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Fallout Equestria: Days Long Gone - Raikage77

Back in the old world it was World War 3, then I ended up in this world, thinking it would be different. I was wrong. I geuss it really true what they say. War ...it never changes.

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Memory-1: The Princess's Birthday

Memory-1: The Princess's Birthday

"If I could go back and do it all over again, I would. But, even if I did, would it really change anything?"

I let out a groan when I felt a sudden weight hit my body. For most, this would have been unexpected, but for me it was the way I'd been woken up every now and then for years, so I'd come to expected it.

"Dad! Dad! Come on, wake up! Daddy!" A girlish voice exclaimed in glee.

Between the creaking of my bed, and the four small hooves jumping up and down on my back, I had no choice but to wake up and face the day. Groaning, I began pushing myself up, the filly hoping off my back as I flipped over and sat up in the bed.

I brought my hand to my mouth, yawning, and wiping the sleep from my eyes. I really hated mornings, which was one of the reasons why I was glad I had an afternoon job. But, today I had the day off.

As annoyed as I was, I couldn't help but send a smile to the small unicorn filly who stood at the edge of my bed. Her coat and small horn wine red, and her curly mane a beautiful shade of hazel brown, and eyes light green. My wonderful daughter whom I had adopted back when I was younger, around age nineteen going on twenty, from Celestia's Orphanage of Canterlot.

"Rose Blossom, how many times do I have to tell you," I began, not a single hint of annoyance in my voice. "People don't like it when people wake 'em up like that, it's rude."

"But, I'm not a person, Daddy. I'm a pony," Rose Blossom stated with a smile. I let out a sigh; she was right, when it came down to it, I was the only one of my kind in this country ...the only human in this world full of colorful, magical creatures.

Rose Blossom must have noticed the expression on my face change, because her smile dropped. She trotted over to me, and nuzzled my cheek, apologizing. "I'm sorry, Dad. I didn't mean to make you sad, again."

My mouth formed a sad smile, as I rubbed her mane. "I'm not sad, Rose, I'm just a little tired, that's all."

She looked up into my eyes. "Are you sure?"

I nodded, my smile becoming slightly bigger. "I'm sure, sweetie." That was a lie, but I didn't want her worrying about me. The truth was that I was sad. Even though I had lots of friends in this world, it got lonely, being the only one of your kind. No one to relate to physically. It was one of the reasons why I adopted Rose Blossom, she was one of the things that helped shave away the loneliness and grief of missing my family, missing my old friends. But sometimes it was hard not to feel it, wrapping around me like a cold blanket.

"So, Rose, what did you wake me for?" I asked, glancing over at the clock. It was only ten-forty five, and though I wanted to go back to sleep, it wouldn't be much use since my alarm was set to go off in fifteen minutes. "We've got all day to go shopping, you know. The party's not until later on."

"I know, but I really, really wanted to show you something," the filly said, bouncing with excitement.

I grinned. "Really now?"

"Mm-hmm~!" Rose Blossom nodded. "I was reading that book on magic auntie Twilight gave me last week, and I finally got a spell done."

"Alright, Rose. Let me see."

Rose gave another nod, and turned towards the nightstand. Pointing her horn at it, face scrunched in concentration, her horn started to give a red glow, and that same glow surrounded the alarm clock. A moment later, it slowly and shakily rose, stopping a few inches above the nightstand's wooden surface.

"Look, you see dad," she said, happily, turning to me, horn aglow. "I can do levitation now, just like all the grownups!"

I beamed at her and clapped, pride swelling in my chest. She been trying to do this for the past week and a half, and now she finally got it. "Good job, Rose! I'm so proud of you, kiddo!" I congratulated, picking her up and hugging her.

Rose Blossom hugged me back, giving a small giggle. "Thanks, daddy."

I placed her back down on the bed, smiling. "Tell you what, since you did such a good job, how about I make your favorite breakfast. How does that sound?"

Rose Blossom cheered in delight as she hopped in circles on my bed, chanting. "Yay~! Strawberry pancakes! Strawberry pancakes!"

I chuckled, stopping her with my hand before she could bounce up again. "Okay, okay. You can stop, Rose," I said. "Why don't you go downstairs and let me get cleaned up." It wasn't really a question, but all the same, Rose nodded and happily trotted out the room.

