Dragon Ball Pony Z - A Costly Ramification

by JaydexTheShadowKnight

Episode 5 - "A Break in the Action"

Dragon Ball Pony Z

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Goku, Piccolo and Jayden fought the three henchmen of Sarabrek in a three-way brawl! As the battle continued, Twilight Sparkle feared for her friend Fluttershy who had gone missing. Unable to focus on the fight due to her friend’s worry, Rainbow Dash offered to go search for the elusively shy pegasus. Her search led her to Jayden’s battle with Omnus. And to Rainbow Dash’s amazement, Fluttershy was there. The human took a serious spill that worried the two pegasai. But after returning to his feet, Jayden was given encouraging words from his pony friends…and what’s this a kiss for luck from Fluttershy?! It certainly aided the warrior as he delivered serious pain to his foe as their battle continued. And upon unveiling the Special Beam Cannon, Piccolo finally got the upper hand against Galyor. Elsewhere Goku’s battle raged on with Beelzon. But when it seemed the demon had beaten the saiyan, Vegeta appeared to reveal just how wrong he was. Goku returned and unleashed a powerful Kamehameha that sent the demon packing. Sarabrek arrived following the sad performance of his henchmen. He gave the first round of the battle to Goku and the ponies, and swore he’d return by high noon the next day! Then he and his minions returned to the Everfree Forest to plan their next move. In the meantime the ponies and their friends from Earth are going to enjoy a well-deserved respite! Stay tuned!

Episode 5:
“A Break in the Action”

With the invaders gone, many of the ponies returned to Ponyville to see if their homes were in tact and if not to sift through the remains of their belongings. Princess Celestia told them it was okay to return for now and collect any necessities, but that by noon the next day the danger would return. It would be best for them to leave no later than after breakfast the next morning. The princess also informed those who were now homeless, that the Apple family had agreed to set up shelter tents across Sweet Apple Acres. At least until the threat was gone, there would be a place for them to stay.

Princess Celestia soared to the sky and used her magic to lower the sun, ushering forth a new night. And from her place in Canterlot, Princess Luna used her power to raise the moon and bring out the stars. A peaceful night ensured, but the scars of the battle still remained abundantly across Ponyville.

The town remained fairly quiet in the newly fallen night. Sugar Cube Corner was one of the buildings that managed to survive the carnage and was still in tact. Mr. and Mrs. Cake showed their appreciation by throwing a big party. They cooked and baked a wide assortment of foods. This gave Goku the meal he was itching for.

Twilight Sparkle and the other ponies joined their friends from Earth in a well-deserved dinner. There were several dinning tables set up along with tables piled high with various foods, not to mention plenty of sweet desserts. Goku and Pinkie Pie were the first to start digging in. The two didn’t even bother to get plates or utensils. In fact they each pulled a chair up to the dessert table. The two quickly started gobbling down cakes and pastries. Between bites, Pinkie Pie said, “Goku, please pass me that little cake!”

“Here you go,” he said handing it to her.

Pinkie’s eyes lit up with delight as she took the confection in her hooves. She promptly took a big bite out of it. “Thanmp Ooo,” she said graciously with her mouth full.

Goku grinned as he began shoving coffee buns and cupcakes into his mouth. “Hey Pimmky…you shooold realmmfly try sum of des,” he replied shamelessly talking with his mouth full.

Twilight Sparkle stood by Applejack, Spike and Rarity as they watched the two eat. Vegeta strolled past them and stopped in his tracks. The lavender unicorn looked at the saiyan prince. “Would you get a load of that? You could lose an arm in there,” she remarked.

Vegeta chuckled. “That’s nothing, Twilight was it?” he asked. She nodded. “This is actually one of his more well-behaved pig-out sessions. I don’t want to subject you to the horrors I’ve witnessed from when I’ve seen Kakarot eat in the past,” Vegeta remarked crossing his arms.

“Boy howdy, I wonder if there’s enough food to satisfy their hunger,” said Applejack marveling at Pinkie Pie and Goku as they ate.

Rarity snubbed her nose up at them. “Humph, they’re both acting incredibly uncouth if you ask me. Thankfully they have both put me off dessert. Think I’ll go have a nice salad. Anypony care to join me?”

