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Fallout Equestria: Days Long Gone - Raikage77

Back in the old world it was World War 3, then I ended up in this world, thinking it would be different. I was wrong. I geuss it really true what they say. War ...it never changes.

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Memory-2: What's Worth Fighting For

Memory-2: What's Worth Fighting For

"There's no such thing as true peace, if it were then the world wouldn't be the way it is now. Peace is just a word, nothing more."

About two months have past since Princess Luna's birthday, and within that time the school for young unicorns had been built; there were a couple of papers I had to sigh, along with around eighty bits to hold Rose Blossom's spot in the school. The princesses were even nice enough to give me a pretty generous discount on the bits that needed to be paid, so while others paid around one-hundred and ninety to two-hundred bits, I paid a lot less.

Luna's school was more like a boarding school, then anything else. The colts and fillies who attended would practically live there for weeks at a time, being taught by Equestria's best magic users, learning spells that would not only make life easier, but make it so they were well equipt to handle themselves in hostel situations.

If there's one thing that I learned from both the Discord incident, and the war with the zebras, it's that you can never be too prepared.

A while later, and the day finally came; Rose Blossom would be heading off to school, and the little filly couldn't be happier. We were sitting at the table like we did every morning, enjoying breakfast, and Rose was going on and on about how much fun her time at school would be.

"-The book said that I would learn so many spells!" Rose Blossom said, as she dug into her cucumber salad. "And if I'm good enough, I'll even get my own dragon, then I can send messages back and forth to the Princess, just like auntie Twilight does!"

"I'm sure your time at school will be great, baby girl," I chuckled. I was eating my food at a considerably slower pace. "But, eat your food a little slower, I don't want you to choke."

The levitating fork stopped in midair between her month and plate. "Oh ...that would be bad, huh," she uttered, letting the fork full of food float to her mouth a bit slower. It was quiet for a bit, before she said anything. "Dad," she began. "While I'm off at school, are you going to be okay here by yourself?"

I smiled. "Of course, why wouldn't I be," I asked. It was true that I would miss her, but what parent didn't miss their children when they went off someplace.

"I ...I just don't want you to be lonely, that's all."

Lonely, huh? Truth be told, it would get pretty lonely being in this house by myself. If I had to choose, I'd send her to a different school to learn magic, or better yet, get a tutor. But, Celestia and Luna were so nice about letting her go ...and Rose herself would be sad if I changed my mind all of a sudden.

So I just told her what I thought she wanted to hear. "Sweetie, everything will be fine. Sure, I'll miss you, but I'll have friends to keep me company," I said with a smile, reach my hand over the table and light touching her hoof. "You go to school, and do what you have to do, and become the best unicorn you can be, alright?"

Nodding, Rose Blossom smiled widely. "You can count on me, Daddy! I'll be the best unicorn in Equestria and make you proud!"

"I'm already proud of you, Rose. Nothing you do could make me anything less." I turned my head, checking the time of the wall clock: eight-thirty five was what it read. "It's almost time go, we don't want you to be late for the train."

"That would be so uncool, missing the train on the first day. I'd be a laughing stalk!"

"Then I suggest we hurry along with breakfast."


Rose Blossom pick up her pace, going back to her speed eating, completely forgetting what I'd told her a few moments ago. I shook my head and sighed. I really was going to miss having her around the house; but this was her education we were talking about here. When it came do to it, that was one of the most important things in a child's life.

After breakfast, I washed the dishes, while Rose ran up stairs to get herself ready. Her suitcases were already near the door, filled with things she would be needing in the following weeks. Rose came back down stairs a few minutes later; I was waiting at the door.

She was magically brushing a brush through her curly mane as she trotted down, but couldn't quite get it right.

I smiled, knelling down next to the filly. "Let me see that, sweetie." She levitated the brush to me, and I used it the straightened her hair slightly to one side. Her hair was longer when it was straightened out, going a bit past her eyes. "And, done."

"Do I look okay," she asked, a nervous look on her face.

I placed the brush into her saddlebag, and gave a nod. "You look fine, Rose," I answered, then adding a moment later. "How about you take one more ride on my shoulders, huh?"