I swung my feet over the edge of the bed, and reached under my pillow, grabbing my black power fist pick and started to fix my flattened hair. My Afro wasn't huge, but it was getting there, rather slowly if you ask me. I remember years back, when I'd first ended up in this world, with nothing but the clothes on my back and a backpack full of textbooks.

The first night I slept in the guest room of the Apple family's farm house in Sweet Apple Acres; I got a lot of laughs the next morning (more so from Apple Bloom then anyone else because of my bedhead) but it was easily fixed with some water and a pick.

After finishing my hair, I stood and walked into the bathroom. I brushed my teeth, washed my face, and made sure my hair was fixed right. Then I went downstairs to and began cooking breakfast for both me and Rose Blossom.

As I cooked, flipping pancakes over the stove, I singed a tune from one of my favorite bands back in my original home world.

I still remember the night you tried to kiss me through the window.
I tried to settle for the taste of touching glass over the sound of
answering machines, because I love the way your voice
it says it's gonna get back to me someday.
As I brace my knees you hold me down with your eyes.

Someday I'll drive, close both my eyes.
We'll swim in circles in the blue lights,
it's gonna be the best day of my life.

"Dad," Rose Blossom interrupted, before I could continue the next verse. "Today, what do you think we should get for a present? I can't think of anything."

I put a finger to my chin in thought, then shrugged. "You know, I can't think of a thing to get Luna, either. What do you suppose would be a good gift for an thousand year old alicorn?" It was like having to get a gift for a vampire, only I think for a vampire, it would be much easier to choose.

Rose Blossom didn't seem to have an answer. "Um ...maybe, something moon related. I mean, Princess Luna likes the stars and stuff, right?"

"Well, of course." I chuckled, taking out the finished pancakes and adding more mix to make others. As they cooked, I bent down and checked the haybacon that was in the oven; I didn't eat hay, but when you have a filly who loves it as much as Rose, you learn to cook a lot of pony cuisine. "She is the Princess of the Night after all. It's apart of her job."

I put on a pair of oven mitts and took out the bacon. "But, how about we eat first. We have all day until we need to be at the castle, anyway."

"Okay," Rose Blossom said. "I can't wait to show everypony I can levitate things now!"

I chuckled. "I know you can't, Rose."

When breakfast was done, we both ate at our small circular table made for four, we never got many visitors, unless you count the picnics in the backyard, or the crusaders reunion. Rose Blossom was like a black hole, she could eat you out of house and home if you let her. But, I didn't mind, there was never an issue when it came to food.


The streets of downtown Canterlot were packed with ponies, either going about their daily work route, or shopping at the many food stands in the market place that we passed by.

Back when I had first ended up in this world, I got a lot of stares whenever I'd go outside, even in Ponyville. I found it quite strange to see ponies doing things like fixing houses or delivering mail, and I still wasn't quite used to them talking back then.

Thing was that the same way I found them strange, they found me strange as well, and some even feared me because of my ''weird'' appearance. Until Princess Celestia told them all they had nothing to fear from me.

Now I could walk outside without much problem, I still got stared at sometimes by ponies who had yet to see ''The Human Of Equestria'', but that didn't stop me from smiling and waving.

As I walked, wearing a blue button up shirt and a pair of dark jeans (thanks to my friend Rarity for making an exact copy of what I'd wore back then, as well as other clothes in my wardrobe) Rose Blossom rode on my shoulder, looking over the colorful crowd.

"Hey, daddy, look!"

It was at some point when we could see our destination just a few cobblestone blocks away, that I ran into someone ...somepony that I hadn't seen for almost over a year.

The mare's multi-colored burgundy and light pink mane was cut to one side, and her tail had grown out slightly longer then the last time I'd seen her. She had tanned brown fur, light green eyes and three freckles on each cheek; she was trotting towards us at jogging pace, and had on a pony version of a sweatshirt and pants.

It was only when she got closer, that she finally took notice of me. "Well I'll be darned," she said in a heavy Bronx accent, coming to a stop in front of me and Rose Blossom. "It's been a while, long time no see, Steven."

