed. As she just snapped her head up, the hair flew, uncovered her face, and showed the details. It wasn't terrifying, but her entire left side of her face had a giant red mark, right where the slaps struck. The marks looked like they hurt, making Clef draw a conclusion that they probably stung like hell.

"Well, the reason I helped you is because... I just wanted to help."

"Cause you wanted?" Adagio placed her hand on her face. "Listen, I didn't need any help, and all you did was put yourself on their little drawboard. All for the reason you wanted to help?"

"Wait," Sonata questioned, "This guy helped you? Aw~."

"Can it, Sonata." spoke the leader. "Already having problems of my own, and the last problem I want now is dealing with you." She shook her head. "Dumb move, kid, seriously."

"Name's Clef." he clarified.

"Okay then, Clef, you made a mistake of helping out, alri- OH!" Her hand was placed on her abdomen as she suddenly winced.

"You alright?" Clef said, worryingly.

"What's wrong now?" asked Aria.

"She got kicked in the stomach by one of the students." he answered, not leaving an eye off Adagio. "You alright?"

"I'm fine!" she said arrogantly. "I- ugh- told you already, I'm good. Celestia, you're acting as if I were shot."

"No... I just want to make sure they didn't hurt you too bad."


"Sonata..." Adagio growled. "Just... let's go."

Clef honestly wasn't surprised by Adagio's actions that much, but still, he couldn't help but feel a little cold. "Listen, I know you think you didn't need help, but if I just ignored, you'd be in worse condition! Probably have a worse look, maybe not even walk again!"

"That just sounds silly at that point."

"Well, who knows?" he said. "I actually knew some of the guys in the crowd, and I've heard what they've done to some people... They aren't a gang, but... Damage can be dealt." He felt his own cheeks burning. "A guy almost hit you!"

Sonata let out a sharp gasp, while Adagio looked down. "O-O-Okay, and?"

"And?" His voice was quieter. "I can't just ignore that! I'd be a bad person to let that happen! I'd be a bad person in general, have I ignored!"

"How?" Her voice slightly cracked, catching her sisters off guard. "You idiots don't like us here, you idiots just hate us, you idiots want us DEAD. So frankly, dear, I think people would've respected that!"

"Well I wouldn't have." he told her. "I would've felt guilty! I don't want to let people get hurt like that!"

"You punched a jock."

"Because he was going to hurt you and it was the only way to stop him." He couldn't help but notice the goosebumps visible on Adagio's arms. Clef let out a long sigh. "Listen, just... I might've hated you from the start of all this, but it's been a long time, you and your sisters done nothing, and I'm tired of seeing you people pushed around. It's... silly at this point."

Adagio lowered her head. "It's not..." she whispered quietly, her voice cracking more.

"It is." He looked at her sisters, both with concerned faces. "It's in the past. Like, look at Sunset." Adagio hissed loudly, but Clef interrupted her. "I know, you hate her, but take a look at her. She was hated after her event at the Fall Formal, but some people warmed up with her as time passed. Kinda quickly, actually."


"She's done worse than what you three have done, and since then, people started warming up to her. Sure many still hate her, but she's getting there."

"That's Sunset. We're Sirens. Completely different people."

"Not really..."

"You're just... wanting... to cause... trouble..." Her body shook, making her sisters and Clef feel unsettled. "Just... go away!"

"Yo, Ada-"

"Just get in the car, Aria." Adagio ordered.

Sonata gave a questionable look at the car, still bearing those horrible words. "In this piece of junk?"

"That'd be our car, Sonata." said Aria.

"Yeah, but... I don't think it'd be nice to drive in this for the day." Sonata said, nervously chuckling afterwards.

"She's kinda right." Clef agreed. "It doesn't seem too suitable for the road. Frankly, think this can lead to a pull-over by the cops."

"Great." Aria groaned. "Now what are we going to-" An item was thrown into Aria's open hand. "Do?" It was car keys.

"Take mine." Clef nudged his head over, where a car flashed its lights. Almost similar to their car, but was much nicer-looking and had the color black. He was a little uneasy, feeling that it might not be the best to just hand someone their car, but they needed a ride home in something better than the car they're left with, written with such crap. "I got gas, so you don't have to do anything much."

Adagio raised a questioning brow. "You know, being a little too-"

"Nice, I know." He cleared his throat. "But trust me, drive home, I'll clean the writing off, and call you..." The last words hung for a couple of seconds. "Er, I need a number, first."

"OH, I'll give you mi-" Sonata's mouth was blocked by Adagio's hand.

"I'm sorry, but us, sisters, aren't letting anyone know our-"

"815-674-9934." she said very quickly. Clef dialed the number down in his contacts, and accidentally hit the 'call' button. Instantly, something vibrated in Adagio's pocket. Aria smirked at the glaring Adagio.

"Alright..." He stopped the call and put his phone away. "I'll get it in luxurious shape by... how does six sound?"

