• Published 15th Feb 2016
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Fallout Equestria - Time Never Changes - Abridged-2-Far

This is the story of a young Unicorn called Tick Tock, A name he hates to be called, and this is how his normal life in the city of Trottingham and Equestria turned into the world known today as the Wastelands of Equestria, 275 years in the future

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Chapter 1: The Colt Forgotten In Time

Author's Note:

1. When you find the character named insert name here, That is his name. I will be making a chapter were he gets a name and I will explain later on why his name is Insert Name Here.
2. For those of you who don't know, Child ponies, such as Apple Bloom or Sweetie Belle, aren't referred to as babies, but rather as "fillies". This is the term for females, with the equivalent male term being "colts.
so Colt means male child.

Fallout Equestai Chapter 1 the Colt Forgotten In Time

Darkness! For the longest time, darkness was all I could see. I could feel my mind just floating, waiting for something to happen. After what felt like ages the darkness began to fade. I could start to make out the inside of the pod as it began to fade back into view. My mind was starting to unfreeze.

It took a minute for my mind to fully unfreeze, all the while I watched as the stasis pod became clearer until I could finally see everything within my sight.

I tried to move my body but it would not respond to my control. Then I realised that my body was still frozen in time and just as when I first entered the stasis pod, my body was the first thing to freeze and then my mind. I surmised that the reverse was happening to me. Mind, then body.

Moments Later I discovered I was right. I was able to move my body again. I checked every part of my body. My ears, hooves, every part of me was moveable. I sighed with relief. “That’s a relief” I said, testing to see if my mouth and voice were still working. Then I noticed something.

My eyes had turned towards the window of the time stasis pod, but all I could see was a black something. It must have been covering the window. I started to bang my hooves on the door. “Hello! Hello! Is any pony out there? Please, is anyone there?”

It felt like ages trying to get some ponies attention but with no luck. “OK Tick! Just calm down. You’re alive and that’s what counts.” Seconds later I heard something outside the room. It was very faint and very hard to hear but I was sure it was a voice.

“I swore I heard some pony calling for help!” The pony was a mare from the sound of her voice, but I could not tell what species of pony he was. I could not see anything.

Another voice answered the mare and this time, it sounded like a stallion. I pressed my ears to the pod listening and hoped that they were nearby. “This is not the time to go exploring. I said five minutes to look around for supplies and even if you did hear a voice we’re not going to be able to help them. Those things will be back any minute and in greater numbers.” My heart leapt. There WERE some ponies there. Two ponies and of all my luck, they were close by. I built up my voice ready to be the loudest it had ever been and with all my might and screamed, “HELLO! IS ANY PONY THERE? I NEED HELP PLEASE!”

“Did you hear that?” I heard the stallion pony say.

“I told you I heard a pony down here. Now, you may hate me for this but I’m going to help them. You can bite my head off later.” I heard the mare say and with that I could hear the hoof steps running in my direction.

I shouted out again to help my two maybe rescuers find me “I’m down here!”

“I heard him. It’s this way.” I could hear the mare say in a worried tone of voice.

“How I have stuck with you all this time I have no idea.” I could hear hoof steps getting closer. “In here” I shouted and I heard the metal door open with a loud squeak. “Hello, is anyone in here? “said the stallion.

I had only just noticed that I was finding it difficult to breath. I did not know why but I must have been running out of oxygen. Why, I had no idea. “See! I told you. No-one is here” I heard the stallion say in annoyance.

The oxygen within the pod had almost run out but I was not going to let something as pathetic as suffocation kill me. With the last of my strength I shouted “I’M IN HERE! HELP!” and I decided to stop talking to save on the oxygen I had left.

I heard the mare shout, “In there!” and I could hear hooves running in my direction. With a loud bang, a hoof was hitting the pod, but I was unable to do anything to let them know I was in there. If I spoke I may use up the remaining air I had and then I would die quicker.

I looked at the window of the pod which was still black. When the blackness was wiped away, I could vaguely see the ponies who were trying to save my life.

“Hello! Are you ok in there?” the mare says to me, closely followed by the stallion asking “What are you doing in there?” I wanted to answer them but I knew if I did I would die, so I did the next best thing. I got up and approached the window to face the two ponies who were still hard to see. Not speaking, I mouthed the words “Help, no air”

“I think he’s trying to say something!” started the stallion but he stopped as he turned towards his mare companion “What is it?” he asked. The stallion was looking very worried as I repeated what I said using only my mouth, taking in as small a breath which I thought may be my last.