"Babs Seed, it's good to see you again," I said, smiling down at the mare. "What have you been up to? You didn't come to the last CMC reunion last month."

"Yeah ...sorry about that. I had a few things I need to take care of." Babs Seed said apologetically, blowing her mane-bang out of her eye. "As for what I've been doing, mostly training and such. You know I've got to stay at my best if I'm gonna keep ma hooves on the title."

I gave a nod. "As expected from the champ," I stated. Babs grinned, then turned her attention to the filly on my shoulder.

"And, Rose Blossom? I barely noticed you," Babs Seed said, playfully. "Ya look a lot bigger then the last time I saw ya."

Rose Blossom giggled, and waved a hoof at the mare. "Hi, Ms. Bad Seed!"

"Hey now, it's Babs Seed, not Bad Seed, little filly," Babs said.

Rose giggled again. "I know that, silly," she said, smiling. "Dad was telling me yesterday about the time you first met."

"Oh, did he know," Babs said, sending me a playful glare.

I smirked, and put up my hand that I wasn't using to hold Rose in mock defense. "Come on, I wasn't the one who started acting like a bully, Babs."

Babs Seed blew at her mane and pouted. "You aren't gonna let me live that down, are ya? I was nine."

I shrugged. "True, but the girls did make a pretty catchy song in honor of your bullying," I stated. A moment later, Rose Blossom started singing.

Babs Seed, Babs Seed, what we gonna do?
Got a bully on our tail
gotta hide, we gotta bail
Babs Seed, Babs Seed-!

"Alright, alright, you can stop singing," Babs Seed interrupted. She looked up at me. "You taught her the song, too?"

"What, it's just a song," I said.

Babs shook her head at me. "Whatever. Anyway ... I've gotta run. Finish up this roadwork then head on back to the gym." She said as she started trotting past us. "Maybe we can hangout sometime, get coffee or somethin'."

"Sure, I'd like that. And don't be a stranger, come by the house anytime," I said, smiling. She sent me a nod and picked up her trot, slowly disappearing into the crowd of ponies.

Babs Seed, one of my closest and oldest friends, she had come a long way from the blanked flanked filly I had grown up with in my teen years. Now, she was a champion pro-boxer (a relatively new sport in Equestria, and even somehow had gotten the same name. There were always an odd number of things in this world that were similar to my old one, like guns) and even had the cutie mark for it, in the form of two boxing gloves on each flank.

"We should get going now, dad," Rose Blossom said into my ear.

I gave her a nod and resumed walking. "Right, we still have to get Luna a gift, and buy you a dress for tonight," I said, before smiling. "It was really good to see Babs again, don't you think, sweetie?"

"Yeah," Rose answered. She was quiet a moment, then added. "I hope she can teach me some of her awesome boxing moves~!"

I chuckled. "We'll have to see about that. But, I'm sure she won't mind."


it was around seven o' clock when we made it to the castle, before that we had stopped at home to change into something nice. I was wearing a black suit with a white button up shirt underneath, and black dress pants and shoes. As for my adorable little angel, Rose Blossom was wearing a dark green dress with a bow in the back of it. Unlike me, who kept the same hair style as always, her hair was put into a ponytail, with one bang hanging over her right eye.

As for a gift: we ended up getting Luna a crescent moon pendent, made from a blue gem stone. Quite a few bits went into it, but it was worth it.

We were greeted by two guard ponies who kept watch over the front gate.

"Sir Steven," the one on the right greeted with a nod. "How are you this fine evening?"

"I'm well, and you two?"

"We're fine," the unicorn mare on the left said. "We had to arrest some earth pony last night, other then that, nothings changed."

"Really, what did the earth pony do?"

"Trying to smuggle drugs from the zebra nation into Canterlot," she answered. "He has been brought in for questioning. But he won't say a word about who he's working for, or where he got them."

Great. Even in this world, you have to worry about drug problems. "I'm sure he'll spill the beans, eventually." I said, smiling at the two. "Good job catching him, though, that's one less drug dealer on the streets selling their poison."

"It's no problem, it's our job after all. But thank you for the kind words." The unicorn mare's horn glowed and the gate to the castle opened with a soft squeal. "Please go on in, sir, the princesses are waiting for you."