"Whatever suits you..." Adagio said, holding back anger from what Aria had done.

"Six, it is. Back here, and everything'll be fine." Adagio threw the keys into his hands. "Just doing whatever to help you guys out."

"Aw, it's alright!" said the springy Sonata. "Y'know, it's actually pretty warming such a sweet guy like you is helping us." Clef's cheeks grew a shade of red.

"I'll call you by then." he stated, getting into their car. He started the engine, and he started messing with the stick.

"Don't steal anything." Aria said. Clef rolled down the window and gave a thumbs-up. He drove out of the parking lot, towards his house, already getting a look by a couple of people.

"Gee..." Sonata said. "Must be brave to go out like that..."

"Oh what, that he took our car? Big deal." Adagio rolled her eyes.

"No, just defending us and caring for us. Dagi, people hate us. The whole school does... And to actually have one guy stand up, doesn't it feel special?" She played with her fingers. "I-I think so."

Aria shrugged. "I hate to say it, but she's right."

"It's just one guy. A human? A weakling? An idiot? I thought we were on the same page here, girls?"

"Yeah, but it feels soooo good to actually be cared about. He didn't do much for neither me or Aria, but he did do much for you." Adagio rubbed the mark on her cheek, a place where another would've be added. Key word: would've... Her mind traced back to seeing a bold punch from a scrawny-looking kid like Clef to such a big guy. A big guy that could've knocked her out cold. Key word: could've... A feeling ticked inside of her.

"Say, where are those punks, anyway?" Aria asked, hands on hips.

"HEY!" shouted a voice. All three girls snapped their head to the entrance, seeing a group of students, the one in front covering half his face. "GET THEM!" He used the covering hand to point at them, and Adagio admired the damage. A nice bruise.

"Damn..." she said. "Quick, get to the car!" They bolted for Clef's car, and Adagio turned on the car as kids were running towards them. "Come on... got it!" She pressed her foot against the pedal, making a break for it in their car. They sped off, and made their ultimate escape. Aria looked back, seeing that they stopped, many throwing their hands up in anger.

"Guess they quit..." Aria said through a couple of quick breaths. "Thank Faust he gave us his car."

"Yeah..." Adagio said, her angry and annoyed expression removed from her face. "Yeah..."

Clef drove back home and parked the car outside. Once he got out, he grabbed a hose, a bucket, a sponge, sprays, and a towel. He looked at the car, the horrible words still graffitied on the sides. "Here goes nothing." he said, as he turned on the hose and sprayed water into the bucket, filling it up for the sponges and towels. He got the sprays right beside the bucket, as was the sponge and towel.

As time passed by, he started scrubbing away at the graffiti, coming off nicely. He couldn't help but notice how shinier the car got with every wash. Meanwhile, he started thinking about Adagio's act. Was he about to go into deep trouble? Of course, he punched one of the most popular guys in the school. Wouldn't surprise him if the whole football team went after him one night. Was it worth it?


He didn't fully know. The Dazzlings were having enough of it, it should've ended long time ago, but was it worth it? To go and cause a scene? But if he didn't come in, Adagio would have certainly been more hurt than she was. The cold thought made him shiver. Adagio batted him down, no matter what he said. After what he had done, doing a very dangerous move that only the boldest can perform, she didn't accept it. She didn't appreciate a single thing. Her sisters did, but they weren't involved in her situation.

Clef kept saying to himself he shouldn't think that, but he kept thinking. Was it going to be worth it, or was his 'knight in shining armor' attitude too nice and for absolutely nothing? It was an answer to come soon, later on, and all to hope for was that it was. It had to be...

Adagio sat home on the couch, looking through her phone. Sonata was up in her room, but Aria was across from Adagio, giving glances at her then and there. Ever since they got home, it was a little quiet. A little too quiet, even for them. So, Aria decided to come up with a conversation.

"So..." Aria spoke out loud. She looked at Adagio, who still stared at her phone. "So, that was something, huh?"

The siren looked up for a couple of seconds. "What? Back at school?" she questioned. "Y-Yeah." And she went right back to her phone.

"Come on, Adagio, you going to say anything to this guy?"

"Why should I?" she answered. "A mere guy just happened to have passed by and helped me, big deal."

"Big deal? Yeah, no shit it is." She came closer to Adagio. "I hate to tell you this, but this is the first human in this damn city that actually acted nice to us."

"It could just be a ruse." Her phone raised to hide her face.

"To deck some dude in the face like that?" Aria rolled her eyes. "It's gotta be a ruse." she said sarcastically. "Why can't you merely say 'thank you' or something? Least you can do. Don't you feel lucky or safe or something because of him? I know they're idiots and hate us... but he's different..." Adagio peeked at Aria.

"This isn't you..." she said.

"It isn't, usually." Aria brushed a strand of hair from her face. "Look, you wanna hate the kid, fine, hate him. Just admire what he did." She headed upstairs, but before reaching the top, she spoke to Adagio once more. "He'll probably be the only guy giving us a chance."

