• Published 6th Apr 2016
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Fallout Equestria: Black Cat - Rixizu

Break Point is a simple pony that just wants a simple and easy life. That is shattered when she accidentally causes the death of the son of a powerful crime lord. Now she must fight for survival.

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Chapter 7

Break spent the next few minutes explaining her idea. Her fellow slaves and comrades nodded in agreement. While discussing the plan, she was able to learn the names of her fellow survivors. The orange stallion with the attitude was Rusty Rivet, the grim faced green stallion that was at least 20 years older than her was Chisel, and the dainty yellow mare was Lemon Heart.

“You have one minute!” The voice yelled with impatience.

Break tied another grenade with a piece of cloth. She had fashioned as many grenades together with a piece of torn cloth from her old slave outfit. They were tied together two by two with a flash bang on one side and a tear gas grenade on the other. She threw 5 pairs of grenades around her neck after tying them all together. She hoped they would be enough. She left another pair untied and had them in her hooves. The four ponies each put a gas mask on.

She turned on her Eyes Forward Sparkle and looked at the door. Break cursed herself for not thinking of using it sooner. In the right hallway were seven red lights with two on the left and five to the right. The ponies in the right hallway were hiding behind a corner. They were surrounded.

Break made a motion and the others nodded. She took a deep breath, counted to three, and pulled both pins of the grenades with her teeth in rapid succession. She counted for a second and threw a tear gas grenade to the right and the flash bang hard to the left out of the door in a single throw while briefly poking outside. The one that went to the right bounced off the wall as she planned and right into their enemies. The one on the left hit right under their hooves. They both exploded before any of the slavers could react. One tried to cry out in warning, but the grenades went off before they could do anything.

Everypony in the hallway were blinded by the sudden bang of the flash bang or were choked on the gas. Break heard the minigun starting up but her allies burst from the door and shot the stunned slavers down. They were unable to fire back a single shot in time. Break pulled free another flash bang and bounced it against the wall at the ponies choking on smoke. It exploded and the howled in pain. It wasn’t hard to take them down after that being caught in such a defenseless position.

Break sighed in relief. She was patted on the shoulder by her comrades.

“Nice work. Though the second flash bang was a bit overkill.” Chisel said.

“I thought it was hilarious! ”Rivet howled. Lemon just grinned widely. Break smiled. She was amazed the plan actually worked. Break was surprised how little she cared about the slavers dying. She guessed it was hard to feel sorry for such horrible evil ponies.

Break threw the dead slavers’ weapons in the armory making sure to re-lock it with her PipBuck and gave it a new password just in case any slaver came here to arm themselves or get more ammo. From what Break could understand, there weren’t many guns around inside the facility since they wanted to avoid guns being around desperate slaves. They weren’t expecting an invasion inside the building, so the amount of armed forces that the slavers could send against them were limited. They had a shot.

The group moved forward. Break used her EFS to watch out for enemies. She saw about six red dots in the direction of the locking mechanism.

“Six.” Break said simply. Her companions nodded.

They moved quietly and kept an eye out for anything as they moved down the hallway. A group of four enemies tried to come up behind them from a doorway, but Break noticed them and bounced a flash bang into their faces when they kicked open the door.

“Nice throwing arm you have there.” Lemon complimented when they finished those slavers who were too stunned and disorientated to defend themselves.

“That was a crazy bounce!” Rivet said. “It bounced off the wall right into the door!”

“Yes, we were there.” Lemon replied back sighing.

Break rubbed the back of her head. She was about to say something about her special talent when she saw two lights coming towards them. “Two.” She hissed and pointed in their direction. It looked like they were coming down the hallway in front of them.

The group hid behind a nearby corner. The two slavers approached cautiously guns ready. They looked around and one pointed their gun in the direction they were hiding. He paused for a moment and suddenly ran back the way he came. “Screw this.” He said.

“Hey!” The other slaver yelled and chased after him.

Break sighed in relief and they continued further on. They finally got to their destination. Break saw a sign pointing to ‘Security’ and guessed that was their destination. On her EFS she saw 7 guards and they were right around the corner. They looked spread apart. She saw more lights coming from the right.

“There are six around the door spread out and reinforcements are probably coming soon.” Break whispered. Break gasped when she noticed two more red lights coming in from behind them. “Two more, behind us!” Chisel cursed. They were being boxed in.

“I’ll get the two behind us.” Rivet whispered before darting off.

“Wait!” The Lemon Heart tried to say, but he was gone before she could finish speaking. She rushed after him.

