• Published 6th Apr 2016
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Fallout Equestria: Black Cat - Rixizu

Break Point is a simple pony that just wants a simple and easy life. That is shattered when she accidentally causes the death of the son of a powerful crime lord. Now she must fight for survival.

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Chapter 5

Starburst downed another glass of whiskey. He was having trouble standing up straight right now, but he didn’t care. He shakily tried to pour himself another glass with his magic out of a bottle, but his magic failed and it fell to the ground. It rolled and hit an empty bottle of rum. Whiskey flowed out the bottle onto the wooden floor. Starburst collapsed onto the table in front of him.

It was his fault. All his fault. He had a gun. He could have rescued her from those thugs. But he was too much of a coward and now she’s dead. He was the worst pony in the world. He really liked that mare. He went to that café as often as he could just to see her. Her smile always brightened his day. Now she’s dead. Starburst was filled with self loathing. He just wanted to crawl up in a corner and die.

“What the hay is going on here?” A voice cried out. Starburst struggled to look at the pony that said that, but eventually was able to see who it was. It was his mother Spring Rain. She was an almost middle aged light blue unicorn with a yellow mane that was in a long ponytail that hanging on her left side. Her cutie mark was a trio of water droplets. She had a disapproving look on her face.

“Go away.” Starburst yelled. Normally he would never take this tone with his mother, but now she was the last pony he wanted to see.

“Look at you.” His mother tsked. “And all over some dead filly.”

Starburst glared at his mother. She just shrugged.

“It isn’t like you knew her.” She argued. “So what if she died?”

It was just like her to say something like that. She would never understand. Other ponies seemed to be alien creatures to her.

“Fine, be that way.” She picked up a bottle of whiskey with her magic and took a swig. “You’ve always been like this. Some little thing upsets you and you fall completely apart.”

She became thoughtful. “I remember this one time you lost your favorite teddy bear and refused to go school for almost three days.”

“Honestly, you’re a grown stallion now.” His mother shook her head. “Grow up already.”

She swirled the bottle with her magic. Starburst scowled. “Don’t make that face.” She chided. “I’m just doing what’s best for you. And moping does nopony any good.” When she saw this didn’t have the effect she wanted, she sighed.

“Very well. I’ll let you have your little pity party. It might do you some good to get it out of your system.” She waved a hoof. “I’ll be a little late tonight. There’s an errand I need to run, so just cook dinner for yourself. If you can manage it.”

She walked up behind him and playfully bit his ear. “I’ll be seeing you later.” She winked and trotted out of the room taking the bottle of whiskey with her. Relieved that she finally left, Starburst opened up another bottle of rum with his teeth not trusting his magic and took a swig. By Celestia he really needed it right now.


Break trotted down the path she was ordered to follow from the pony that was currently holding her at gunpoint. The pegasus was keeping a very close eye on her giving her no opportunity to escape. Break solemnly did as she was told.

Eventually after ten minutes, Break was guided to a ruined road. It was broken into an innumerable amount of pieces. Broken cars and sky chariots were littered along it. She could see a collapsed bridge in the distance. She was guided towards a cart containing several small metal cages that could hold a pony or two. The bars looked thick and strong with a sturdy looking lock at the door. Currently only one was occupied. The cart was being pulled by a single pony. She was a light orange earth pony with a dark green mane. She was also wearing a battle saddle with same colors. She waved to them was they got near.

“What do we have here?” The mare asked eying Break up and down.

“I found her when I was scouting.” The pegasus proclaimed proudly.

“She doesn’t look like much. You wasted your time.” The mare said simply. “Just shoot her and let’s get going.” Break tensed when she heard this.

“Oh come on! That would be a waste.” The pegasus argued. “She’s in perfect health and looks strong enough.”

The mare rolled her eyes. “And she’s probably a raider. Look at her cutie mark.” She pointed towards Break’s cutie mark with a hoof. “A club. Only raiders get a cutie mark like that.”

“True.” The pegasus agreed reluctantly.

Break was stunned. “It’s not a club! It’s a bowling pin!” Break blurted out.

The mare rolled her eyes. “It’s basically the same thing.”

“No it’s not!” Break argued back. She couldn’t believe this. Didn’t this mare know what bowling was?

“Didn’t I tell you to shut up?” The pegasus barked. Break wilted and suddenly lost her will to speak.

“Whatever. Take her. I don’t care.” The mare conceded. The pegasus beamed in triumph.