I placed her on my shoulders from behind, her hid-legs hanging in front of me. Rose had her fore-hooves wrapped around my Afro, giggling as she nuzzle it like a pillow. It would get messed up, sure. But it was easily fixable with a pick. I lifted up her two suit cases in one hand, then stood and opened the door with the other.

"You ready to head out, sweetie?" I asked. I felt her give a nod, and I opened the door, stepping out into the front, before locking the door behind me. "Make sure you hold on tight."

"Okay, isn't this gonna mess up your hair?"

"Don't worry, I'll fix it later."

The walk to the train was, as expected, uneventful. Though, we did talk; I went on as we strolled down Mane Street, telling Rose about my first year in high school. The kids I met and friends I had got in trouble with, both old and new. Even the time we started a food fight, and almost got suspended.

I quickly told her afterward not to do what I did. That she could still have fun without getting into trouble and making a mess of things. She giggled, promising she would be on her best behavior.

When we got to the train station, we had made it just in time to catch the princess starting her speech for the crowd of parents, colts and fillies. There were even a few news reporters there as well. I took notice that unlike all the other times I'd seen her, Princess Celestia was no where to be seen. The only one that was here, were Princess Luna and a handful of lunar guards.

She was usually asleep during the day, then again, this was the opening of her school, so it made sense that Luna would be here rather then Celestia.

Luna was standing on a stage made outside of the station. Everyone listened to her as she spoke, the steam from the train could be seen just ahead over the station roof.

"Our follow ponies," the blue alicorn mare began. "We would like to thank you for coming out and being apart of this wonderful day, for today, Luna's school for gifted unicorns officially opens." The ponies clopped there hooves on the ground, and I just clapped softly along. Luna waited for everyone to stop before she continued. "We know that it has been hard on everypony, with this struggle with the zebras and the short on resources. Our sister would have been here today as well, had it not been for paper work keeping her busy. But know that she also gives you all her thanks."

"But even through all this hardship, we ponies will stand strong and overcome this time like we have countless times before. From Nightmare Moon, to Discord, we have always managed to overcome somehow. Now it is time for us to teach the next generation of ponies, what we have learned in the past, and will continue to learn for generations to come. How to be kind, how to be gentle, generous, happy and loyal, but most of all, how to be strong."

"Once again, we thank you all for coming, and wish the colts and fillies the best of luck." As her speech finished, the applause began again, only this time louder.

When everything settled, it was time for the children to board the train. I walked into the station with the other parents, sending a smile to Princess Luna as I passed her, Rose giving her a cheerful wave from her spot on my shoulders, which Luna returned.

I handed Rose Blossom's luggage to the earth pony never the train, then took her off of my shoulders and put her back on her own four hooves.

I knelled down to her level, my smile turning slightly sad. My little girl was going off on her own for the first time, this wasn't like the time she spent a week at the Sweet Apple Acres with Apple Bloom, I knew she'd watch her, but now she was going to have to take care of herself.

Maybe I was just being over protective. "Rose, take care of yourself, ya hear" I started, my voice wavering a bit. "Be good, listen to your teachers, and if someone tries to start a fight with you, do what I would do."

She grinned. "You mean, talk about their mom, and knock em' flat," Rose Blossom replied.

"What? No! Absolutely not," I shook my head. "I mean what I would do in a work environment."

"Ooh ...you mean tell em' to stop, and if they don't, tell someone."

"Yep, that's the one."

The train's whistle went off, and a pony shouted out. "All aboard!"

Rose Blossom hopped up, wrapping her fore-hooves around my neck as she nuzzled my cheek. "I'm gonna miss you, dad. I'll make you proud."

"I know you will, Rose." I pulled back and kissed her on the forehead. "Don't forget to write, and if you forgot something, let me know, I'll send it to you as soon as I can."


We parted after that. Rose Blossom ran onto the train, following after the other colts and fillies. I stood there silently, watching as the train pulled off; Rose stuck her head out one of the windows and waved.

"Bye, dad! I'll be back before you know it!"

I waved back, the train going into the distance. Well ...there she gos, I guess, didn't make feel much better, though. I'm just glad she's happy, that's all I can ever ask for.

"Steven." I turned around, seeing Luna standing there with two of her lunar guards. She smiled at me, "would you like to join us for tea? We are sure it will take your mind off things."