“Don’t act on your own!” Chisel hissed, but he was ignored. He sighed. He motioned to Break to follow and she complied.

They found the Chisel peeking around a corner. He motioned them to him.

“They should be behind this corner in a few moments. I can hear their hoofsteps.” He whispered. He winced in pain when Lemon Heart smacked him on the head. “Ow, what was that for?”

“What do you think you were doing?” She whispered harshly.

“Hey, I am just trying to prevent us from being cornered.” He replied back.

“Both of you stop!” Chisel barked. “This isn’t the time to argue.”

“Please guys. We need to stay together.” Break pleaded. This was the worst time for a schism in the group. The two ponies nodded and looked a little ashamed. Chisel motioned them for silence.

Break could hear that the hoofstep were almost on top of them. She pointed to a tear gas grenade and her companions nodded. She grabbed on, pulled the pin, and tossed it around the corner. She heard coughing and curses. They rushed in and smashed the slavers in the face with the end of their guns or punched or kicked them as hard as they could. Break kicked a pony where she thought their kidneys might be. She wasn’t sure if she hit the right spot, but the pony howled in pain regardless.

Break used her EFS and noticed that the reinforcement had arrived and were surrounding the security room. They must have guessed their objective. They were even moving to protect the area around the corners as well. She told the group her discover.

“What now?” Lemon Heart asked. Break was also at a loss about what to do.

“We could flood the corridors with tear gas?” Rivet suggested. “A two pronged attack. We flood both sides with tear gas and rush in.” He looked at Break’s remaining grenades of tear gas. “Four are still left. Two should do the trick. The hallway wasn’t that long. This mare here can use her fancy throwing tricks to bounce it all the way down the hallway.”

“It could work.” Chisel said. Break and Lemon Heart nodded. Rivet gave a wide grin.

They moved back the way they came and Break motioned them to stop. On her EFS, she noticed a pony right in front of them right around the corridor. She motioned with her hooves and her companions got the message.

Break could see he was coming this way with another pony. Break eyes widened when she saw a grenade coming this way by a purple aura. It was thrown right at her. Her companions backed away in horror. Break in a split second decided to do something crazy. It was their only chance. She rushed forward and punched the grenade in the air. She directed it at the wall in front of her and it bounced right around the corner back at the ponies that threw it. Break back away quickly. It exploded a split second later. The area around her shook from the explosion and dust filtered in from the corner.

Break collapsed to the ground. She felt like she was going to die from a heart attack her heart was beating so fast. “I am never doing that again!” She yelled.

“That was awesome!” The Rivet grinned. He smacked Break on the back enthusiastically almost knocking her over.

“Nice work.” The Chisel said. He looked at Break in awe and disbelief.

“I doubt they’ll try that again!” Rivet seems absolutely delighted.

“We need to hurry!” Lemon Heart said breaking them out of the excitation. Break and the the two stallions nodded.

“Get into position.” Chisel ordered and the group obeyed. The Lemon Heart followed Break as he moved to the right hallway. The other two left for the left hallway.

Break tensed as they got near to their objective. Her teammates seemed to respond to her tension with their own. With her EFS she could see six red lights standing directly in or near the adjacent hallway. She motioned with a hoof to her comrades and they began their attack. She threw her tear gas grenade into the hallway as hard as she could while Chisel did the same on his side. It bounced on the ground and flew down the long hallway and filled the corridor at the end full of gas.

Things became very sudden and incoherent through the insuring chaos. Break and Lemon tried to go around the corner and rush down the hallway, but they were greeted with bullet fire. They were able to get back around the corner in time and avoided being hit by stray bullet fire. The firing was random. The slavers were firing back blinded or not. This made things difficult. Rivet also retreated back to the hallway.

Lemon fired down the hallway trying to hit any shape she saw through the thick gas. She peeked around the corner to get a better look at what she was firing at. Lemon cried out in pain when a bullet hit her right leg when she got careless and didn’t cover her leg enough. Break pulled her to safety. The slave was crying out in intense pain. She seemed unprepared for the unspeakable agony of the bullet wound and Break’s mind raced on what she could do. She wasn’t experienced in any first aid at all and the rising panic didn’t help.

“Ponyfeather.” Rivet cursed, though it was muffed by the exchange of gunfire. “So much for our ambush.” He pulled back just nearly avoiding getting hit in the shoulder.

“Pressure!” Chisel yelled though the noise. Break pulled herself together and tore off a piece of Chisel's slave garment and put pressure on the wound like the other slave did back in the ammo room. She elevated the limb reasoning it would slow blood flow.