“Take everything off.” The mare ordered and Break did as she was told. She carefully removed her apron and tool harness. She realized that she couldn’t take off her PipBuck without special tools, or at least that was what the manual said. She pointed at it nervously and did a halfhearted shrugged.

“Fine, we’ll remove it later.” The mare relented obviously eager to get moving. “Is this all she had?” She looked through the apron and harness carefully.

“Yep.” The pegasus confirmed. “No weapons.”

The mare snorted. “Really? She’s lucky we found her alive then.” Break made a sour face at this remark.

The pegasus got out a set of keys and opened one of the cages. “Get in.” He ordered. Break obeyed and got in. At the bottom of the cage was hay that looked very moldy and reeked something awful. Luckily, it wasn’t as bad as the sewers. Break reluctantly got on it. The door was locked behind her.

“Hello!” A voice next to Break greeted. Through bars she could see a yellow earth pony stallion with a green mane. “I’m Bentgrass! What’s your name Ms. Raider?”

Break was put off by the chirpiness of the voice. “I am not a raider!” Break clarified. “I’m Rolling Pins.” Break made sure to keep her voice low as to not aggravate her captures though it still had an edge to it. She also made sure to use her new name.

“Really? Not a raider? Funny that. Nice to meet you Rolling Pins!” Bentgrass didn’t keep his voice down and kept the same enthusiastic and rather loud tone. “I would shake your hoof, but…” He gestured to the bars.

“I thought I told you to shut your trap!” The mare yelled.

“Yes, yes. So you did.” Bentgrass rolled his eyes. “Some ponies right?”

Break gapped. Didn’t this pony realize that these slavers had guns and weren’t afraid to use them? These two would gun both of them down with a second thought. Life meant nothing to them.

The cart started moving and they were going towards Celestia knows where. It rode alongside the pretty much useless road. It was a bit of a bumpy ride, but Break just sat in her cage depressed. She could just imagine what her new life will be like. She would probably be forced to work in a mine somewhere. They would whip her, feed her barely edible food, and make her work 16 hours a day. She would live like this until she died of exhaustion.

Break was taken out of her pity party by Bentgrass whistling. It was happy little tune and it looked like he was having fun doing it. She couldn’t believe this pony. How could he be so positive when he’s going to be made a slave?

“Didn’t you hear what I said?!” The slaver mare yelled.

“You said no talking. I was whistling.” Bentgrass argued. “Not the same thing at all.”

The mare stopped and stared at the stallion. Break did the same. He just grinned back. The mare started rubbing her head with a hoof. “Do you want a bullet in the head? You’re about to get one if you don’t start behaving!”

“Oh right fine. Sheesh. I was just trying to fill in the boring silence.” Bentgrass relented.

Break wondered if there was something wrong with this pony. He took being threatened with his life like he was being scolded by his mother. It baffled her how one pony could be so oblivious. Now he looked like a foal that had just been asked to sit in a corner and think about what he has done. He was antsy and had trouble keeping still.

Break decided she needed something to keep her mind off of her situation and the dreadfully annoying stallion next to her. Her PipBuck could pick up radio signals. She wondered if her captors would allow her to listen to it. It had an earbloom so she could listen to music quietly without bugging anypony.

Break waved her hooves to catch the pesasus’s attention that was flying to her right. He finally got his attention and he flew over. “What?” He asked impatiently.

Break didn’t say anything and just pointed to her PipBuck. In a moment he got her meaning. “Oh, fine. Just don’t bother anypony.” She nodded her thanks and pulled her earbloom out of her PipBuck and put it on. Her Pipbuck found the station she was looking for, EUPK.

The station was playing one of Sweetie Belle’s songs. Break closed her eyes and listened. The song was almost halfway over, but Break didn’t care. She loved Sweetie Belle’s music. Break could already feel her stress and anxiety cooling down.

Eventually the song ended and was replaced by the DJ known only as the Princess of the Wastelands. She had a thick Whinnyapolis accent. “That there was old Sweetie Belle singing her famous song ‘My Heart Will Go On’ and golly gee doesn’t it just hit your heartstrings every time you hear it?”

Break agreed with the DJ. The heart wrenching ballad got her every time and since the station only had 14 songs; she got to hear it often.

“Yah. Yah, now it’s time for the news.” The DJ said. “There have been reports of raider alliances out north. It seems that the sick so–and–sos are teaming up to fight the Cosas. Mostly out of survival. It looks like the Cosas ruthless hunting has make them desperate enough to do this. Currently their exact numbers are unknown. If anypony has any information please report it to my office in Whinnyapolis. As usual there’s a rather handsome reward for it don’t ya know.”

