The Legion's Rest Incident

by Visiden Visidane

Entry 9

This might be the last time I'm writing this. Sky Pike wouldn't get up after our last camp. Just curled into a miserable ball to die. We tried everything. I didn't have much by way of hope. The Captain kicked him a few times, told him how he was a sack of shit. We had to move on at some point. Even if it was just to keep the Captain from killing him too.

It's me and Moonstone now. He can't even get a light spell going and our lanterns are down to dark orange glows just a few feet ahead. The Captain's so wild-eyed, we don't even want to stand near him.

If anypony finds this, purge this whole place. Burn everything out then collapse the tunnels. Something's moved in here. We're sloshing through water that's up to our fetlocks. It's black under our dimming lights and so cold that it makes no sense that it isn't ice. Feels like the whole mountain's crushing us. It's a struggle to move. Our bellies growl like wild animals, and I swear the Captain's looked at us twice like we're lunch. I'm keeping a knife close. It might be him or us soon.