• Published 28th Oct 2013
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Fallout Equestria: Echoes of Chaos - Fallingsnow

Plenty of children grow up without parents in the wasteland, but what happens to the children of legends?

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Using the title name as an apology for the hiatus.

It took me a moment to reacquaint myself with the characters, but I'm excited to hear that this story is coming back. I sorely missed it.

Luckily, I wasn’t too late to catch Ash before he left. I knew he’d be at the armory, getting a team ready to go take out the dwellers I’d found. I’d seen cleanup teams before, but until recently I had never understood what the big deal was.

But then...

“Sorry, Ash just took a team down for cleanup. Flamethrowers and everything.” She put down the cloth that she’d been working into the stripped open weapon. “They should be in the tunnels by now. You just missed ‘em.”


Also, I feel that Echo is goddamn stupid. Must have used her Int score as a dump stat...


Right. Luckily wasn't the word I had meant to type there. Fixed it.

yay, good to see this back in action. Loved the chapter and cant wait for more :)


Luckily and wasn't, I believe you mean.

Because she still didn't get to them in time.


Dude. This shit is the tits. Some god-tier storytelling right here.




Thanks, glad to be updating again.

"Your fillyfriend is a spy."
"NO, SHE IS MY LOVER SISTER THIS IS ALL WRONG CTRL+Z DO-OVER also ow your talons kinda hurt HUGSQUEEZE ME TIGHTER wait wtf why is FLAMERBANGERLADY not dead anyway"
"No." Flyyy awaaay now~ Flyy away nowww~ Fly awaayyyyy~
Oh hey flew away. I WILL ASK THE OTHERS
"He's right there, one linebreak down. Don't miss him!"
"Hearts stood still when we first met. I thought we'd be together~"
Wait what didn't you fly away or something- oh darn I missed him again nevermind must be rave night. "MISTER GUY-I-CAN-MANIPULATE, CAN I OTP my OTP out of OTP JAIL"
"No, and if anything bad happens, I'm blaming her and sending her to the tartarusballpit for at least sixty minutes (times infinity)! And it will hurt like bulletspankings!"
"Yet you're using me for your own gain. Now I'll neve~r feeeel the same~"
Wait when did you even get back UNCLE GLOWSTICKS, MISTER GUY-I-CAN-MANIPULATE let me start a family without you anyway so this is the part where I move out and become/find my BIG DADDY my OTP has a crush on!
"I'm not even in town who are you even talking to? No the pipbuck is not filled with lewd photos"
"OKAY GIRLS LET'S GO GET INTO MORE TROUBLE AND HURT A LOT OF FOLKS BY PROXY except without the getting hurt part plz being burnt is ouchie"
"Stripefilly has stripes and is therefore going to lovetriangle our party so hard. But I promise I won't slit her throat, because the plot must be massive"
"GURL DID YOU CALL ME A FAT ZEEB IMMA STRANGLE YOU IN YOUR SLEEP i mean uh. sure I'll travel with you because I am in the goodguy positive karma faction LET'S GO"
And then I wrote a note to say sorry to the readers that I'm not supposed to know about and to all the mares and griffon we were going to get really hurt in our pursuit of plot BIG DADDY my OTP has a crush on or something because in the wasteland, heroes stay heroes! I think. The book of little pimping pickling Pipping was really long and I'm not that old so it's not like I read the whole thing but I'm sure that this can't possibly end in any bad way!
And then UNCLE GLOWSTICKS's 'filly just flubbed up' sense was tingling hardcore as the plot thickend.

Hooray for well-intentioned fill(y/ies)!
This will probably end in a lot of pain and bloodshed and explosions followed by disappointment. and never discovering the joy of an o
Anywho, lotsa discussions and new infos and stuff! And two chars immediately setting wrong first impressions! And stuffs! And tactical espionage filly action! And the return of Borkden! Neat!

At least now we know from Ash's trip that it is canonical that white coats do regularly participate in rave parties.

Awwww... Poor Shade and Fluster. For a fuck's sake! :applecry:
God damn it I waited new chapter of this shit so fuckin long. Write as much of this shit as you can pleeeeeaaaasseeee! :rainbowwild:

Well I broke. I was gonna wait for more to be released before I picked it up but it appears I'm to weak for that shit.
I love the story and the characters and I very much enjoy your writing style.
Only two real questions:
I thought Ash got his leg scythed off in the stable? I'm assuming I either read it wrong or he has some sort of prosthetic that Echo wouldn't think to comment on.
How did you manage to make Ziel sound and act like that one cousin we all have?

Also I'd like to point out that you've officially got me on the update train again, I blame/thank you for this. And as always keep up the wonderful work and may the fates smile on you.

“So I just wait here? Do you have anything to read, or am I stuck with this ball?”

