• Published 17th Sep 2014
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Fallout Equestria: Days Long Gone - Raikage77

Back in the old world it was World War 3, then I ended up in this world, thinking it would be different. I was wrong. I geuss it really true what they say. War ...it never changes.

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Present Time-2: Ease On Down The Road

Present Time-2: Ease On Down The Road

"Out here you got to choices, ya fight, or ya die, and Ah'll tell you one thing, Ah Ain't dyin'."

The fire crackle softly, as the sounds of the mutated wild life could be heard far off in the distance in the forest near by. Our slaver turned traveling caravan had finally made it to the supply stop an hour ago, a few minutes after sunset; I packed up most of the food and medicine into the wagon, and kept the rest just encase I ended up coming back this way in the future and needed to restock like usual.

I was laying down on one of the makeshift cots, and the colt that I had talked to most of the walk here, named Milkspot, was sitting next to me on his own cot as the radio from my living room in the shack played tunes. It didn't work at first, but after changing the old spark-battery inside, the radio played like new.

No pony around the campfire said much. Well, everyone but Milkspot, who was telling me something about his dad. It was a quiet night, and I didn't really mind letting the kid speak his mind.

Looking up at the sky, I couldn't help but wish that I could see the moon and the stars, hell, I wished I could see the sun most days.

...Damn pegasi, the war's been over for the past two centuries, and they still didn't let up on the fuckin' cloud cover. What the hell were they scared of? Or did they just enjoy watching everyone on the surface in such a gloomy and depressed state. My mom used to always say 'the sunlight helps put people in a good mood', thinking of that now, it was no wonder the world got so bad after the megaspells went off.

Even so, ...this world still had some good qualities, they were just so damn hard to see past all the killing and fighting to stay alive day after day; you keep living like that, and soon you forget what true living is.

"-So dad saw I was in trouble and took out this huge gun. I can't remember it's real name, but dad called it 'Big Red'." The black and white colt continued, happily. "And he shoot the radigator right in the face, and the thing turned into sparkling dust! It was so cool! You should have seen it!"

"That quite the story, Milkspot," I said. "Your dad sounds like a really cool guy."

"Yeah ...he was. H-he died when the raiders attacked our town." Milkspot gave a sad sigh, and laid his head down on his fore-hooves. "I really miss him. The day before he died, dad said he was gonna teach me how to shoot Big Red. He even said that I could go radhog hunting when I was good enough at shooting a gun."

I lifted my hand, and gave the saddened colt a gentle pat on the head. "C'mon, now, I'm sure your dad misses you, too," I said, smiling a bit. "He died fighting to protect you from the raiders. All dads are like that ...at least, my dad was. Just remembered that even though he might not be here physically, he in your heart, and in your memory."

Milkspot smiled, sadly. "Thanks ...hey, mister Steven?"


"When we get to Baltimare, are the ponies there really going to take us in?"

I gave a nod. "Yep, I'm sure of it," I answered, confidently. "The town I'm taking you guys to, Newport, is just outside the Baltimare Ruins. They've been taking in ponies who've lost their homes since the day it was founded a few decades back. I'm sure they don't mind taking in a few more good folks."

"Oh, well that's good." The colt replied, "I'd hate for us to get all the way there, only to get turned away."

"Trust me, kid, that won't happen. I wouldn't be taking you all there if they'd do something like that." I flipped over on my back, and placed my hands under my head, still facing him. "Now, enough talk, let's just enjoy this calm night, huh?" Milkspot nodded, shifting a bit to get more comfortable on his cot.

The radio continued playing. When the next song ended, the radio stallion began to speak, his voice a smooth and cool tone, what you would only hear on the coolest of cool bucks.

"Hello out there, everypony and fateful listeners, this is Jazzy Fresh, speakin' to you from ma radio station in the town of New Port, giving you the news from here to Manehattan," he said, calmly, the sound of shuffling papers clear in the background. "Anyway, speakin' of news; it seems that the good ol' Stable that never opens: Stable Two, has opened up for the second time in a row this week. What the hell is goin' on down there, a broken water talisman, somepony runnin' away from home? Your guess is as good as mine, folks."

"And also, for all of you young ponies out there listenin', I can not stress this enough, stay out of the Baltimare subway lines. Those gates are closed for a reason, rather it's to increase your rep or show you've got the stones, it's not worth your life. And parents, watch your kids, we don't need anymore accidents." There was a loud sigh.

"Anyway, For our next song, we've got a special request from our favorite teacher, Ms. Blossom. Firefly Nights by Sweetie Belle and Lone Star, comin' right at cha." The song started off with a short piano and saxophone solo, then it sped up slowly when the lyrics started to play.

"Trotting down this silent street,
thinking of dreams that I once had.
Stories of lost love, hopeful,
even though I'm still feel so sad."

Then a southern accented male voice joined in.

"Thinkin' of dreams that were never truly mine.
Hope seems so far, an' then Ah see them shine.
Ah'm sittin' here alone."

Then they both sang together in duet.

"On this night, lit by fireflies.
Slowly, thinking of you again.
No matter how much I want to forget,
the times that we once shared."