I gave them a nod and walked down the pathway, while Rose Blossom shot them a smile, waving, as she skip-trotted behind me.

The inside of the palace hadn't changed much since the last time I had been here, which was around a few months ago, give or take. There were some new vases and such, one being an large slim blue with gryphon cultural art, that looked like something you'd fine in ancient Greece.

"Hmm ...Celestia seems to really like painting that depict history," I mused, looking over the vase as we went by. "Don't you think so, Rose?"

I didn't get an answer.

"Rose?" I turned, calling her name. She wasn't there, the corridor behind me was completely empty. I remember all the times I'd gotten lost in the halls of the palace, even now there were parts of it I had yet to see. If she wondered off somewhere when I wasn't looking-. "Rose! ...Rose Blossom!"

Alright, now I was starting to get worried. I searched both sides of the hall, then turned back around.

...Only to find myself nose to muzzle with a pink face!


"Ahhh!" I stumbled back in fright and fell on my butt, hard. "Ow, jeez! What the hell, Pinkie Pie!"

The cotton candy maned mare went into one of her giggle, snorting fits, floating with a ton of balloon tie to her. There was also laughing coming from overhead, I turned my head up and saw the second culprit of the prank.

"Ah ha ha~! Wow, Steven, you are just too easy to get!" It was rainbow maned mare, Rainbow Dash, and in her forehooves she held Rose Blossom, who was laughing it up, too.

I sucked my teeth and pouted, gather myself off the ground. "That's not funny, I was starting to worry."

"Aw c'mon, big guy, Rose wasn't even gone for a minute." She said, descending to the marble floor, placing Rose back on her hooves. Rainbow was wearing her uniform, the one she got when she joined the new Equestrian Skyguard "You'll get us back ...one day, maybe."

"Yeah, daddy, I'm okay, see," Rose Blossom added, trotting up to smiling. "You have to admit it was a little funny."

I gave a small chuckle. "Alright ...you got me, baby girl." I turned back to Pinkie Pie; she was back on her hooves again ...wait, what happened to all those ballo- ...you know what, I'm not even gonna ask. "So ...uh, are you two the only one here right now? You know, besides the princesses, of course."

"Nope, everypony's here already," Pinkie Pie answered, bouncing up and down on her hooves. "You both were the last ones who didn't arrive, so me and Dashie came out here to check on you, and then when we found you, I thought, Hey, this could be a good time to pull a prank on you, so we did and I was like: surprise~! And you were like: Ahhh! And Dashie was like-!"

I stopped her by closing her mouth with hand, but she still mumble behind it. Pinkie Pie will always be Pinkie Pie, no matter how much time passes.

I sighed. "I get it, Pinkie. So, were are everyon ...uh, everypony now?" I asked, letting go of her muzzle.

Her smile widened as she answered. "In the ballroom! Come on! It's time for a ''happy one thousand years plus birthday party, party~!'' Then she went bouncing down the hall.

I shook my head and turned to Rainbow Dash. "Does she not have any days when she's, ya know, calm?"

Rainbow Dash shrugged. "When she's sleeping maybe, but even then, it's doubtful."

"Right. I'll take your word on it."

"Well, I like aunt Pinkie just the way she is." Rose Blossom said, trotting beside me as we began following the hyper pink pony(Rainbow Dash was still flying). "I don't ever want her to change."

I smiled down at her, and nodded. "You know what, I don't either. Pinkie Pie just wouldn't be Pinkie Pie, otherwise."

"That's one thing we can all agree on," Rainbow added with a smile.


-In the sky I see the stars,
And the moon, forever more
Under the light of this great,
and beautiful night.
So, baby, what am I to do,
but truly tell you, that baby,
That baby,
That baby, I love you!

The ballroom was packed with ponies, dancing, eating and just having a good time. Sweetie Belle was singing one of her newer songs on the center stand; the song was both beautiful and comforting, it was obvious that she put her heart and soul into it.

I smiled, looking over at the area where Rose Blossom was, dancing with some of the other filly and colts who came with their parents or guardians.

It was well into the night, and the high class ponies were still giving their congratulations to the birthday mare of day ...or night, either works.

