War and Harmony Season 1

by trulyoftheyard



Dawn broke over the Everfree Forest as Princess Celestia the Ruler of equestria the magical land of Ponies slowly approach a large boulder that appeared to be wedged into a hillside with two of her garden occupying both side of her. She stop as soon as they got close to the large rock and the princess turned to address her grades. “Wait hier this shouldn't take long” she ordered them in her usual calm voice. She strode towards the stone when one of her gardes spoke up against her desire

“Your majesty, it not that I don't trust them, but protocol states that...” before he could finish his sentence Celestia lifted her hoof to silence him.

“Please captain this, is something I wish to handle alone,” she told him. The captain said nothing, just nodding in agreement, knowing that there was nothing he could say to changer her mind. Celestia smiled, before turning and walking up to the bolder, before she pressed her hoof against it. As her hoof met the structure it split into two, revealing a small red panel behind it with a light orange symbol that resembled a horseshoe. She plast her hoof on the symbol and a light orange vertical line appeared and slid down under her hoof.

“Identity confirmed. Welcome Princess Celestia,” a monotone voice said. The bolder split open, revealing an long well lit tunnel. Celestia took a deep breath before taking a step in. After a small walk through the tunnel she entered a room full of some of the most advanced technology she’d ever seen; computer monitors the size of small houses with electric light hung from the ceiling lighting the whole room. However, that was not the object of her focus.
Standing in front of her was a large metal creature about 20 feet tall. His lower body from the waist down was dark blue and his upper body was red save for his hand which were black and his head which had a blue helmet and a gray face it also had glowing blue eyes and what appeared to be smoke stack protruding from his back, two rectangular shaped object mounted on his shoulders with wheels on both of them and wheels on his legs. As Celestia approached him he knelt down so he could get a better look at her.

Celestia took another deep breath and then greeted the giant. “Hello again, Optimus” she said.
“Hello Celestia. It good to see you again. It is quite a rare occasion For you to visit our base,” Optimus spook in a Voice that had a mixer of power and authority but also wisdom and kindness. “Is something wrong”

“Why must something alway be wrong when I come to visit” Celestia said with a grin

“Well, let's just say that three years without a Decepticon attack have had me on edge,” he replied rubbing the back of his neck, causing Celestia giggle at his reply.

“So, where are the other?’ she questioned looking around the room.

“Scouting for energon” Optimus replied.

“Even Ratchet?” Celestia asked.

“No, he is in his lab as usual,” Optimus replied.

“Same old Rachet,” Celestia said with a smile, Optimus couldn't help but smile as well.

“Then nothing wrong?” Optimus ask. Then Celestia's smile faded as her head dropped.

“Actually Optimus, there is something wrong,” she said in a tone both scared and sad.
“What is it?” he ask.

A long silence came over the room as Celestia tried to think of a way to break the news to him until she decided the best way to do it was to just flat out tell him. With a deep sigh, she said “Optimus last night I had a dream-well, more of a vision that Nightmare moon will return during the summer sun celebration.”

After she had said that she look back up at Optimus to see what his reaction but it wasn't quite what she had expected. Instead of a look of shock he had more of a sorrowful look. “I was afraid of this, but we both knew she would not be held for long,” he said in his calm voice.

“But what are we to do if she returns who know what she will do and she has year of plain so we don't know what she plaining,” she went on but Optimus raised his hand to silence her.

“Celestia, you must remain calm. When your mind is agitated it becomes hard to see things clear,” he told her.
Celestia took a deep breath, then exhaled loudly. “You're right Optimus” she said

“Now let's think. How did you seal her away in the first place?” he said.

“With the element of harmony, of course, but they have been unresponsive ever seen,” suddenly she stop as the painful memories of old came back to her. She closed her eyes trying to hold back her sadness but Optimus extended his hand toward her, placing his large finger under her chin and gently lifted her head to face him.

“Celestia please don't blame yourself, it was not your fault” he said trying to sooth her.

“But it was! I could have done something to prevent it, but I didn't, and because of it I lost my sister to that monster,” she said, choking as she struggled to back a sob.

“None of us could have predicted what would happen to her, but right now must focus on that task at hand,” he said, wiping a tear from her eye.

“You're right Optimus,” Celestia said, sniffing one last time.

“Perhaps it is time you passed on the Elements to another Bearer,” Optimus told her.

“What do you mean?” Celestia asked. “If I recall, when harmony is disturbed, then the Elements must be past down to another wielder, just as they were past down to you and your sister, and as the matrix was passed on to me from sentinel prime,” he said.

“That is true but, how do I decide who to give them to?” she asked again, but when she look back at Optimus she saw that he had a suspicious expression on his face,

“Something tells me you have an Idea of who,” he answered.

“How did you-” she began to say until Optimus cut her off.

“When you live as long as I have, you tend to pick up on these things,” explained.

“Well, there is a Student of mine named Twilight sparkle. She is top of her class and is very skilled in magic,” she told him.
“Then why not choose her,” Optimus questioned. “Well, she's a recluse and refuses to make friend no matter how many time I try to get her to do so. In order for the Element to work, there must be six ponies with an unbreakable bond, much like the one me and my sister had,” she explained.

“Most are like that when they're young; they feel they can make there own decisions. Although, I seem to remember you not being as cooperative with me when you were young” Prime said with a slight smirk. Celestia blushed at the memories of when she was a young child entered her mind. Optimus had volunteered to teach her and her sister a value of being a just leader, though she had been reluctant to learn in those days. “but know this, Celestia, there are some things you can't teach your students. Some times, they must find it on there own,” Optimus told her.

“You're right thank you Optimus sometimes I don't know what I would do without you” she said.
“It is the least I can do for all the kindness your family has show mine” Optimus replied. Celestia noded in agreement, then turned to walk out. “but just so you know, I find it never hurts to give them a little motivation,” Optimus called out to her. Celestia smiled as she knew just what he was talking about

I will and thank you again” she said back before she continued on her way out of the tunnel.