"Uh." It's not like I had anything to do at the moment, I thought with a sigh. I didn't have a reason to refuse. "Sure, why not. Lead the way, princess." And off we went, though I couldn't help but cast a glance in the direction the train had gone in.


The week and a half that past afterward was tough. I'd work and go out, find things to occupy my time, I even tried fishing. But, I soon ran out of things to do. So, I decided it was time to visit Ponyville again, I hadn't been there in some time and I really missed the tiny town.

The day after I made up my mind, I caught the train heading to the rural town.

The town hadn't changed at all since the last time I had been here three years ago. It never occurred to me to visit often, but now that I was back, smelling that fresh air, and running into a few familiar ponies, I was happy that I came.

Ponyville was a place where you could get a lot of exercise, rather it be jogging, racing or swimming; my favorite thing to do though, however, was apple picking, which was exactly what I was doing now on the Apple family farm.

Of course, I had a bit of help.

"Hey, Mac, I'm done over here!" I picked the last two apples at the top of the tree, and held them over the side, dropping them into the basket. "You done with that last tree, yet?"


There was a loud thud from the tree next to mine, followed by the sound of apples falling into the baskets around the trees trunk. I stood up on my branch, keeping myself balanced with the tree trunk, looking at the hills of apple trees. When I first appeared in Equestia, this was where I stayed. I helped out around the farm, picking apples and such, even made me a few bits doing it.

I smiled, and began my climb down the tree, jumping off into a tuck and roll when I got down from to the last branch. I picked up the huge basket of apples, then me and Big Macintosh started towards the barn.

Like his siblings, Big Macintosh, or Mac, as I called him, was an earth pony. He had green eyes and a red coat, with an orange mane and short cut tail. Being as silent and soft spoken as he was, there were a few times when I thought he was mute; I learned a while back that Big Mac didn't make nonsense talk, if he had something to say, he said it, if he didn't, then he stayed quiet. Plain and simple as that.

"So, Mac, I forgot to ask, but hows Cheerilee," I asked, suddenly during our walk. The barn was just coming into view. "Last I heard from Applejack, you two had a foal together."

"Eeyep," Big Mac said, with a sort of pride in his voice. "She's our lil' Cranberry Apple."

"Really, well congratulations, Mac! How old is she?"

"'Bout three going on four months. Ah'll tell ya, she's a handful."

"Aren't they all, though." I stated, smiling at the wheat chewing stallion. "Rose was the same way, I mean, she was five, but still it's hard raising kids." Stopping for a moment, I continued. "When I think about it now. I can't help but wonder how I even did it."

"Well, it don't take a genius t' see that ya loved th' little filly," Mac said, before giving a small grin. "'Sides, who knows, maybe that's yer special talent."

"Hmm ...maybe, if I were a pony. But how would you even find something like that out." We finally reached the barn, dropping the baskets in front of the apple cellar. "What would a good father cutie mark even look like?"

"Beats me," was all Mac had to say.

Today was calm, like most days. Back in my own world, things were always hectic. It got worse when New york got nuked; after that, it was all out war, and nothing was going to calm the people's thirst for revenge except blood.

"Mac," I began, bringing up a topic we hadn't talked about in a while. "Are you still planning on joining the military?"

Mac gave a nod, spitting out his old piece of wheat. "Since Cranberry Apple was born, Ah had t' think about it long an' hard. But if worse comes t' worse, t' protect Ponyville from them zebras, then yes, Ah am." No 'Eeyep', no 'maybe', he said 'yes'. From that alone it was easy to see how serious he was. Mac turned towards me. "What about you, ya asked me fer a reason, right?"

I sighed, nodding. "I've never really been the type of person to run head on into danger. My dad ...back at home when the war started, he was the first one in my family to join the army. He was just a simple cook, never thought about fighting a war in his life," I said, looking down at the grass covered ground. "When I asked him why, he said it was to protect us, to make sure we stayed safe. I guess, that now that I have Rose Blossom, I understand a bit of what he was saying."

"Yer pop sounds like he was a good stallion," Mac commented.

I smiled, slightly amused at my dad being called a stallion. "Yeah ...he was. You know something I've always wondered, though, for a long time?"


"Did we win the war, how did it end, and most of all," I looked up at the sky. "Did dad ever make it back home."