"-And a happy birthday to you, your highness."

"Thank you. We appreciate the gift," the Princess of the Night said, the gift box being covered in a blue aura as it floated over to the pile full of other gifts. Seeing the amount of gifts that she already had, most being bigger then the one me and Rose Blossom picked out, made me feel a bit self conscious. It only made it worse that Princess Celestia was standing next to Luna. I was around the same height as her, if not a few inches taller.

"So, what did ya get th' princess?" I turned to the voice and sighed. Apple Bloom had grown into a fine mare, and we had been friends for slightly longer then I had with the rest of the crusaders, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle. Turns out she ended up getting a cutie mark in building, and later became one of Equestrias most well known architects. Even the house that I lived in, she had a hoof in building it.

"Um ...actually, Rose Blossom picked it out," I whispered in her ear. "It's a necklace."

"Well, ya don't look too happy about it t' tell the truth," Apple Bloom uttered.

I sighed. "Do you see what those rich folks are handing to her?"

"An', so what," she said, shrugging. "As long as it comes from th' heart, Ah'm sure she'll like it."

"I sure hope so, Bloom."

The line eventually got shorter and shorter, until it was my turn to give the princess her gift. She looked at me and gave a nod, I did the same.

"Princess Luna," I began, taking the gift out of the inside pocket, holding it out to her. "I hope you like the gift me and Rose picked out for you."

The gift was pulled from my hands in a blue aura, but rather then putting it with the other boxes, she put it next to her on the table. That made me feel better. "Thank you, Steven, we shall be sure to cherish it," she said, with a smile.

Okay, scratch that, a lot better. "Great, Rose will be happy to hear that!"

"Hear what?" I looked down, just taking notice that Rose Blossom had trotted up between me and Apple Bloom.

I smiled. "The princess likes the present you picked out."

Rose Blossom turned to Luna, a smile on her face. "Really …? You really like it?"

"Of course, little filly, I'm sure it will be our best gift yet."

"Yay~! See, I told you it was a good present, dad," Rose said, happily.

"I guess you were right about that, baby girl." I smiled and picked her up, putting her on my shoulder. "Apple Bloom has a gift, too. Let's get out of her way."

"Actually, Ah gave the princess my gift already."

"Yes she did, it's was the designs for a school," Princess Luna said, smiling.

"Eeyep, some of mah best work yet." Apple Bloom said, cheerfully. "It took a while, but Ah got it done, an' Princess Celestia helped with it?"

"We ...thank you, we like it, really, we do," Luna said, smiling in sincerity. "Though, I'm not sure about the location still?"

"Really, what's wrong with it," I asked.

Celestia giggled, speaking for the first time, other then greeting guests. "We decided to build it in Crescent Moon Canyon? It would be a great place for Luna's school," she said, before turning to her sibling. "Don't you think so, sister?"

"Maybe, we are still unsure."

"Hey, if Princess Luna is making a school, can I go," Rose Blossom asked suddenly.

"Of course, Rose Blossom," Celestia said. "But only if it's alright with you, Steven."

I didn't feel too good about that. Mainly because of where the school would be built if I did decide to let her go. "I don't know, that's a bit too close to zebra territory."

"But, dad, the zebras aren't all bad. And I'm sure the school will be safe," Rose Blossom whined.

"She's right, Steven. There are friendly zebras there," Apple Bloom added. "Princess Celestia said so."

"I don't know ...I mean, how can you be so sure."

"Steven, the school will only have the best protection Equestria has to offer, and it's isolated, far away from the war zone." the Princess of the Sun said. "I can reassure that things will be fine."

I still wasn't entirely convinced. Then again, I could be over thinking it. I wanted Rose Blossom to learn magic, really I did. But, with this war going on, I ...I just didn't feel right about it. "It's just I have some bad experiences when it comes to wars," I uttered, frowning.

"Ah know you do, but she'll be safe. Ah only had the best security in mind when Ah designed the school."

I sighed, then gave a slow nod. "If you say so, I guess ...I'm okay with it." Rose Blossom cheered, and nuzzled my cheek, thanking me over and over again. I couldn't help but smile, maybe I was over thinking this.