“I’ll join you Rarity,” replied Twilight. “A salad would be nice. Oh how’s your leg doing?”

Rarity strutted before her fellow unicorn and flexed it effortlessly. “Why it’s doing fine darling. Thanks for asking. That bean Goku gave me really did the trick. I was dreading the thought of being laid up for weeks in a nasty cast, but thankfully that’s been delightfully avoided,” she answered trotting over to the table loaded with salad fixings.

Vegeta watched the horrific spectacle of Goku and Pinkie Pie for a few more moments. Then he said, “Wait for me. After watching those two, I think I’d prefer something a little more nutritious.”

Twilight and her small following prepared their salads and then went to an empty table. Despite his rather rough exterior and crass attitude, Vegeta didn’t seem quite as imposing as they had anticipated. Though as they ate, he mainly kept to himself.

Twilight looked over at him. A certain question had crossed her mind. Vegeta looked back at her curiously. “What is it? Do you have something to say…or are you just going to stare at me?” He asked sharply.

“Oh, sorry. I was just wondering why you keep calling Goku, Kakarot,” she replied.

Vegeta snickered as he set down his fork. “Kakarot is Goku’s saiyan name. We all were given names at birth. The name Goku was given to Kakarot courtesy of the people of Earth. But I refuse to call him by that name. To do so would be to dishonor the great saiyan warrior that he is,” remarked the saiyan prince. He then plunged his fork back into his salad and began munching on a sizable fork full.

“Oh, I think I understand. Thank you Vegeta,” said Twilight smiling politely at him.

He swallowed the bite of salad and looked at her with surprise. The pony was still being nice to him. No one was ever really nice to him, other than Goku and a few of the saiyan’s friends. “You’re welcome,” uttered Vegeta. He finished off the last of his salad. “Now if you’ll excuse me. I think I’d like to get some fresh air. I’m not big on parties and I need to get that image of Kakarot stuffing his face out of my head.”

“Oh, okay. See you later then Vegeta,” replied a surprised Twilight. Her eyes followed him as he rose from the table and vanished into the crowd of ponies.

Fluttershy walked over to Twilight and sighed. “Finally I found some familiar faces,” said the pegasus.

“Oh hi Fluttershy! How are you?” asked Twilight.

“I’m fine Twilight. Rainbow Dash told me earlier that you were worried about me during the fight,” spoke Fluttershy.

“I was,” said Twilight. “But thankfully you are safe and for now so is the rest of Ponyville.”

“Yeah, thanks to Jayden and his friends. Oh, which reminds me, have any of you seen Jayden?” she inquired to Twilight and the others seated at her table.

“I haven’t, no,” replied Twilight.

Rarity set down her fork and elegantly blotted her mouth with a napkin. She cleared her throat and said, “I believe he went outside for some air after grabbing a bite to eat.”

“Outside? Okay, thanks Rarity,” replied Fluttershy as she hastily departed.

Applejack looked at Twilight and Rarity curiously. “Now what in the hey is up with her?”

“Search me Applejack,” remarked Twilight. “She’s your best friend Rarity, what do you think it is?”

Rarity began staring where the butter yellow pegasus had been standing. “I’m not sure,” she remarked.

Spike facepalmed. “Oh come on you guys. It’s pretty obvious,” he said.

“What’s pretty obvious Spike?” asked Twilight.

“Fluttershy has a thing for Jayden. Haven’t any of you noticed the way she acts around him and how she lights up whenever somepony talks about him…or when she talks about him for that matter,” the dragon explained.

Applejack waved a dismissing hoof at him. “Aww come on Spike. You’re off your rocker. A pony in love with a human, that’s just crazy talk.”

“Is it?” Spike asked giving Applejack a hard look, and then he looked over at Rarity. Finally his gaze returned to the orange earth pony.

She grinned nervously as she remembered that Spike had a thing for Rarity. “Oh yeah…I guess I might be mistaken,” she replied. Spike merely shook his head.

* * * *

Outside the party, the night was still quite peaceful. Jayden walked a good distance from Sugar Cube corner. The building was still in sight, but the noise was much fainter from where he came to rest. He craned his head up and took in the sight of the moon. A number of thoughts were swirling about in his mind. It was then that he noticed the sound of elegant hoof beats approach. Turning around he saw they belonged to Princess Celestia.