The mare was trying to get the door open with the stallion looking at her with confusion. “What is it?” He asked, looking confused. “He’s saying Help! No air.” and the stallion looked at me. I was finding it difficult to breath and my vision was starting to blacken. Darkness was starting to sink in, but this darkness was different from the one I experienced from being frozen. This was the darkness before death.

The stallion knocked on the window to get my attention and I managed to look at him. “Get down!” He aimed something very long at the window but I could not make it out. I ducked and a loud noise sounded followed by the window shattering into several pieces. I could feel air rush into the pod and I began to breath. “Wow! Take it easy there!” I could finally hear the stallions voice clearly now, not muffled through the window. “Are you ok?” the mare asked me. I looked to them and see a sigh of relief of their faces. “Yes! Thank you! I was starting to feel sleepy.” The stallion looked at me and chuckled. “Near death experience! A lot of ponies get those. Not everyone comes out of them alive.” “Ouch!” I saw the mare punch the stallion “I don’t think he needs reminding of this right after it happened.” The stallion looked to me. “Sorry!” He said “Would you like some help getting out of there?” I nodded my head to say yes. Two hooves were held out to me, each belonging to the mare and stallion.

I was free. I was standing in the basement room of Trottingham University. I stretched. Being glad to be out of that pod I looked around the room. It was completely black which I found out was soot. All of the equipment including the pod was in good shape and then I remembered the flames and looked to where Professor Time Has died. A small amount of his lab coat has survived as well as his skeleton.

“Was it someone you knew?” said the stallion, who I had completely forgotten was still here as well as the mare. Looking at my saviours and finally getting to see what they looked like. The mare was a middle aged unicorn with yellow skin and a faded pink coloured hair and mane. If she had wings and her hair was pinker, I would say she looked like Fluttershy, but that could not be. So I put it out of my mind. I look to the stallion. He was an earth pony with red skin and the colour for his tail and hair was brown. I tried to see what his cutie mark was but it was covered by a suit he was wearing. This was a blue suit with yellow stripes and the number seventy nine written on its back. He also wore a saddle bag and a holder with a long barrel device on each side of him. Now I could see what had broken through the window, but I still did not know what they were.

I was going to answer but the mare interrupted me. “I’m sorry to interrupt, but are you ok little colt?” the mare said looking at me. “Yes! I think so. But who are y…” I was cut off in mid-sentence as I heard a horrible noise. It sounded like a pony in rage. “They’re back! They must have heard the sound of the gun shots.”

I had guessed that a gun was the long metal barrel that the stallion had used to free me. “Listen! I know you have been through a near death experience but we need to get out of here ok!” Scared and unsure as to what we were running from I said “OK!”

We all ran to the metal doors of the basement room and opened them wide. What I saw made me scream. It looked like a pony, but one I had never seen before. It was repulsive! It made all my hairs stand on end and my body would not move. But this time it was because I was scared. The pony let out a scream as it heard my scream and had called out for reinforcements. He just watched as ponies filled the corridor and then they all saw us. I froze and so did the mare and stallion. We were all thinking the same thing. We were trapped and there was only one way out of the basement but the ponies were in our path.

They all started to gallop towards us, all of them growling their way along the corridor. I looked to the mare and stallion, but they were frozen. Too scared to do anything but look at the approaching ponies. But lucky, I was not in the mood to die again. With all my strength, I grabbed the saddle bags of the two ponies and pulled them back into the room. Once I saw that they were safely with me, I reached for the door and closed it. I thought of how to barricade it but I noticed that the key was in the door. “Thank celestia!” I turned the key and the door locked. “Good thing this door is metal, it should last for a little while.” I turn back to face the mare and stallion. The stallion had an angry look on his face.

“Well this is just great! You just had to help this colt and you….” He turned to face me.” Now we’re going to die all because you had to be here.” I looked at the stallion with guilt on my face and, knowing that if I had not called out none of this would have happened and I would be dead.

The mare looked at him. “You could have left me you know. I’d have been fine on my own.” The two ponies were staring to argue. It was like, one day when I had come home from school and found my parents arguing. They told me to go to my room, but I had asked why and my father shouted at me and I never got involved in any argument from then on. My parents did say sorry but the damage was done but I thought of something. These two were not my parents so maybe I can stop them. “Oh will you two just shut up!” I screamed at them. They both turn to face me “What?” They looked shocked at what I had just said but before they could say anything else I spoke first “Yes! We may die but that does not mean we need to die arguing.” They continue to look at me “If you two want to accept your fate and die arguing then fine but I’m going to find a way out of here”.

And with that I started to walk over to the equipment Professor Time had been using before he died, but two hooves grabbed me and I was pulled back towards the ponies. I had been expecting something like this and I braced myself, but I felt hooves being hugged around me by both of the ponies.

