The Legion's Rest Incident

by Visiden Visidane

Entry 8

Deep Gem's dead.

Oh great alicorns, how did we let this happen? I stood there almost grinning while she was murdered.

We were still at camp when that damn mare walked over to Sky Pike. I thought she'd have kind word to say or something, but no. It was her damn ocean dreams again! Her Prince-damned, dirt-chewing ocean! I was already getting up to shut her horse mouth. Sky Pike stopped sobbing long enough to look like he was going to kick her.

But the Captain beat us all to it. Grabbed her by the mane and slammed her head on the floor. Prince have mercy, I just stood there. I even felt some satisfaction. She had been such a torment since she started on those ocean dreams. The third smack was the one that finally got us moving. That was when we saw the blood smearing all over the floor. We had to pry the Captain away. It was like moving a boulder, and we were all weak from hunger. When he finally backed off, we checked on her. Poor mare was dead, probably from the second hit. The Captain's a big stallion, nearly twice her size. It wouldn't have taken much. Her skull had broken open with her horn pushed in. "She was mad!" the Captain yelled at us. "She was mad and she was dragging us down with her!"

He's right, I think. Problem is, I think she's already done it.