The pearl white alicorn appeared a light purple under the shroud of night. She walked up to the human. His gaze met hers. “What are you doing out here Jayden?” she asked.

He smiled at the princess. “I just needed some air. That and I came out here to think,” he answered. Jayden turned his eyes back upward.

Celestia walked around in front of him, blocking his view. “What did you come to think about?” she asked expressing a great deal of interest.

The warrior stared lightly into her magenta eyes for a moment. He then brushed a stray lock of his short blue hair out of his face. “I was just thinking about the battle today. And I was just wondering how things will go when Sarabrek returns tomorrow,” Jayden explained a sobering quality in his words.

“Are you worried?” Celestia asked.

“Yes and No. I just wonder if I truly have what it takes. There’s no telling what the warlock is planning. What if those three warriors weren’t his only henchman, or what if all of this was just a test of our might?” Jayden walked over to a nearby tree and placed his hand along the bark of its trunk.

Celestia had followed him closely. She reached out and placed her hoof lightly on his shoulder. “You must have faith in yourself. From what I saw and Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy told me, you fought valiantly today. Believe in yourself!” stressed Celestia.

The human fighter placed his hand on her hoof. Gazing back at her he noticed a stray portion of her mane was partly covering her face. Jayden reached out and gently rejoined it to the rest of her mane. In the light of the moon, he could tell she still looked a bit roughed up from her battle with Sarabrek. “Thank you for your encouraging words Princess. But it looks like I’ve been rude. Here I am worrying about myself…when I should be more concerned with others…such as you. How are you doing by the way?” He asked softly brushing the once stray lock back into her colorful hair. Jayden pulled back giving the princess some space.

His sudden concern and thoughtful act made her blush. Thankfully it was hidden from him under the cover of night. Celestia stretched her wings and then neatly tucked them back. “I’m doing okay. The Senzu bean Goku gave me healed my injuries. I may looked a bit disheveled, but that’s nothing a good shower won’t fix,” she replied.

Jayden shook his head at her. “I wasn’t just speaking about your physical well-being. I was also referring to your mental health. I’ve taken more than my fair share of lumps in battle. Taking a pounding like you did is never easy. Especially the mental wounds it leaves,” he remarked.

Celestia let out a soft chuckle as she walked out from under the branches of the tree. She craned her head down and sighed. “Right now I feel like I’ve let my subjects down. Some princess I’ve turned out to be…I never knew I was so weak,” she whimpered.

Jayden walked over to the princess and placed a sympathetic hand on her back. “Don’t say that. Goku was right you know. You are amazingly powerful Celestia! Sarabrek just took you by surprise that’s all. Had you known the depths of his power, you could have taken the time to fully unleash your might against him.”

Celestia shook her head dubiously. “I’m not so sure. Would my power alone have been enough…had I the time to properly unleash it?”

The human let out a frustrated sigh. “Sadly there’s no way of knowing now. But don’t be so hard on yourself. You can’t blame yourself for all of what’s happened,” declared Jayden, now running his hand along the short velvety fur of her back.

The princess dropped to her flank and forcibly pounded her hooves on the ground. “But this is my fault! If I hadn’t imprisoned Luna in the moon, maybe Sarabrek wouldn’t have escaped. Maybe I could have found a better way of dealing with Nightmare Moon. Then perhaps none of this would have happened. Now that Sarabrek is free, anypony who suffers from his actions…it’s all on my hooves!” She exclaimed her voice teaming with dismay.

Jayden removed his hand from her back and clenched both his fists and shook his head. “There’s no point second guessing yourself now Celestia. Plus there’s no way to know if things would have turned out differently, had you not trapped Luna in the moon. For all we know, Sarabrek might have found another way out. He seems quite determined,” he noted.

The alicorn looked up at him doing her best to maintain her composure. Before she could speak, he returned to her side and began lightly running his hand along her back hoping to calm her. His dark brown eyes peered closely into hers. There were tears slowly mounting in her eyes. “I’m sorry Jayden. I must be the worse princess ever. Everypony thinks I’m so strong and commanding…and always calm and elegant under pressure. But there are just some times when it’s so hard,” cried Celestia. “They aren’t kidding when they say it’s lonely at the top. Sure my subjects love me, but there is rarely somepony there when I need someone to talk to the most. And I can’t burden my sister with this. But when everypony looks up to me…who do I turn to when I’m uncertain?” With that said, she broke down and began crying.