I closed my eyes, the light cool breeze blowing at my face as I listened to the music. I remember meeting Lone Star back in pre-war Appaloosa, before he was a famous country singer. He was a distant cousin of the Apple family(not that it was much of a surprise, since their family was so big to begin with). Sweetie Belle and him had had a thing for a time, but it didn't last long. Even after the breakup, though, they still stayed good friends and even made music together. Eventually, Sweetie met somepony else, an old friend from our younger years in Ponyville.

He was quite the lucky stallion, I could honestly say.

The music was soothing, like a lullaby, and pretty soon I found myself falling asleep, but still very much alert of my surroundings.


When I sleep, I rarely dream.

Dreams are a sign that I got too comfortable when I'm suppose to stay on guard, and after that incident with the radroach that damn near ate my hand, I promised myself to never let it happen again.

So it was weird for me when I found myself falling down a dark tunnel, and a moment later, being literally spit out by a mouth into an upside down version of my home city back in my old world, Philadelphia.

I've had dreams similar to this before. The fact that it was happening again after all these months of being dream free, only pointed to one thing. The thing I dreaded the most.

He was visiting, again.

"Oh God, why me?" I uttered, rubbing my temple.

"Well, that should be quite obvious, don't you think," a cackling voice echoed through my dream-scape. I looked around, but still couldn't see him. "No, I'm not over there. To your left, you're getting hotter. No, no, to your other left. Now your getting colder."

I frowned. "I'm not playing these games with you, just come out already."

"And what would be the fun of that?" The voice said. "But, if you insist, just look up, or down, not that it ready matters."

I did so, and turned my head upward. Only to go completely still when I saw the barrel of a cannon pointed at my face. I blinked, then opened my mouth to speak.


I didn't get a word out. All I got was a face pull of dessert treats, a pie sliding down my face as the one responsible laughed from just behind the cannon, his lion paw holding the string attached to the back of the cannon. My eye twitched. I didn't feel like this right now. Was one night of peace too much to ask for?

"That was hilarious~! You should see your face!" Tossing the pink cannon to the side as if it weighted nothing at all, he continued to laugh. I just starred at him. A moment later, the idiot finally decided to calm down. "Oh, come on, there's no need to stare at me with such animosity, dear boy," he appeared over my shoulder in a flash of light, curling his body around my neck like a scarf. "I'm just stopping in for a visit."

"Why are you here," I muttered. I cocked my fist back to hit him in the face, but he was gone before I could even do it. "And how many times have I told you? Say. Out. Of my head!"

The being appeared in front of me, a sly grin on his face as he floated there on a hammock being suspended by candy canes. I really hated him. His mismatched body, his lion paw, goat leg and eagle talon. Discord was a true pain in the ass, and his pranks were even more so(even if it was just inside my head). The worse part was that I was the only one he could torment to any degree.

"How many times? ...Well, I'll admit, I never really keep count anymore. It got boring after one-hundred." Discord said in thought. He glanced over at me and frowned. "And what is with those clothes, so dull, and gray. Let me fix that for you." He snapped his eagle claws and a flash appeared on me, replacing my frosting covered clothes with something different.

I frowned, glancing down at the tight fit clown suit I was now wearing. One side yellow, and the other side was bright red, with huge buttons and a badge of the draconequus' face over my heart. The same suit I wore when he turned me into that Godforsaken jester version of me, and I almost hurt twilight and the others.

"Ah~ much better."

"What do you want, Discord?" I asked, glaring.

He gave me a fake look of hurt, placing a paw over his heart(if he even had one). "You wound me, Steven. Is it not normal for a friend to visit a friend?"

"We're not friends," I stated plainly.

Discord made an expression of shocked realization, as he began to slowly float around me. "Oh, because I'm the enemy, right? I'm the one who fought in a war that turned an entire country into a wasteland. I'm the one who failed so many. I'm the one who got their subjects killed ...no, wait," the draconequus stopped just in front of me and casually pointed a claw. "That was you, you and your friends. Oh, and let's not forget the princesses." He grinned. "Ya know, I'm really starting to wonder who the real villain is here."

"Shut up! You don't know a damn thing!" I didn't want to hear about my failure to save those I cared about from him! I tried ...I really did.

Discord chuckled. "I don't, huh?" He said, before shrugging. "You may be right. Though, you must admit it is funny ...in a almost sad way." He teleported next to me in a flash, tossing his lion pawed arm over my shoulder. I would have tried to punch him again, but what he said next really struck something inside me.

"Such a heartbreaking tale, Luna did something that even I, with all my power, could not do. Break apart the Elements of Harmony, and she didn't even know it. Twilight Sparkle ending her friendship with the Element of Laughter because of drugs, Lil' Dashie against poor, defenseless Fluttershy, absolutely no trust. And, tell me this, when was the last time you visited Fluttershy's tree, or your daughter, even?"

"I don't need you bringing up what happened or what I haven't done," I muttered.