She ascended, while Adagio sat on the couch, feeling a part of guilt. She went back to her phone, but couldn't stop thinking back to Clef. Should she just apologize? After all that he did, should she leave him there without a 'thank you'? Who even knows how the car'll look once he's done. In Adagio's mind, perhaps a little bit of gratitude wouldn't hurt... Perhaps Aria could be right for once.

A couple of hours passed, and it was time to regroup. Instead of the sirens altogether, it was going to be just Adagio. It was the way she wanted it to be. And after a good shining-and-drying, the car was in great looks as Clef started driving back to the school. The sun started setting down already, the sky turning into a slight tinge of crimson orange with small clouds.

As Adagio pulled in, so did Clef on the other side of the lot. The two cars slowly approached to eachother. Clef did a tiny wave, while Adagio did nothing. He noticed she didn't bear an angry or serious expression, only a face bearing guilt. They parked beside eachother, and got out of their car. Adagio had her hand on the back of her head, ruffling through her hair.

Clef held out her keys, and gently tossed them to Adagio. She nearly dropped them as soon as she got them. Her head hung slightly low, still displaying some guilt. "H-Hey," she said, "Sorry about earlier."

This caught Clef off-guard a bit. "Oh, that's alright." he said, chuckling.

"No, it isn't." she said. "I-I should've been better than how I acted." She looked at her car, having a nice shine to it. "I see you did the car a real-good washing."

"A little spruce-up didn't hurt." he responded.

"Heh, thanks." Now she felt a little more guilty. He was being this nice to her and her sisters. "So... you really don't mind us?"


"Do you really mean it when you say you don't hate us no more? Being sirens? Nearly taking over you and the school? That grudge just instantly disappeared all-of-a-sudden?"

"Not really instantly, but I just feel you guys don't deserve as much hate." Adagio hung her head lower, which worried Clef. "B-B-But I don't have anything against you! I-I honestly like you more than I hate you!" He caught what he just said, and so did Adagio, which in turn made both of their cheeks blush red. "I-I mean, I just don't-"

"Nah, it's fine." Adagio found herself lightly giggling. "Seriously, thank you sooo much for helping me. If it weren't for you, I'd... I don't know how I'd be. You're a brave guy, ki- Clef." Her cheeks turned slightly rosier. "You really are different from the others."

"Aw, let's not get-"

"To us, you are." Her words stuck out to Clef. "Giving us a chance, helping us, saving me... how can you say that you're not different from the others in our point-of-view?"

"Well, there can be more people willing to give you a chance."

"How soon will that be?" she questioned.

"Soon enough." he said, raising a smile. "Trust me, it'll come."

She slowly formed a cute smile. "You know, I think humans aren't that bad, after all." She dropped the keys and went to Clef.

"Adagi- MMF!" Her hands were placed firmly on his chest, she lifted herself on one heel, and gently kissed Clef square on the lips. To Adagio, his lips felt nice... To Clef, her lips tasted sweet. He was out of it, feeling her gratitude before him. Of all things, this was something he didn't have in mind as an expression.

The wind whistled nicely through their ears, and Adagio just didn't know when to stop it. Clef truthfully didn't want it to stop. It wasn't necessary for her to really do this, but it wasn't as if he was complaining. Sadly, there had to be an end, as Adagio stopped the kiss and lowered herself. Her cheeks were in a more deeper tinge than the last time he saw her.

"Heh..." Adagio let out. "You look like you saw something naughty." she teased.

"I-I... Why'd you do that?" he said, flabbergasted.

"I dunno, just felt like a nice-enough reward. What, you didn't like it?"

"N-No, I did! It's... I'm surprised."

Adagio giggled. "I was surprised myself thinking that would be a good way of telling someone my thanks. You know, to a human." She brushed her arm. "You're not that bad at all, Clef."

"Hey, anytime." A moment of silence whistled by, as they stood there, not exchanging the keys and settling off in their car. Instead, Adagio smirked.

"Say, I realized something." She tapped her chin.

"What's that?" he asked.

"That kiss. It was pretty sweet and lovely, wouldn't you agree?" She lowly laughed as she placed a finger under his chin. "It wouldn't hurt to do another, would it?"

"No, not at all." he said, putting on a light smile.

"Good." And with that said, she placed another kiss on him, this time more deeper and meaningful. Adagio couldn't help but feel like this was definitely the right choice. As the minute passed, they separated lips and exchanged car keys.

They were walking to their cars, but before Adagio got into hers, Clef said, "Hey." The siren paused and looked at him. "Call you sometime? Maybe this weekend?"

Adagio smiled. "I suppose you can. I'll be open." She playfully winked and got into her car. Clef did the same, and they both settled out of the parking lot, with a lot in mind.

The once misanthrope laughed to herself. "Nice one, Adagio..." she said. "Perhaps it really IS true... Humans..." She smiled. "Perhaps they aren't that bad..."