• Published 3rd Apr 2012
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Fallout Equestria: Starlight - volrathxp

An alicorn named Radiant Star undergoes a massive change. She sets out to search for answers.

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Been a hell of a ride and I'm glad to have been a member of the team. Can't wait to see what comes next!

Now, time yo get my own fic back on the road.

This was an amazing story to read! I am glad to have been here from the start. Thanks to you and everyone who made this story possible!:twilightsmile:

And so ends another epic story of the Equestrian Wasteland, and what a ride it was. I thank you and all your collaborators for this incredible story and its equally incredible characters.:twilightsmile:

And now. Now someone must write a story about Lucky, the luckiest mare in the wasteland! The mare that defiled death, and is probably still a pawn of Discord's. :pinkiecrazy:

Looking forward to see more from you.

Much as I liked Starlight, I'm glad to see that the end is finally here. On FIMFiction it just seems like some stories get going and then can't stop almost as if the author didn't think they'd get that far and never considered ending the story. In my opinion, stories dragged out too far fall apart because the initial premise suggested something about the overall result of the story and it's sort of waiting for that resolution, but you can take a major detour and frustrate the reader without reaching the end in an orderly fashion.

For instance, this story kind of implies that we'll find out more about what happened to Twilight and why she sealed away Spark, etc, etc. Obviously we do, even if a little bit more on the specifics might be nice. It's great that you decided to resolve it by Twilight moving on. You probably could have continued this such that Spark/Twilight was able to resurrect herself and attempt to rule the Wasteland as it's "new Princess" and that would have been a whole second story arc which would have taken you far out of the FoE canon and potentially on new and unknown ground. Such a story would potentially not have really dealt with the issue of Twilight's breakdown and all the horrible things she caused or was party to in the intervening time from the end of the war to the present. I'm not sure if it would be a bad story, but as a reader we like to see things resolve and not spiral endlessly out of control or hope of resolution.

P.S. I'm probably rambling a bit. :pinkiesad2: I can't seem to find nice succint words for what I wish to communicate.

Hmm, I gave it a fair bit of thought. And I did arrive to a few items of thought. All things considered, it does a great job. It has strong characters, believable ones too. I get and see both what you aimed for at the end. I do, however, I just don't see any good way you could have done this without it somewhat breaking the willing suspension of disbelief. (Very nearly doing so in the finale 1&2 that I just would have stopped then and there.)The whole everfree arc in part does, which is sad. The ending arc, of all things, feels the weakest among the whole story, the climax, that apex of storyhood just a slow ride down.

And I don't say it to harm, to malign, or otherwise infer its a bad story, but compared to what lead up to that arc, it just stands out in its different quality. I liked most of this, I did. Its a good story, as per above. I don't know what else there is to say, but that you could have cut the group off from the mountain going down, and it wouldn't have changed anything story wise, save for nixis and his arm. Maybe that.

But, well wishes on finishing this story. I hope you have a blast with whatever you write.


My wife actually did start something, but she got a little disillusioned on it. Link here.

Thanks for the comment though!


Thanks for sticking with it and reading until the end! :twilightsmile:


Thank you very much for reading!! :raritywink:


I get what you're saying, no worries. :twilightsmile:

It was always my intention from the get go that Twilight would be the "big bad" so to speak. Twilight's mental breakdown over Shining's death, Spark's betrayal, her own betrayal to herself, were all important factors to this.

Still, I appreciate your comments! It is sad to see something end, but as you said, it had to happen. All good things eventually end one day. :raritywink:


I appreciate your comments, trust me, I do. It's rare to get good comments like this. Feedback is always best. :rainbowwild:

4365120 The nature of a fallout story is that nothing is ever black and white, unless someone is blinding their perceptions, or accepting of what they really are in the dark. Its sad, but you cinch pretty much what i've come to see as a trend. Everyone, save companions for a hero, can and will use such for an agenda, and whats funny, in the loco kind of funny.

Its a pony thing, more and more. You look to the wasteland, and its the ponies who threw the tenets away, where every other race has picked them up. But ponies, ponies are the only real ones without harmony, and it shows.

Every other race embodies a virtue, save ponies.