"Fine, then at least answer me this, why do you still go around saving ponies? You said a long time ago that you don't care anymore, and yet you still try and fight for the innocent, why?" The sound in Discord's voice told me that he was truly curious.

So I answered him. Not sure why, but I did. "Because, I want to make up for those I couldn't save back then," I said, sadly. "Even if it's only a few ponies."

"You know, you could save them," Discord said, grinning. "Everypony that died. If you do one simple thing."

I turned my head, glaring at him. "I'm not setting you free. The world is bad enough as it is, I won't be responsible for adding you to Wasteland's list of problems."

"Okay, alright, fine." Discord pouted like a child, and gently began to float upwards. The funny thing was he actually had the nerve to look annoyed. "Be that way, but I will break out eventually. And Much sooner then you think."

"...What are you talking about? You'll be stuck in stone for the next eight-hundred years!"

"Yes, that is quite true, under normal circumstances," Discord smiled. Unlike the last time, though, it was almost evil. "But you see, there has never been an era like that of the Equestrian Wasteland in pony history. This is even worse then when the three tribes were fighting each other; so much death and violence, what would you say that is?"

I starred at him. I had no idea what Discord was getting at, but I didn't like it. "Mayhem, complete and utter mayhem."

"In other words: chaos. The very thing that I get power from."

The realization of what he was trying to say dawned on me. He got energy from chaos, and almost every thing about the wasteland was chaos! "W-wait, your not saying that-?" Discord laughed, curling his body around my arms and torso (a little bit too tightly I must add), pointing me on me cheek with his claw.

"That's right, dear boy. You were there the last time I got free, when your little friends were fighting in front of my statue. The chaos they gave off, gave me the last bit of energy I needed to escape my stone imprisonment, so just imagine how much energy I'm getting now," Discord said. "If things continue how they are, I'll give myself two or three-hundred year until I'm at my strongest."

"We'll have new Elements by then, we'll put you right back in stone."

"Oh, I highly doubt that you'll find anyone with the ability to use the elements," Discord said, smugly. "But by all means, try, you've got a few centuries. So, take your time." He grinned at me, as his body slowly began to dissolve from his goat and dragon leg on up. "Speaking of time, looks like mine is up for now. But rest assured that when I do break free, stronger then ever, the first one I'll visit is you. Then we'll spread chaos around the entire world as king and jester, just like before."

"Not gonna happen," I spat.

"We will see, won't we. Until next time, dear boy, and do keep an open mind for me, having to knock down so many walls to get in here is quite annoying~!" And with a wave, he was gone in burst of sparkling, pink dust.

"Mister Steven! Mister Steven!"

And now someone was trying to wake me up, just great. The voice was distant, but it was clear enough to hear. My dream world began to shatter, then it was all gone.


"-ister Steven! Mister Steven!"

I opened my eyes, groaning, starring at the colt who had been shaking my body, his fore-hooves pressed against my torso. "I'm up, I'm up," I said, tiredly as I sat up. "What is it?"

"Well, you were tossing and turning in your sleep. You were talking pretty loud, too."

"Oh, sorry," I said, yawning. "Did I wake you up?"

"Yeah ...what were you dreaming about, anyway? You sounded like you were fighting someone," the black and white colt asked, tilting his head slightly to the side.

I sighed. There was no way in hell I was about to tell a little kid I was talking to Discord, of all things. "I was being swarmed by a bunch of radroaches, without a weapon. I hate those things ...all bugs, actually." What I said was partly true, I did have a slight fear of radroaches. And who wouldn't, they're freakin' huge! A shiver went down my back, just thinking of them gave me goosebumps.

"I hate radroaches, too," Milkspot admitted, smiling shyly, making circles with his hoof in the dirt. "But my dad, he used to make the best radroach stew in the entire town; Ms. Morning Glow knows how to make it, too, I bet she won't mind whipping some up if you ask her."

If my skin tone was a bit lighter, I might have turned green. "I think ...I'll pass, not much of a bug person, remember." Shaking my head to rid myself of the distasteful image of roach stew(hairy twitching legs and all), I looked at the time on my PipBuck. It was close to four in the morning, which meant I had been asleep for a good six hours. But, I was still tired, and from the yawn Milkspot gave, so was he.

"Go back to sleep, Milkspot," I said gently, lifting the colt and placing him back on his cot. "I'll wake you for breakfast. Maybe even tell you a few stories later."

"Okay." Milkspot crawled under my cloak he was using as a blanket, and sighed. "Good night, Mister Steven."

"G'night, kid." I laid back down on my cot, starring at the campfire. It was much lower then it had been when I had drifted off to sleep. Still, it gave off enough warmth to be comfortable.

Laying there, I couldn't help but think: if I had tried harder, if I had watched the ponies that were under me better, the world won't be the way it was today. Milkspot would be doing what colts and fillies are suppose to do; going to school, making friend and forming bonds. Not having to worry about slavers and raiders.

I wished I could go back. Change things for the better.

A lot of ponies know about the zebras megaspells being fired off on The Last Day. But, what most didn't know was that the zebras didn't start it first, and that memory ...that guilt, forever haunts me to this day.