“I’m sorry” said the stallion, “I don’t blame any of you” Looking at me, and then to the mare.

The banging of the ponies outside brought us back into reality. It was a nice moment but now we had to find a way to live.

“That door won’t hold long!” I said. I could see one of the hinges was coming off the wall. The mare looked at me. “Little colt, do you know if there is any way out of this room?” I’m sorry to say that I did not have time to look being trapped inside the pod “I’m sorry the only way out is through that door”

“Well, I guess this is the end for us, rescuing a colt. I could not go out any better but I’ll make sure to take down as many as I can with me. No holding back.” the stallion said, aiming his guns at the door “And I’m with you!” said the mare pulling out a smaller gun from her saddle bag using her magic to aim it at the door as well. I could tell that these two had known each other for a long time.

What can I do? What can I do? I was screaming in my head trying to think of a way out. I walked over to the controls that professor time had been at before he died, hoping that they may help us. Surprisingly, they still worked.

I discover that the control panel I was looking at was a timer for how long a subject would be held inside the pod and according to the display it said ‘Time Frozen 275 years exactly’. I looked at the timer. It had been set for 275 years. Why had he frozen me in time for 275 years? Why 275? I kept saying to myself. How could it have been so long, but then I remembered. I looked to the Time stasis Pod smiling. “That’s it! That’s our way out of here.” The two ponies looked at me with surprise and ran to me. “You know a way out?” I turn to face them with excitement on my face. “It’s not a way out, not yet, but it’s a way to survive. Tell me about those things outside” “You mean ghouls!” said the stallion interrupting me. So ghoul ponies are what they were called! The name suited them. “Yes! Them. If we disappeared from this room, how long would it take for them to just go away?” The two ponies look at me with utter confusion but the stallion answered. “It’s hard to say, Could be weeks.” “How about 2 months!” I said. The two ponies looked at me wondering what I was on about. “What do you mean?” the mare said and I look right into her eyes and then to the stallions. “Do you trust me to save your lives?” That did not sound the way I meant it to sound but it was good enough.

“What do you say, should we trust him?” the mare said looking to her stallion partner.

The stallion start to laugh. This reminded me of Professor Time’s laugh, but this one was more joyful. “We saved you and now you save us. Is that what you’re saying little colt?” I’d had enough of that. “Something like that and please stop calling me little colt, the name is Tick Tock!”

Both ponies starts to laugh “Yes! Yes! Get it out of your system.” I replied. I had expected this. It happens every time I tell someone my name but now was not the time for it. “OK! You’ve had your laugh now get in the pod!” I said pointing my hoof towards the pod.

They stopped laughing at once. “What! You want us to go in there! But it almost killed you.” I interrupted “if I’m right, it saved me! But I’ll explain later if we get out of here.” I look over to the remains of the room, I saw a wooden plank that was covered in black. “Listen! Please both of you!” I said with authority in my voice. ”Get inside that pod! I’ll join you in a second. Just trust me or would you rather face those things?” Pointing towards the door with the Ghoul ponies growling outside, I could hear the door starting to creak as the hinges weakened. It would not last much longer.

One look at the condition of the door and the two ponies ran to the pod and one by one jumped through the window into it. I turned back to the control panel and wiped the soot off the whole thing. I found the buttons to change the timer, then I looked at the magic generator over in the corner. It was still working, but I was not surprised. Trottingham University used to be a place of advanced magic and technology. I was sure that a magic generator built by them would last for many more years. But back to saving out lives! The controls were actually very simple. For once, I was thanking professor time. I set the timer to freeze us all for 2 months, then I ran over to the soot covered wooden board. Being a unicorn had its advantages. My horn glowed and the wooden board hovered over to me and I ran with it to the Pod.

The board was just the right size to cover over the broken window of the pod. I jumped through the window to join the other two ponies. “Help me hold this in place.” The two ponies helped me hold the blackened board in place. “How’s a board supposed to defend us against all them?” said the stallion with worry, but I just smiled at him. “It’s not for defence, its camouflage!” and the two ponies understood “That’s brilliant! If the black side is over the window then they will not be able to see us.” “But that’s not all.” I said as we managed to secure the board into place. “What do you mean?” the mare started to ask but she stopped in mid-sentence. Her body was frozen as was my own and the stallions. The darkness was starting to fade in again but this time I was ready for it. Then the world and my companions blinked out.

