• Published 7th Sep 2014
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Fallout: Equestria - Gift from a Crimson Soldier - The Red Chronicler

A mysterious red armor soldier finds himself sent into the wasteland that was once known as Equestria. He doesn't last for very long as he leaves behind a gift for the first wastlander that helped him.

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4968602 That's because it's been stuck in my head. Basically what a cannibone is is a large skeletal creature called a 'Bony Bone Bone' (Don't ask about the name), which is made up of different bones, each of which is made of fused bones from other creatures as well as their own kind. So yeah, I really think that I should introduce some of these guys when I write them so you guys won't get confused. :twilightblush:

4968808 Oh, okay. I'll go remove the tag then. As for the faceless ones, I'll do a separate story going on how Copperhead deals with them. There's so much that I put down that I forget that not everyone would know what everything is. Hopefully it'll become clear once I get started with the next few stories. I think it might've been a mistake to do both this while doing several other stories all at once. But I'll do my best to clear things up for you guys.

Heh, strange story, but every FoE story is good for Universe :ajsmug:

I plan on making some changes to the second chapter, and maybe to the first one as well. For the changes I'll be adding another character whom Copperhead would've met during the events that took place between the two chapters. Be sure to be on the lookout when the changes occur, but it may help you in finding out what may have happened during the ten year gap. There will still be some cliffhangers, but it would hopefully have something for you guys to be looking forward to when I get to that story.

The human is still very influential to the story as he influences the main character, thus the human tag may be used as this is only a short story.

6462605 That was the main reason why I decided to add that tag there. I've also decided to put the tag back on to this story. Though honestly, I think I should've done it sooner.

To add to the reason why there's so much stuff that needs explaining, I'll get to that once I get back to writing. It's much better to have some mysteries to be explained in later stories rather than on the get go. Though it also helps if I actually get to writing the stories that would do just that. Anyway, I do hope you guys can forgive me for my lack of content during the last year, but I will work on getting back to writing once I've gotten myself squared away.

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