Jayden’s heart reached out to her. Without a single word, he placed his arms around Celestia and held her close. The princess buried her head along his shoulder as she continued to cry. This was a side of her she had never shown to anyone, not even Twilight. She hadn’t intended on sharing this with her human friend either, but their discussion broke through her defenses. It had been so long since the princess had someone to talk freely with. After his last visit to Equestria, nearly three years ago, Celestia learned that Jayden was someone she could trust. This was why she felt comfortable opening up to him. Though Celestia still felt so ashamed for not being stronger in both might and character. Jayden could sense this as he felt her body quake from her sobbing. It pained him that she was still being so hard on herself. He simply resumed running his hand along her back and softly he said, “It’s okay princess. Cry on my shoulder as long as you like. You’re not alone!”

“Th…Thank y…you Jayden,” she uttered shakily between sobs.

It was then the sound of gliding filled the air. Jayden turned his head upward and saw another familiar face. It was Princess Luna. She came in for a graceful landing and lightly trotted over to them. The dark blue alicorn noticed her sister crying. Her face quickly filled with concern. Her teal eyes quickly caught sight of Jayden. She was all too familiar with him. Luna shared the pleasure of meeting him the last time their friends from Earth had come to Equestria.

“Jayden, what are you doing here and why is my sister crying on your shoulder?” she asked. “And can you explain why all of us in Canterlot witnessed all of those violent explosions earlier?”

For a moment, the human fighter felt like he was being interrogated. Then his face softened a bit. Celestia’s tears had already begun to fade. He looked at Luna and quickly selected the highlights of the day to share with her. “Well, first off the warlock Sarabrek has returned and he’s hatching some plan for revenge. He and his henchmen attacked Ponyville, and Twilight Sparkle sent her friends to Earth to bring Goku, the others and me here to help,” the human began, “Now as for your sister’s tears…”

Before he could explain or present an excuse, Celestia pulled away form him. “I’ll take care of explaining that Jayden. And thank you for being so kind,” she expressed. He just smiled at her. The elder alicorn looked at her sister. “Some things have been bothering me Luna. I guess as I talked to Jayden, I broke down,” she replied.

“Celestia, if you needed somepony to speak to, you should have told me,” expressed Luna giving her sister a big hug. “I’m always here if you need to talk. Just like you were there for me.”

“Thank you Luna. I just didn’t want to be a burden to you,” responded Celestia.

“You’re never a burden to me big sister,” replied Luna.

Luna quickly remembered they weren’t alone. The two sisters moved apart and looked at their human friend. Jayden gazed over at the younger princess and smiled. “It’s good to see you Luna. I hope you’re doing okay,” he said.

She smiled at him. “I am, aside from these disturbing developments,” Luna remarked.

“Yeah, I only wish we all were here under happier circumstances,” he uttered.

“I know what you mean,” Luna responded solemnly. “So do you need my help Celestia?”

The elder alicorn placed a hoof to her chin and took some time to think. “Yes Luna. I need you to return to Canterlot and guard the Elements of Harmony. Twilight and her friends may still need them. Plus one of us should remain to protect Canterlot. I feel as eldest, my place is here. Besides it’s thanks to my imprisoning you, that Sarabrek is free. If anypony should put themselves in harms way…then it should be me,” replied Celestia.

Luna placed a caring hoof on her sister’s shoulder. “Please don’t blame yourself for what has happened. We must all share the blame. I will abide by your wishes my sister and protect the Elements and Canterlot. Just…please take care of yourself! I don’t know what I’d ever do if I’d lose you,” replied the younger princess.

“Luna,” uttered Celestia.

Jayden placed a hand on Luna’s shoulder. “Don’t worry Luna! Goku is here! And I will also do everything I can to watch over your sister! And don’t forget about Twilight and her amazing friends! We’ll all do our best! Count on it!” he declared boldly.