Break stayed like this for a minute keeping Lemon still and not letting up on the pressure. The piece of cloth was now almost soaked with blood. Chisel came towards them surprising Break. It made sense however since nopony was there to protect this side of the hallway. She watched in shock as a slaver suddenly appeared around the corner behind they were suppose to be protecting and he opened fire.

The emerging slaver was a blond unicorn with a grey coat. He fired on Chisel and hit him directly in the chest. Chisel collapsed on the ground in a pool of blood. Break watched in wide eyed horror.

Rivet turned and fired on the slaver, but he was too quick and dove behind a corner avoiding every shot thrown his way.

Break seeing her chance, threw a flash grenade right into the slavers hiding spot. She avoided her eyes when the grenade went off. The slaver cried in pain and sudden surprise. Stunning him long enough for Break to rush in and bash him into the wall. He head cracked the drywall and he fell in a heap. Break grabbed his gun with her teeth and smashed it against his head. He cracked his head into the wall again leaving a huge stain of blood. Break panted in exertion. Break surprised herself with how brutally and ruthlessly she took this stallion down. She put it out of her head and focused on the situation at hoof. She ran back around the corner before she could be fired upon.

She wasn’t sure what to do. Lemon was bleeding badly and she couldn’t protect her and guard to corner at the same time. Her EFS registered 4 red lights. Sudden one of the light when dim. With three foes left, Break reapplied pressure to Lemon’s wound after applying another unbloodied pieces of Lemon's slaver outfit and watched the corner with her EFS. She put a flash grenade near her for protection.

“Three are left!” Break yelled and she saw Rivet nod. She hoped he could finish this soon so her could find a healing potion. Though she knew that would mean Lemon would have a bullet in her, but it would stop the bleeding and it could be removed later.

Rivet exchanged some more shots with the slavers being careful and made sure that he was never too exposed to enemy fire. Break knew they had to hurry before reinforcements could arrive. Lemon's face was wracked with pain. To her credit, she tried not to squirm around too much and bared the pain the best she could. The bleeding started dying down and Break created a makeshift bandage with a new clean piece of clothe tying it as tight as she could.

“I will be back with some aid, just stay here and, uh, don’t move.” Break explained and Lemon nodded.

“Go, he needs your help.” Lemon commanded. She voice has weak, but it had a steel tip edge to it.

Break nodded and used her EFS to determine the exact location of the remaining slavers. It looked like two of them were exchanging fire with Rivet. She decided to check out the situation for herself.

Break walked down the right corridor. She ignored the rubble created by the grenade from earlier. Parts of the wall were blown off and on the right Break could see the ceiling of the next room. She also tried to ignore the two slavers that were caught in the blast. One got the tail end of the explosion and broken his head open when he was hit by the force of the explosion. The other was badly burned and bloodied by the explosion. Break could see exposed pieces of flesh and bone on the slaver. It was horrific and Break felt guilty and horrible for doing this to him. She moved on quickly and got to the end of the corridor.

Break careful peaked around the corner carefully. She could see the two slayer backed up again the wall. They were firing around the corner, and being careful to avoid return fire. She looked up and saw what was making the third light. It wasn’t a pony, it was just a radroach. Break ignored it. She felt a piece of a wall indent itself into her face as a bullet hit the corner Break was hiding behind and exploded a piece of the drywall into her face. She winced in pain and suddenly pulled back behind the corner.

Break decided to use this moment to calm herself and think. The situation didn’t seem so bad. All she needed to do was throw another grenade their way, and her comrade would be able to finish them off. Break thought it over. She would just need to throw it perfectly Rivet would be able to shoot them down. The problem was that the were separated from each other in a way that would make it difficult to hit them both with a single grenade. Throwing two would be the best option and Break decided to go with that. They were probably prepared for her grenades, but she bet they would still have much difficulty defending against them.

Break grabbed another stun grenade from her back, but dropped it when a gun suddenly came into her face. It appeared to be a rifle. A unicorn slaver with a teal coat and grey mane appeared out of nowhere. Break ducked and avoided the shot that came a split second later. Break head butted the gun out of the pony’s magic field and it dropped to the ground. Break kicked it away. The slaver threw a kick at Break’s chest and it connected.

Break winced in pain and was momentarily stunned. She received a punch to face and fell to ground. The slaver was about to deliver another kick to the chest, but Break grabbed his leg and forced him to the ground using her size to get leverage over him. They both fell to the ground. They started wrestling each other. Break’s collection of grenades fell off during the fight. The slaver was trying to pin her to the ground, but Break avoided it with ease.