“Wonderful, that’s the last thing everypony needs.” Break thought her mood turning sour. Normally the raider gangs hated each other, but now they’re banded together to avoid extinction.

“Towns are advised to strengthen their defenses and keep an eye out for trouble. “ The DJ said. Break started to worry for Primrose’s safety. She wasn’t sure if the town could survive a large assault. She prayed to Celestia for their safety, particularly for her cousin. Her heart ached with homesickness.

“In sadder news, a waitress in Primrose was reported killed for accidentally causing the death of son of Cosa Nostra, the leader of the Cosas.” The DJ reported. “Apparently, she accidently bumped into one of his friends causing his gun to go off. She escaped and golly gee she gave them quite the runabout. But, they finally caught the poor dear and killed her.”

The DJ because mournful. “Doesn’t it break your heart to see an innocent pony killed because of the so called necessary evil that’s needed in this day and age.” The DJ’s voice became harsh. “Gosh darnnit, I hope you’re happy Cosa Nostra. You may have avenged your son’s death, but he’s still dead. All you did was add another body to the pile solving nothing.” The DJ gave the impression of shaking her head. “The world we live in. It isn’t such a shame?”

The DJ took a moment and composed herself before continuing. “And that was the news. Next will be Sweetie Belle again singing “I Promise You”. This here was Princess of the Wasteland signing off. Stay safe and stay smart.”

Break was surprised to hear that the thug actually declared her dead. Did he do it because he felt he owed her a debt after saving his life? Like some kind of Thug Code or something? At least she didn’t have to worry about more Cosas coming after her, though she doubted they would actually search the wastelands to get her. It was probably for the best everypony thought she was dead. Green Mile would be sad, but at least she won’t worry about her and was now safe from the Cosas’ wrath. Though she did worry about Green Mile managing Stars & Strikes on her own.

Break continued to listen to music for about an hour until she felt the cart come to a stop. Break looked around and discovered they were at their destination. She looked up to see a giant wall. She looked left and right and found even more wall. It went very high up. The wall was grey and chipped, but sturdy. She looked behind her and saw a wire fence with barbed wire on top of it. There were two ponies guarding a chain metal door.

Break guessed that this might be an old prison. This was confirmed when she noticed an old faded sign that said ‘Foulsom Prison’ on it. It wasn’t surprising. What better place to lock up and store slaves, but a prison? And it looked well protected too. The walls were strong looking and well intact. Barb wire was used to create a barrier around the compound and it went at least 5 hooves high. Break could see a guard tower to her right in the distance. It was situated at one of the corners. It was broken at the top so it was replaced with a tarp to act as a new ceiling. She could barely make out a pony on it. No doubt it was a sniper. She was pulled to the front of a large metal door. It was opened by a pony and they were pulled inside. She noticed that the slavers that captured her looked apprehensive for some reason confusing Break.

The courtyard was spacious with cement cracked from age. In the middle of it was a large brick building. It looked like a giant brick. The years were not kind to it. It was worn down and many of bricks looked decrepit. Break guessed more care was taken to the prison's outside appearance to make it look more formidable and tough. Break and Bentgrass were let out of their cages and were led inside. She had trouble fighting back the dread she felt.

After going through some drab and uneventful corridors, she was eventually led to an office. It was a simple office. Not much furnishings. Behind a desk was a pony with a cigar in his mouth. Break’s hooves were bound with chains. Bentgrass followed behind her and annoyingly still had a chipper smile on his face.

“So these are the new slaves?” A voice called out. It belonged to a burly earth pony with a grey coat and a darker grey mane with a yellow streak in it. He had a thick hoofbar mustache. Break guessed he was the infamous Yellow Star since he radiated confidence and authority. “What happened to the others? I thought you were coming with eight ponies.”

The ponies that caught her looked apprehensive. “Well, about that. You see, well…” The pegasus said trying to avoid whatever he was going to say. Yellow Star gave him a look. “They escaped.” He admitted.

“It was the Cosas!” He suddenly blurted. “They ambushed us, killed three of our ponies, and took the slaves! We barely escaped with our lives!”

Yellow Star snorted. “Is this true?” He pointed his question at Break’s other captor. She looked just as uneasy as her friend.

“Yes, sir.” She replied. “They hit us in the night. We were able to get away. They got the cages with all the other slaves.” She pointed at Bentgrass and he waved back for some reason. “He’s the only one we were able to save.”