Luna smiled placing her hoof on his arm. “Thank you Jayden,” she replied.

Celestia joined them in smiling. “Now come dear sister. Before you go, why don’t you stay and enjoy our party for a little.”

The dark blue alicorn nodded. “Sure.”

Jayden waved farewell to them as they departed. He then resumed gazing up at the moon. His talk with Celestia had helped.

* * * *

On their way back to the party, Luna and Celestia passed Fluttershy. The pegasus quickly whisked past them. The two looked back, watching her trot away. “I wonder where she’s going in such a hurry?” asked Luna.

“Who knows,” replied her sister.

As the princesses drew nearer to the party, they happened upon Twilight Sparkle. The lavender unicorn was standing by a small stream. Her purple eyes were trained along the glistening mirror of the water. Princess Celestia walked over to her devoted pupil. “What’s wrong Twilight?” she asked with concern.

The unicorn let out a heavy sigh. Then she said, “Oh I was just wondering if I could have done a better job against the invaders. I used to think my powers were great…and that there was nothing I couldn’t do. But now I’m not so sure.”

Celestia chuckled softly. “It sounds like you are going through the same dilemma I was experiencing, while I was speaking with Jayden,” she explained.

Twilight looked at her mentor quite curiously. “What? Why would you question your abilities…” The unicorn’s voice quickly dropped off. It was then that she recalled Celestia’s battle with Sarabrek and the horrific beating he gave her. Twilight swallowed hard from reliving that terrible memory. “Forget I said it. I just remembered your battle with the warlock.”

“Then you understand. Even someone as strong as I am, will eventually meet their match,” stated Celestia. “But don’t be too hard on yourself Twilight. We are all facing powerful foes. Even Goku and his friends are concerned about the coming battle.”

“Gosh, but they’re all so powerful. Compared to them, I’m just a washed up student,” said Twilight speaking grimly.

Luna shook her head and remarked, “Don’t say such things Twilight. I know you did your best against impossible odds. Besides as long as we stand firm, and fight for what we hold dear…then do any of us really have anything to be ashamed of?”

Celestia smiled warmly at her sister. “Well said Luna. Now come on Twilight. Why don’t you join us at the party? Maybe spending time with your friends will help you clear your troubled mind,” the elder princess suggested.

Twilight smiled as she rose to her hooves. “All right.” The three made their way to Sugar Cube Corner, ready to join in the festivities.

* * * *

Meanwhile, Jayden continued gazing at the stars. His thoughts no longer dwelled on the impeding battle. Rather he stood there marveling at Luna’s handy work. The princess of the night has done an amazing job bringing out an inspirational vista.

The sound of approaching hooves met his ears. At first the human wondered if Luna or Celestia was returning. However, as he focused on the sound, Jayden noticed the gait was different from either princess. There was just a slight hesitation in between steps. For a moment he wondered if they belonged to Fluttershy. Of course he had no idea why she would come all that way just to see him. That was when he flashed back.


The yellow pegasus walked over to him. She smiled at him lightly turning her head to the side. “Go get him Jayden,” she said softly.

He chuckled lightly and then said, “You bet I will!” Then Fluttershy stood up on her hind legs and placed her hooves against his chest. She reached over and lightly kissed his cheek. Jayden gasped from surprise. “Fluttershy…?” He uttered quizzically.

She returned to all fours and blushed deeply. Turning her head away she shyly said, “For luck.”

Jayden lightly touched his hand to the cheek that had just been kissed. He removed his hand and looked at it and then glanced at the cute pegasus. He closed his eyes and smiled. “Thank you Fluttershy.” The human firmly gripped his sword and swiftly returned to the battlefield.


The warrior placed his hand on the cheek she had kissed again. Then he realized if those hoof falls belonged to Fluttershy, there actually was a reason why she had come to see him. He looked in the direction the sound was originating from. There his eyes met Fluttershy. It really was her. She happily trotted over to him.

“Fluttershy,” he said.

The pony greeted him with a gentle smile. “There you are Jayden. I’ve been looking all over for you,” she replied.

“You have,” he spoke feeling oddly surprised.

She closed her eyes and continued to smile as she walked closer to him. “I have. The party just didn’t seem to be the same without you there,” Fluttershy noted.