The next second the inside of the pod was starting to come back into focus, I found I could move again and then so could my two companions who were still shocked at what they had just been through. I look to them. “Don’t worry! I was the same when I was frozen.” “Little colt…” The mare started but change her words. “Tick Tock, what just happened?” I decided to tell them the truth, not the whole truth, I would save that for later. “This machine is called a time stasis pod.” Both of them look at me with confusion. They had no idea what a time stasis pod was and if I had not been inside it, neither would I. “A what?” said the Stallion. “This machine has the capability to freeze a pony for a selected amount of time. It has a timer for how long to freeze you which I changed to two months.” “That’s impossible! But if it is possible, how long were you in here for?” “275 years according to the timer.” Both ponies looked at me with shock. “Then you’re from the time before the mega spells!” The what? I said to myself and then I remembered the flames that had vaporised the professor, whose skeleton was still laying where he was 275 years ago.

“Actually, I saw it right in front of me. Why do you think the room was covered in soot or burnt, but we don’t have time! I set this device to freeze us for 2 months. Hopefully the ghoul pones will be gone.” Again the ponies look at me with shock. “Why so long Tick Tock?” said the stallion and I replied, “to make 100% sure that the ghoul ponies had gone! You said it may have taken weeks, now hopefully when we remove this board they will all be gone.”

We reached for the wooden plank and removed it. The room had looked the same as when I had been brought out of my slumber but the only change were the doors of the basement lying on the floor and there was not a ghoul pony in sight. I climbed out of the pod, followed by the stallion.

“They’re gone! By Luna! I can’t believe it! their all gone YAHH.” “Be quiet!” shouted the mare as she was the last to climb out. “They may still be around, we need to be quiet. “ She looked to me. “This may make us even, but you’re welcome to join us. We have a place you can stay. I really want to hear your full story and I’m sure you have some questions too.” I agreed. But now was not the time and they both thought the same.

We started to walk out of the room when I approached the remains of Professor Time. “I never answered your question. Yes I knew this pony. This was Professor Time and he was the pony who frozen me in time.” Both ponies were shocked to hear this. “It was not your choice.” I shook my head at her to say no.

The next thing I knew, I was being pulled into the hooves of the mare. “Don’t worry, your safe now.” Here I was. Being hugged by a complete stranger, but I was ok with it. After all, with all that I had just been through, a hug was a welcome to me.

After a moment of this, I decide to have another look at the remains of Professor Time. The part of his clothing that had remained turned out to be his lab coat pocket, which to my surprise still hade items in it.

I removed the items one by one. Inside were some pens which had been melted and fused together, a wallet with all the contents turned to ash and a device that I had never seen him with before. It looked like it was worn on a ponies hoof.

“That’s a very strange looking pip-buck!” said the stallion and I look at him in confusion. “I’m sorry! What’s a pip-buck?” And to answer my question, the stallion showed me his right front hoof. There, on his hoof was a similar device to the one I had.

”But from the look of that one I’d say it was custom made!” I looked at him and then to the pip-buck. I gave it a good look over and noticed a small amount of writing on the front. I said, ‘P.A.T’s Custom Pip-Buck.’ The stallion replied, “What does P.A.T stand for? I’ve never heard of anything like that with a pip-buck.” I replied, “It stands for Professor Alastair Time. He was a genius but he was also a jerk.” I got up and, using my magic to hover the pip-buck next to me, I turn to face them both. “Do either of you mind if I have this!” “Of course not” Said the Stallion “I already have my own and my mare friend does not like them”.

The moment of silence was broken. A sound that I never wanted to hear again was heard. It was far away but it brought us all back to reality. It was the scream of a Ghoul Pony.

“That’s it! Time to go. let’s go Tick Tock!” and without a second thought, I ran out of the room only looking back one last time to see the soot covered pod, the magic generator and then finally the skeleton of Professor Time before I turned back.

We ran all the way down the basement corridor and to the stairs that lead to the ground floor of Trottingham University. I wondered what this world would be like I thought to myself, but then, something came into my mind.

”By the way,” I said as we started to climb the stairs. “Yes?” said the mare in a kind and gentle voice. You could not tell that she was scared. “I never got your names!” “Oh my! How rude of us. Of course, well this.” pointing her hoof to the earth pony stallion. “This is Insert name here” At this I could not resist laughing and the stallion turned and walked right up to my face. I stopped laughing instantly. “Now we’re even Tick Tock.” and we both laughed at each other’s names.

“Hey! Keep it down you two. They’ll hear us.” The mare whispered and we both stopped laughing instantly. “Sorry!” I said. “That’s ok. It’s nice for Insert name here to have someone else to laugh with. But anyway, it’s Time for me. My name Is Fluttershy! Named after my Great Grand Mother.” “What?” I said in shock and I got a look from Fluttershy which I could tell meant keep it down. “I am the 4th generation of the Fluttershy Family. I’m Fluttershy the Second, but you can call me Fluttershy.” My jaw dropped.