• Published 31st Jan 2015
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Fallout Equestria: Broken Hearts - The Suave One

The Crystal Empire. A small kingdom, a large city, located in the Frozen North. The only ponies want to be there are feral ghouls, and everypony else is only there because they have no other choice.

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Prologue: Living The Lie

There comes a time in everyponies life where they realise they have had something wrong their whole life. Sometimes it is something simple, such as mispronouncing a word or mistaking the meaning of a word for another. Not very major and easy to fix. But there are also those, like me, who have been brought up to believe something, and then find out that they have been living a lie.
I suppose a bit of context may help. Many years ago, Equestria underwent a technological revolution. Equestrians started using electrical lights, fuel powered vehicles and so on. The only problem with this is that Equestria has very little in the way of natural resources, so Equestria developed the need to trade. They established their first and strongest trade routes with the homeland of the zebras, trading the quality gems so common in Equestria for coal, oil and other such fossil fuels. Then zebras started to complain they were getting the short side of the stick.

Equestria had become so used to a life of luxury that had been brought to them through the resources they got from the zebras that they couldn’t just drop trade, and those who were in charge thought that giving in would show weakness. They were so confident with themselves that the foolishly declared a war on the zebras, joking that it would only take week to pummel them into submission. But they were wrong. Soon Equestria was in the middle of war that it started.

It was too much for Princess Celestia, the ruler of Equestria. After a thousand years of peaceful rule, she wasn’t ready for a war and handed control of the country to her sister, Princess Luna. Luna then formed six ministries to help her run the country: the Ministry of Arcane Science (M.A.S), Ministry of Wartime Technology (M.W.T), Ministry of Morale (M.o.M), Ministry of Image (M.o.I), Ministry of Awesome (M.o.A) and the Ministry of Peace (M.o.P). In charge of these ministries she put six of Equestria’s biggest pre-war heroines: Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. And then there was the Office of Interministry Affairs (O.I.A), run by Goldenblood.

At first the ministries were focused on ending the war and protecting Equestria. Then Littlehorn happened. Zebra forces massacred the students and teachers of Luna’s personal school for talented unicorns. After that, they put everything into winning the war.

Some ponies knew that this would all end badly. One of these groups was Stable-tec, run by Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom and Scootaloo. Stable-tec built giant underground nuclear shelters in the event of a nuclear apocalypse. That day came, and the only survivors were those who made it to the shelters. The Stables closed, only to open when it was safe for the occupants to exit, which was around eighty years after the war. There was, however, a darker side to Stable-tec. Every Stable was a social experiment, used to create the best society for future Equestria, and to prevent another nuclear war.

My Stable was Stable 27, located on the Equestria/Crystal empire border. Before entering, the occupants of my Stable had to undergo a massive memory modification that made them believe that the reason behind the Stable was a massive disease that had wiped out much of the planet. It was in fear of this illness still being out there that made the Overmare over-ride the Stable door when it was scheduled to open, closing the Stable indefinitely. The machines in the Stable weren’t meant to last much more than eighty or ninety years, and the wear and tear finally caught up with them. And that is where I come in. This is how my story starts…