He returned her smile and chuckled softly. “That’s nice of you to say. So did you want to talk or something?” asked her human friend.

“It doesn’t really matter to me. I just wanted to spend some time with you…uh if you don’t mind,” she said in a somewhat coy manner.

Jayden continued to smile at her. “No I don’t mind…not at all. Would you like to talk and continue our conversation from back on Earth?” he inquired thoughtfully.

Fluttershy’s wings rose up and her smile grew. “Oh yes, please,” she replied in a manner he found extremely adorable.

“Come on then,” he said motioning to her. Jayden walked over to the nearby tree he had stopped by earlier. He sat down near its trunk under its full leaf covered branches. The kind warrior patted the grass beside him. “Here Fluttershy, why don’t you have a seat?”

The pegasus folded her wings back and elegantly sat herself down beside him. She joined him in gazing at the night sky. “It sure is a lovely night,” said Fluttershy.

“Yeah, it’s beautiful,” he agreed. Jayden looked over at her. There was something he wanted to speak to her about. That kiss…I just can’t get it out of my mind. I hope she won’t be too shy too talk about it, he thought. “Hey Fluttershy…can I ask you something?”

The butter yellow pegasus lowered her head and turned it to look at him. “What is it Jayden?” she asked.

“Earlier today…when you kissed me…I know you said it was for luck…but what made you decide to do that in the first place? I’m just curious,” he replied.

Her cheeks immediately turned red, she had been wondering if that would come back to haunt her. Though the human’s tone didn’t seem to be remotely upset. “Well Jayden…this is a little hard for me to say…especially since I’m quite shy as you know.”

The warrior nodded. “Yeah I know, but go ahead…please.”

She smiled sweetly at him. “Since you were last here…almost three years ago, I realized something. Jayden I really, really like you! Maybe I even more than like you…I just know I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you as of late,” she replied blushing even deeper.

Jayden lightly patted her on the head. “I think I know what you’re getting at Fluttershy. I have to admit, while I was here last time I became quite fond of you as well. But I never really gave any thought to there being more than just friendship between us,” he answered.

Fluttershy felt her heart drop. She lowered her head and turned it away. “I knew it,” she responded. “Looks like I have no better luck with humans than I do with stallions. I guess I just wasn’t meant to have a special somepony.”

The human heard the anguish in her words. He also noticed her declining demeanor. “Now hold on Fluttershy. Don’t give up that easily. I merely said I never gave the matter any thought. I never said I wasn’t interested at all,” he declared with a smile.

Her face lit up with intrigue. “Then does that mean you like me?” She asked giving him hopeful eyes.

“Well think back to when I held you earlier today…back on Earth,” he remarked.

Her mouth dropped open. “That’s right, you touched my mane…rather affectionately…didn’t you,” gasped Fluttershy, not behaving quite as reserved as she normally did.

Jayden smiled at her again. “I did. You know Fluttershy, I am very fond of you. I’m just not sure of the implications involved in being with a pony. Though the idea is intriguing. The thought of doing something so out of the ordinary…kind of makes me feel like a rebel,” he remarked chuckling happily.

She giggled at him thoughtfully. “So then you do like me,” said Fluttershy. He turned and nodded at her. The mare let out a soft sigh. “I’m glad.”

The adorable pegasus moved closer to him. Jayden placed his right arm around her and light caressed her silky pink mane. Fluttershy let out another sigh. “I have to say Fluttershy, sitting here with you like this doesn’t seem odd, in fact it’s quite relaxing,” he replied.

She giggled again. “You don’t know how happy I am to hear you say that. But what do we do now?” Fluttershy asked curiously.

“I don’t know. I guess like most new things…we’ll have to take it one day at a time and see where it goes. For now why don’t we just sit here and look at the stars together?” he suggested.

“That sounds nice,” replied the jubilant pony.

Jayden sat there with Fluttershy gazing up at the night vista. A new series of thoughts strolled about in his head. I must be losing my mind. Why am I falling for a pony? But more importantly…why does being here with Fluttershy feel so right? He wondered. Sitting there the answers just seemed to elude him, but for the moment he didn’t really care.