Yellow Star nodded. “And her?”

“We found her wandering the wastelands.” The mare replied curtly.

The stallion sighed. “Very well. Bring the new slaves to the doctor.” The other two slavers visibly relaxed. “But don’t think you are off the hook. You lost us a lot of caps. We will discuss this later.”

The two slavers gulped and nodded and guided Break and Bentgrass to another office. It appeared to be a doctor’s office. Inside was a dark brown unicorn with a cream colored mane. I gestured the ponies to come in.

“So there are the new slaves.” He said taking out a clipboard. “I thought there were suppose to be eight new slaves.”

The pegasus looked annoyed and scowled. “Don’t worry about that and look at your new patients.” It looked like the doctor got the hint and he pulled out a stethoscope.

“Alright let me have a look at them.” Break and Bentgrass spent the next hour being thoroughly examined by the doctor. In ways Break would rather not talk about to anypony. He concluded that they were in perfect health. They were forced to shower and then were then given a ragged dull grey shirt to wear and were soon led into the main prison area.

Break could see ponies of all types in the cells around her as she was being led to her new home. They look weathered, depressed, and poorly fed. Unicorns had some kind of ring over their horn. She guessed it probably suppressed their magic. She could see foals amongst the slaves. She gritted her teeth. These sickos actually sold foals too. Foals. How could anypony be that evil?

She had stopped in front on a cell and the guard opened it with a key. The door looked a little rusty, but it opened with no trouble. She entered the cell after a push from the guard. The cell didn’t have much. A rather disgusting looking toilet, a bunk bed, and a window with bars over it were the only things in the cell. She could also see a pony lying on the top bunk. It was a unicorn mare with a royal purple coat and pure white mane. Her cutie mark was that of a shooting star. Her mane was disheveled and unkempt. She had a ring over her horn like the other unicorns.

Break gave a reluctant wave. “Hey.”

“Hey.” The mare replied back dully.

“I’m, um, Rolling Pins.” Break lied.

“Comet.” The mare said in the same monotone voice.

Break walked up to the bed. “It’s nice to meet you.” She held out a hoof. Comet didn’t take it.

“You must be a new slave.” Comet said instead. “The new ones are always this perky.”

Break nodded, though she found it weird she was considered perky. “Yeah, they caught me this morning.” She said crestfallen.

Comet jumped from the bed onto the floor. “Alright, some rules.” She stomped a hoof. “One, don’t annoy the guards. Two, do as you are told. Three, don’t resist no matter what. And four, don’t try to escape. Do that, and life shouldn’t be too bad. Given you aren’t sold a sadist son of a gun master.”

Break winced. She could just imagine being whipped while being forced to push a rock up a hill or something.

“Not all of them are that bad.” Comet explained. “Slaves are expensive. No point in killing your property needlessly. But there are some of them enjoy hurting.”

Break looked closely that her cellmate. She could see faint scars all over the mare. Worse, she had brand marks on her right front leg. Break could see at least ten. “Multiple masters.” She thought. She was not looking forward to being branded. Break shuttered involuntary.

“May I ask how you got here?” Break ventured not sure how far she should probe.

Comet just shrugged. “No big deal. My previous master was killed by some mercenaries over some dispute or whatever. I was captured, and was sold to the Yellow Stars.”

“So, what did you do?” Break asked hesitantly.

“Gunsmith.” Comet replied. Break sighed in relief. She thought it would be worse. “I have done pretty much everything really.”

“How about you?” Comet asked. “What did you do before all this?”

“She was a raider.” A voice replied in the next cell. It was that Bentgrass pony.

Break turned to him angrily. “I was not a raider!” Break almost yelled this.

“You keep saying that, but with a cutie mark like that, it’s a little hard to believe.” Bentgrass said.

Break just grunted loudly in annoyance. “Ok, what then?” Bentgrass asked.

“I worked at a bowling alley!” Break said. “I also worked as a waitress.” Break mentally smacked herself for giving this out so easily. She was supposed to be distancing herself from the past.

“Not many skills then.” Comet commented. “Not good.”

“I do have some repair skills.” Break said trying to sell herself a bit higher. “I did maintenance and repair on the various machinery in the bowling alley. You won’t believe how easily they could break down.”

“That’s something.” Comet said. “Remember to try to impress your prospective owners and make yourself seem useful.”

Break nodded. It was defiantly something to keep in mind. She turned her attention to Bentgrass. She glowered at him. “How about you?”

“Mostly bodyguard and caravan protection work.” He replied.

