The grasp of power

by Psycho-genius brony

The Beginning

I'm going to try to update as commonly as possible, because I found out that a few people favorited The grasp of power.
"This is the last book in the mythology section! This has to be the one!" Lux screamed. "Let's see, Kentrosaurus, Kalamari, The Kraken, and Killer bees. This can't be possible! No book in the entire library knows anything about this key!"

"Urrrrrrrr..." Rainbow Dash murmured. "Looking through all those books is more tiring than the Equestrian 500."

"Oh come now Rainbow Dash. We've only been doing this since noon. See, it's only midnight." Lux chided.

'What?!? You mean I should have been sleeping hours ago?!?"

"Yes, but if you wanted more energy, you should have drank the tea I offered you."


"That's an old recipie I've got. IT's an energy drink made especially for low-energy-late-night activities. However, I find it odd the Twilight fell asleep on that book ages ago. Wait, this article here. About the Pre-Discord Era. It says something about an ancient demon being imprisoned in chains of holy magic sealed by a lock. The name of the mage who imprisoned the demon was named... What?!? Apparently his name is Sanctus Tenebrae! He was my grandfather!"

"You know, it's kind of fitting that you're his grandson, because you have the key and all." Rainbow Dash murmured quietly.

"But apparently, he guarded the key for the rest of his life. Only a winged unicorn could live that long. That's what a pony becomes if the key only works halfway. This occurence makes them have a lot of longevity, but doesn't make them immortal. They don't have as much magic and lack an Earth pony's strength and endurance. Oh yes and Rainbow Dash? I believe according to what my parents told me before they died is that I was born on the exact moment a Rainbow colored explosion burst through the sky."

"That was my Sonic Rainboom!" Rainbow Dash exclaimed. "But, technically, all that says is that I'm older than you by about 5 years older than you."

"I guess so. But currently all we learned is that this key holds the future of Equestria. And I suppose that every evil entity probably has minions. We must guard this ke- Hold it someones at the door." Lux says. " Can I hel-" The pony at the door immediatly smacked him in the face. "Well, sir. that was a bit rude now if you'll stop trying to knock me out cold with that rock, I may listen to what you want from the library at this hour."


"Sorry, but I'm not loaning it to anyone." Lux replies as he closes the door on the mysterious pony. However, the instant he does, the mysterious pony breaks down the door. "You do know you're going to have to pay for that." Lux says.

"That pony is a minion of that ancient demon!' Rainbow Dash screams to Lux.

"His name is not that ancient demon, but rather TENEBRIS ARDERE!" The mysterious pony exclaimed.

"Hey Lux, what does Tenebrae mean? Because your name doesn't sound so common." Rainbow Dash asked.

"It means darkness, and ardere means blaze, and Lux means light, Sanctus means holy, and that's a list of names." he replied.

"Enough chatter! I want that key!"

'Well you ain't gonna get it fatty!" Lux yells at him. Lux's horn sparked and the mysterious pony was surrounded by a ominous glow. Suddenly, Lux's horn glowed to a zenith of intensity and the pony was crushed into a small spark.

"Did you just kill him?"

"No, I simply sealed him in a dimensional rift where he can't bug me. However, that spell takes alot out of me. I believe I will pass out from exhaustion in 5-4-3-2-1." Lux said before collapsing to the floor.

"Aaaaaah." Twilight murmured as she woke up. "good mornin- Why is Lux passed out?"

"It's a long story Twilight." Rainbow dash replied.

"Let's talk about it over breakfast, okay?"


A long explanaton later...

"And that's what happened." Rainbow Dash finished.

"Most interesting. So Lux here is the grandson of a great unicorn mage." Twilight finally said.

"Errr." Lux murmured, finally slipping out of unconciousness.

"Well, sleepyhead, you're finally awake." Twilight said."Here, have some coffee."

"Thanks. So, what's for breakfast?" Lux asks. "No, wait. Don't tell me. We're having blueberry muffins with a side of honey covered bread."

"Correct. I believe that you know who you are." Twilight says.

"Grandson of the great Unicorn mage, Sanctus."

"Do you think I should tell Princess Celestia about the key and about you and the demon and all the other stuff?" Twilight asks.

"Probably. Who better to keep this safe than Princess Celestia, right?" Lux replies. "I mean the minions of Tenebris Ardere already know that I have it. Anyway, look the mails here and so is Derpy who is struggling to get the mailbox open. One of these days, I might feel enough pity to try and fix her eyes."

"Hi Twilight!" Derpy says."Here's your mail. You came right in the nick of time too. I can't get the mailbox open."

"My friend Lux here wants to ask you something." Twilight says to Derpy.

"Sure Twilight what is it?"

"My friend wants to turn you into an alicorn."

"Huh? Twilight, why does he want to do that?"

"I'll handle this one Twilight. Because I need you to unlock the power of your.. eyes."