She can read, huh? She's a cultured raider filly! :pinkiegasp:

Once I had Rose free… everything would work out.

Ahh. Still so damn naive. I, for one, don't really trust Rose. Sure, she helped Echo escape, and almost died in the process... but her actual reasons for that could be quite a bit different from just "because she's her sister". The fact she can read is another interesting factor in that... it probably means she wasn't just some slave.

That bird-brained meany. Fucker.

Language upgrade acquired! :yay:

“Cinder never lies about Ripple. It’s the one subject I know she’s truthful about… I could tell from the way she looked whenever she talked about him. That’s a look you can’t fake.”

Doesn't mean she can't be mistaken about Ripple :facehoof:

“Well…” She was making sense. If half of what Ash had told me about Ripple was true, he would be able to finally make Hornsmith safe.

Echo, you stupid naive filly :ajbemused:

If, and that was a big if, he was actually still alive somewhere. For all these years. Without making any effort to come home, or write, or send any sign at all.

Whew. Not that naive, at least.

Rose was wide-eyed and staring. She’d done little else since we’d gotten into my house. A few snide comments at my living situation, but then she saw the gun.

I wonder what's up with these snide comments at the living situation... not as if she had a ton of luxury where she came from, right? :unsuresweetie:

“Cinder tells it the same.”

I didn't figure the fake-princess as much of a person to tell stories to random foals. Who's Rose's mother, actually? :trixieshiftright:

I couldn’t stay in Hoof my entire life, hiding from the monsters I knew were out there.

And of course she's not doing the sensible thing and taking a few months of zebra martial arts training first :facehoof:

Well... if it all worked the way we wanted.

...she adds, to disguise her terminally stupid optimism :facehoof:

“What about Penance?” I pointed to the single labeled dot between Hornsmith and the rest of Equestria. “I hear it talked about, supposedly all the caravans go through there.”

Ooh. Chance of Ashred being a big part of this story: Increasing :yay:

It had really only been a night since I’d been in that street with Rose?

It's not like it was almost a year or anything. XD Seriously though, glad to see an update.


She can read, huh? She's a cultured raider filly! :pinkiegasp:

Tooooootallly not a "Read it and Weep" gag...img3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120211072734/mlp/images/9/95/FANMADE_Rainbow_Dash_playing_with_a_ball.gif

I really wanted to learn more after my ordeal had shown me just how unprepared I was for the wasteland, but that would come later, after I had dealt with some of my ands.

Friends? Aunts? Plans?

The "ands" thing refers to this:

I wanted Rose free of her little cell, and I wanted to spend more time with my mom, and I wanted to find out more about Ripple, and I wanted to learn to defend myself better, and… there were just too many ands.


If the Towers weren't finished then the Pegasi cant use them to grow food in the clouds right?
Then why they would keep the area cloudy?

Can't wait for the next chapter :)

Thanks. Fixed that error.

Is this story going to get an update...?

Is this story dead Snow? I'd like to find out what's up with ripple. And what happened to pandemonium.

It's on extended hiatus. I want to keep writing it, but it doesn't want to cooperate with me.

7280091 hang in there buddy! I have faith this story will be just as awesome as it's predecessor.:rainbowdetermined2:

Just finished Guise of Chaos in under a week. Haven't read this so far. I really hope to see it continued as I'm a big fan your work now (: good luck friend

dam why did you quit

Any updates snow? Still trying to start writing again?

My money is that ripple has slipped back into two kick rip. Please let them find him soon he needs to be with his family

Since you're not continuing this story, may I ask what you had planned for the plot? I'd just like to know what happens

I started reading GoC 4 days back, finished it and now we're here. Well, it was fun while it lasted.

Don't you hate it when your comments don't get a response?


Yeah, sorry everyone. I don't have any real excuses other than life keeps happening, and I'm just stuck on the story for some reason no matter what I try. It's still on my mind constantly, even three years later.

four years and nothing to show for it, this be dead people.

Oi, where's the story at?


Been thinking on this all day and now that I'm home I've decided. Either I'll have the next chapter out before christmas, or I'm calling it quits.

9320378 Well I sure goddamn hope you're not going to. Still waiting for her to find Rip. Goddamn alive, thank you very much

Good news at least, I got 1500 words down last night. Hopefully I don't fail myself and my readers. I've done enough of that these last few years.

That's great news actually! Thanks.

And she was never heard from again. RIP.

Very sad that you actually cancelled it. I fell in love with your story and when I saw that you made a sequel it really brightened up my day. Christmas is over and your promise of scrapping it is fulfilled. I hope someday you will rethink and maybe finish it. I understand, that this is exhausting and I am not demanding on anything. Either way, thank you for Two Kick and Ripple's story, I loved it. (@Fallingsnow)

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