The Blocking Dead

by nekoknight7

Kid-hunting in the zombie apocalypse

RainbowDash's eyes fluttered, as she turned from knocked out, to horrified. What stood before her, was half of the plane on fire, with some people in there. She looked around, and saw she wasn't alone. Twilight was there, and also a guy, and so was Fluttershy, all the way at the back. But no sign of the kids anywhere. Twilight groaned, and pushed herself up.

"Ugh." she groaned, "What happened?"

"The plane crashed!" Rainbow Dash said, "And the kids are gone!" Twilight's eyes widened, and she looked around. She saw Fluttershy the guy, the other half of the plane, but no sign of the kids.

"We need to find them!" she said.

"Are we there?" a voice said. The girls turned to see the guy waking up. "Are we in Prance yet?" His eyes were fully opened after seeing all the destruction. "Woah! What happened?"

"The plane crashed." Twilight said, "We need to find the kids, now!"

"I can come with you." the guy offered, "I'm Steve."

"I'm Rainbow Dash!" the rainbow-maned girl said, "The egghead here's Twilight." They heard a moan, and turned to see 3 zombies emerging from the sides of the plane, and started to panic. The 3 headed the other way, forgetting about Fluttershy. Twilight tried to open the door, but it wouldn't budge. Rainbow Dash looked back, and saw the zombies closing in on them. Steve spotted a chest next to him, and opened it up. Inside, was a pistol, some ammo for it, and a knife. He gave the knife to Rainbow Dash, and started shooting the zombies with his pistols. All of them fell, but more came. Smoke emerged from the chest, and Steve opened it to reveal more weapons. There was a shotgun, some ammo for it, some fried chicken, and a medpack. He took the chicken and medpack, but gave the shotgun to Rainbow Dash.

"Here." he said. Twilight moved aside, and Steve shot the knob of the door with his pistol, and kicked it down. The door broke, and he jumped out. "Let's go!" Rainbow Dash stabbed a zombie, and jumped out. Twilight Jumped off, and ran to the Hypixel Bank. The other 2 shot a few zombies before following.

"Hopefully the kids are okay!" Rainbow Dash said worriedly.

"Grab them!" Bluestreak ordered while repeatedly slapping a zombie with his fish. Redstreak emptied the chest, and handed the machine gun to Bluestreak, while she took a bite of the chicken. Bluestreak aimed the barrel at the zombie's forehead, and fired 3 shots. It stopped moving, and the chest produced smoke.

"Chicken?" Redstreak offered. Bluestreak took it, and took a bite out of it.

"Thank you." he said. He was about to take another bite, but a hatchet hit the wall behind them. Bluestreak and Redstreak looked, to see a guy, with red eyes, and green skin.

"I don't think we can hide here forever." Blueberry said.

"Don't let them here you!" RS warned. He looked at the door holes, and saw at least 4 zombies outside, looking for them. "Where's Rainbow Dash when you need her?" Looks like he didn't need her. They heard something, and so did the zombies. They shuffled away, leaving the 2 alone.

"We should leave while we have the chance." Blueberry suggested.