The Legion's Rest Incident

by Visiden Visidane

Entry 6

Cloudsteel's gone. He took off last night while we were settling down, shrieking about the walls about to crush him. Damn foal that I am, I tried to give chase and slipped on a puddle of water. Why are these tunnels so wet? Is there an underground river just leaking into the place? It makes no sense, we're deep into the mountain.

Must have twisted a fetlock because my left hind hoof is killing me. The others tried to follow, but we lost him down the darkened tunnels. His shrieks bounced off the walls, making it sound like he's taking every tunnel. If we're lucky, we'll find him curled up in a ball somewhere while we keep going. If not...well, we all knew the risks the day we signed up for the Legion. Sky Pike's taking it hard. Keeps saying he's responsible for that colt, that he's going to have to explain this to Cloudsteel's sister.

Not in the mood to worry about Sky Pike not getting to rut with some mare. The hoof's swollen badly. I have to lean heavily on the Captain just to walk. Pretty sure the burden's not going to do his mood any favors. He snapped hard at Deep Gem when she started off on another ocean dream spiel. Problem was that it didn't stop her.