“Bodyguard?” Break asked confused. “How did you end up here then?”

He looked embarrassed and rubbed the back of his head. “I was protecting a caravan, but I, um, overslept, and they left me. The next thing, I knew I was in that cage.”

Break looked at him incredulously. This was one of the lamest ponies she had ever met.

“But I plan to make up for it!” He said quickly. “I plan to get us out here and bring down this sick operation!” He declared boldly. Break looked at him like he was mad. Comet just gave him a blank expression. Shrugged, turned around, and climbed onto the top bunk.

“Yeah, good luck with that.” She thought. She followed Comet’s example and jumped on the bottom bunk.

“It’s true!” Bentgrass defended. Break ignored him.

“So what happens now?” Break asked.

“Tomorrow some rich ponies are coming around to purchase some new slaves apparently.” Comet replied. “Try to look presentable and attractive. Trust me, you don’t want to end up an unsold slave for too long.”

Break nodded and fell on the mattress. It was a filthy. Break tried not to imagine what might be living in it. Break turned on her radio and put in her earbloom. A soft sad song was playing. Break was grateful, it fit her mood perfectly. She just lied there wondering glumly what the next day would bring.


Green Mile grunted as she locked Stars and Strikes bowling alley behind her. The lock was being difficult again, but it eventually gave way and locked. She turned and headed for her apartment on the other side of town. She was exhausted after working here and her teacher job today.

She knew it was a bit dangerous to walk the streets at night these days. There have been some mysterious unsolved murders lately. Pony just died for no discernible reason. Their hearts just stopped, or they died in pain or fear. One pony was found immolated and another was frozen to death. One poor pony was cut to pieces. Despite all this, there was no trace of a struggle or assailant. Ponies suspected some mutated creature was doing this somehow. Green Mile hoped she was going to be attacked. She would enjoy hurting whatever attacked her.

Honestly, Green Mile had no idea why she even opened the alley today. She said to herself that it to honor Breaky’s memory. Some ponies did come by to give their condolences, but it wasn’t a particularly busy day. In the end, the alley felt hollow and empty without her cousin. In truth, Green Mile didn’t even like bowling all that much, but she loved her cousin and helped around the alley to support her. The alley belonged to Breaky’s parents and she loved the place. She worked hard to keep it running, and didn’t even care all that much if not that many ponies came to play. Breaky seemed intent on preserving the spirit of bowling.

“Maybe I should sell the place.” Green Mile thought. “It would be for the best. I can’t support it by myself and well what’s the point without Breaky?”

Green Mile turned another street and went into an alley. She stopped and kicked a nearby trash can as hard as she could. She tried to put up a strong face, and pretend that nothing was wrong. Things were not fine. Her best friend and her only last and living relative was dead. She tried to bury herself in work to avoid the pain, but it didn’t work. She kicked the can again, this time practically bending it in two. She gave out a guttural cry of anguish. She attacked the other bins around her spreading trash everywhere, but she didn’t care. She enjoyed destroying them. She was so angry she couldn’t control herself. She tossed a can against a wall as hard as she could. It chipped the brick and bent the can into uselessness.

Green Mile huffed and continued home. She saw two Cosas laughing and joking with each other in the distance. She was instantly filled with hatred. These ponies couldn’t care less that Breaky was dead. Oh she hated them. Her thoughts filled with ones of revenge. She wanted to hurt them. Kill every last one of them. She decided she would get revenge on every single last one of them somehow even if it killed her. Not like she had much to live for anymore. The whole wretched world seemed empty without Breaky in it.

Her thoughts turned to how she should do it. “Maybe I could get explosives and blow their headquarters to bits.” She thought. She liked that idea. Killing their boss alone would be a boon and would ruin the entire group. She would have to be careful, but she thought she might be able to pull it off. She would kill them all one day.

“My my my, what a face.” A voice from the distance said. Green Mile started and looked around. She spotted a pony leaning against a wall in an alley. Her eyes widened when she recognized the pony. It was Spring Rain.

“You hate them don’t you?” Spring Rain said. “I saw it in your eyes this morning. You want revenge. You want to hurt them like they hurt you.”

“I don’t know what you mean.” Green Mile said simply and turned to leave.

“I can help you.” Spring Rain said and Green Mile stopped in her tracks. Spring Rain suddenly appeared out of nowhere and stuck her face right into Green Mile’s and smirked. Green Mile instinctively recoiled and baked away confused how the mare was able to move so quickly. “I can give you power. Power to get revenge on the whole world. So how about it?”