* * * *

The end of Snake Way stood silent. Not far from the road’s end, was a tiny little planet. It was the home of Goku’s former teacher, the great King Kai. A new day was beginning for the wise galaxy overseer. He stepped outside his house to check on the north quadrant. His antennas jumped softly as he began sensing around for any changes in residual energy readings. Then his feelers got a strong tingle.

“Huh?” he lightly gasped turning around. The blue skin teacher noticed a big spike in power. “What in the universe? Why am I getting a strong vibe from Equestria? That planet has been quite for quite some time now. Hmmm.” King Kai placed a puzzled hand to his chin. Then his antennas sensed a familiar presence. His eyes widened. “Why is Goku’s energy signal coming from Equestria?!” At first he thought he might be mistaken, so he decided to take a closer look at the pony world. In a moment he confirmed that it was indeed his old pupil’s power he had sensed. “Hmmm, I guess the only way to find out why Goku is there…is to contact him.

* * * *

Morning had dawned on the quiet battle ravaged town of Ponyville. The two princesses had done their sacred tasks of switching the celestial bodies. Goku, his friends and the ponies has all partied long into the night. They were all sleeping in Sugar Cube Corner. Twilight and her friends had gathered pillows, sleeping bags and blankets for those who wished to sleep at the sweet shop. The Cakes didn’t mind offering their heroes a place to rest. It was the least they could do.

Goku was laying half off his sleeping bag, his cover loosely covering him, and his head was nowhere near his pillow. The warrior was cranking out a series of loud Z’s. That was when the silence was shattered. “Goku! This is King Kai calling! Are you there?” asked his former teacher.

Goku slowly began to awaken. He heard the familiar voice call out to him. “Aww come on King Kai, just give me five more minutes,” groaned Goku.

Jayden heard his friend’s voice and awoke. To his surprise he wasn’t alone in his sleeping bag. Fluttershy was curled up next to him. Before he fell asleep, she walked over to him and said she couldn’t sleep, so he offered to let her crash with him. The whole concept still seemed a little odd to him, but he was quickly coming around.

“Goku! Wake up would you!” shouted King Kai. “I really need to talk to you!”

Fluttershy startled awake when she heard the voice shout. “Oh my goodness,” she gasped. She looked up and saw she was still with Jayden. “Good morning Jayden. What’s going on?”

“I think King Kai is trying to call Goku,” said her human friend. Jayden looked over at a clock and saw it read quarter of eight. “Oh come on King Kai! It’s still early, let us sleep,” groused Jayden.

“Jayden is that you?” asked the teacher.

“Yes it is.”

“I’m sorry to wake all of you but this can’t wait,” stressed King Kai.

Goku sat up and rubbed his eyes. “Okay I’m up, I’m up. What’s the matter King Kai? I haven’t even had breakfast yet,” growled Goku.

King Kai chuckled. “There you go thinking with your stomach again. Anyway what are you doing in Equestria?”

“Oh yeah, that’s right I’m not on Earth. Man, I must have partied a little to hard last night,” said the saiyan placing a nervous arm behind his head. “I’m here to help the ponies fight some evil warlock calling himself Sarabrek.”

Everyone in the room had begun waking up and heard the conversation. They all heard King Kai gasp with dread. “Oh no…not Sarabrek!”

Goku felt confused for a moment. “Wait you know about him?” asked Goku.

“I’m sorry to say I do Goku. And if he’s on Equestria…you are all in grave danger!” he replied.

Goku stood there still scratching his head. How does his old teacher know about his newest foe? And more importantly why does he seem so afraid for them? Stay tuned for scenes for the next exciting episode of “Dragon Ball Pony Z”!

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Hey everyone this is Goku! You won’t want to miss the next action packed episode of “Dragon Ball Pony Z”! After King Kai tells us about Sarabrek, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna tell us about their amazing battle with the warlock! Then we all make preparations for his return. And at high noon Sarabrek is true to his word. What’s more it seems that he has his sight set on me! Sarabrek unleashes some strange new spell, but it doesn’t seem like it’s anything to worry about…and what’s this? Just who are these new henchmen he seems to be summoning…and why is there something familiar about them? Make sure you don’t miss the next exciting episode of “Dragon Ball Pony Z”!

Episode 6 - “Peculiar Tactics”