The Legion's Rest Incident

by Visiden Visidane

Entry 5

Prince damn that preening, molting, feather-back moron! Cloudsteel just chowed down the rest of our food when we weren't looking! We're out. He screamed something about stress making him really hungry. I could barely hear him while I was knocking some of his teeth in. How did this colt even make it this far? He's trembling like a newborn and he's breathing as if he's about to drown. It's pissing the others off, I'm sure of it.

He's not the only one. Deep Gem won't shut up about her stupid ocean dreams. It's all she talks about. We're down to conservative use of our lanterns because she's stumbling around like a drunk and Moonstone's exhausted.

We're out of food, low on water, and low on light. By the Prince, I don't want to die here. Surely, the attendants are already looking for us?