They grappled like this for about a minute.The slaver tried to grab his gun with his telekinesis, but Break threw him against a wall distributing his concentration and the gun fell harmlessly to the ground. Break tried to slam his head into the wall again, but the slaver punched Break in the chest. Break whizzed, out of breath. The slaver delivered another punch to the chest and Break collapsed in pain.

The slaver created some distance from Break and grabbed his gun again with his telekinesis. He moved to point it in Break’s direction. Break eyes widened and she grabbed the barrel of the gun with her hooves trying to push it out the way of her face. It fired and created a large hole in the floor. He moved it in position again and Break did everything in her power to stop it, trying to move the gun was like trying to move an a brick wall. The stallion’s telekinesis was almost indomitable, but Break refused to give up and let him get another shot at her. She was at least able to keep it from pointing at her.

The gun suddenly became loose and Break threw it against the wall in surprise when the stallion’s magic suddenly released it. The stallion rushed in for another punch. Break was somehow able to dodge it in time. She countered back with a punch of her own, but it was slow and clumsy and it was easily avoided. Break mind raced. She couldn’t beat this guy, she had no experience in fighting and she knew she only got this far through luck alone. She needed a way to incapacitate him right away.

Break rushed to grab the gun for it had fallen not to far behind her. The unicorn slaver responded by grabbing it with his telekinesis again. Break tried to push it away from her, but he slaver pushed back with his magic. Break was losing ground this time, and the slaver seemed to increase in ferocity. It was almost lined up to her head this time and Break knew she couldn’t keep this up. The slaver grinned maliciously sure of his victory. Break stared at the gun in horror. She knew she couldn’t stop it, but then she noticed something about it. Something she could use. She suddenly then go of it. Not expecting this, the unicorn accidentally smashed the gun into a nearby wall with his magic and the badly maintained gun that was already seriously damaged was cracked in half with an audible snap.

The slaver eyes widened. Break used this to grab a tear gas grenade that fell earlier, pulled the pin, and threw it into the slaver’s face. He choked and gagged. Break grabbed the lower half of the broken rifle and smashed into the back of his head as hard as she could with both hooves. The remains of the rifles shattered when it hit his head. He fell to the ground and it didn’t look like he was going to get up any time soon.

This left just that one slaver and that’s it. Break carefully peered around the corner and saw a surprising sight. The last slaver was already dead. He was slumped against the wall and blood was splattered behind his head.

Break checked for any more enemies and found none in the vicinity. She ran back to where Rivet was. He sighed in relief when he spotted her. It looked like he was already coming to help her.

“Thank Celestia you’re okay.” He looked overjoyed to see her.

“I made it somehow.” Break replied. “The coast is clear. Let’s hurry before somepony else comes.” Rivet nodded.

They checked up on Lemon condition, and decided to take her with them. She was in pain, but wasn’t bleeding too badly and could walk mostly on her own strength. She used Break as a crutch while Rivet kept his eyes out for hostiles.

They arrived at the corridor with the security room. Break ignored her bundle of grenades that were still on the floor to focused her attention on the terminal in front of the security room. She gently placed Lemon against the wall and hooked up her PipBuck. Hacking the terminal was tough. She had to exit out of the terminal at least eight times to avoid the terminal’s security permanently shutting down the system from too many incorrect password entries. The password ended up being ‘Aeacus’. The door opened with a swoosh.

All three entered quickly and locked the door behind them. Inside was a control room was several monitors in front of a terminal. The terminal had a microphone in front of the keyboard. Break guessed it was for record keeping and making announcements. A large computer took up most of the room. Break surveyed the monitors and found what she was looking for. Bentgrass was currently fighting six guards while hiding behind some crates in a storage area. It looked like they had him pinned down, besides that though he looked unharmed. Break rushed to the terminal and sat down on the chair eager to help the stallion. She hacked this terminal as well. This one was disappointingly easy. Break was actually really starting to have fun hacking. Unfortunately, this terminal’s password was just ‘Lock’.

Break scrolled through several screens and found the ‘Unlock all cells’ option. Break selected it and confirmed to the computer that she wanted to do this. Break found the intercom button and pressed it. She made sure to remove her gas mask and breathed in and out before speaking into the microphone.

“Um. Listen everypony!” Break closed her eyes and did her best to find to the right thing to say. “You’re free now! All the cells are unlocked! Most of the guards are dead. The nightmare is almost over! Take this opportunity and grasp freedom with both hooves! They’re powerless now! Show them that they can’t hold you anymore! You deserve your freedom like all ponies do. They couldn’t stop me and they can’t stop you!”