:) I... don't even know what to say. Like I said before, it's like Fallout Equestria again. I'm feeling incredibly sad this story, this incredible piece of art, ended. But at the same time I feel happy, for the ending, and for you. Wish you and your wife a lot of good luck, and a Lucky Star to guide you :)

Alfa out.

Tangential to that bit about suspension of disbelief, the bit where Steeljack died felt weak in the sense that is was sudden and unexpected given how vastly resilient he seemed to be and that no else seemed to even get injured. That and throwing himself into the frying pan seems a tad suicidal and a bit out of character. Maybe I need to reread, I might have missed some context, but it kinda of feels a little like the characters were walking down a "safe" street somewhere and a multi-dimensional bus appeared, narrowed to 1 pony width, flattened Steeljack, widened out again and then abruptly vanished...

It might not be possible and, as I said, I may have missed something, but perhaps that portion deserves some review as to whether some foreshadowing or some such could be added. Also, the way the two of them seem perfectly willing to travel with Star, charge into the battle despite Patch's pregnancy somewhat stretches belief at times.

Interesting point they make, considering Dusk Blue and Sunshine. With the exception of Violet, Steeljack, Patch, and Nixis most of the characters at least started out with conflicting agendas if I recall correctly.

Comment posted by TheStratovarian deleted May 10th, 2014

I'm mentally tearing up just preparing to read it. Seems very interesting and I'll certainly say that with how Twilight died in Fallout : Equestria.... I was very dissapointed. Not in the author, no, not at all. Just.... what a way to go. :fluttercry: I had hope when a part of her came back for that spare moment saving Pip, but the aftermath only shattered it and filled the wounds with the broken pieces. Not looking for a "Twilight is saved through some miracle" thing, but I'd be lying if I said the description for the story doesn't intrigue me.

*sigh* Now if only something like this could be done for Luna. :fluttershbad::raritydespair::applecry: When I read what happened to her, I wanted to punt the author in the head for writing something that could cause such mental pain as well as drag Discord into that pink mist filled city by his *BEEP* if there had been a chance he could have saved her.

... ahem. So yeah, I'm excited to start up reading this.


Thank you so much! I'm ever thankful for my readers, and I really appreciate your comments.


Well, I'm glad you're excited to get to read it. :raritywink:


Yes... As I said in my author's notes, there will always be little things I'll regret. I attempted to foreshadow Steeljack with the onset of the fact that he was becoming a father and would do anything and everything to ensure his love and his kids lived, coupled with the cazador venom. Despite the fact that they gave him an antidote, it was still there, potentially able to kill him.

Something to think about when we get there in minor edits I suppose, add a little more foreshadow to that.

Still, I enjoy discussion like this. Feedback is how we grow and learn. :twilightsmile:


Thanks! That was very interesting bit for me to write. Glad you enjoyed it. :raritywink:

4367468 No problem my friend.

4366047 I know that feel :(

Twas a good fic :twilightsmile:

"And alicorn babies ever after"
Probably not, but one can dream

This fic was awesome! Honestly it's got a special place in my heart of Fallout stories, right there with the original by Khat and Somber's Project Horizons. I am both happy and sad to see this fic finally come to an end.

I would like to congratulate you both on finishing the story, as well as your expected child.

Good luck and best wishes!

It is fairly incredible to consider all of the time and effort that would have been put into a venture like this. Honestly, it reminds me of how crazy I thought it was to ever considering liking a show like MLP in the first place. Yet...here we are in a future where things like this exist. I honestly don't really remember when I started following this story, only that it was well after the 20th chapter was written, but it clung to my mind. I hoped to see the end, something that I will admit to never having done myself. Perhaps I will return to writing again, perhaps not, but this has been one incredible story. So in the end I suppose there is only one last thing to say:

Bravo, and well done. :twilightsmile:


Thanks! It's awesome to see comments like this. I am truly humbled. :twilightsmile:


Thank you very much! You're awesome for reading! :raritywink:


A lot of that most assuredly does get explained. There are numerous reasons that Star's magical abilities are lessened, most primarily having to do with the fact of her transformation and Spark.

I absolutely urge you to keep reading on. Like any story, you shouldn't expect to know everything up front. That would just be silly. :rainbowlaugh:

This really was a wonderful story, and I enjoyed every moment of reading it. I'm sad to see it come to an end- and apologize for how long it took me to post this- but I just want to say thank you for writing, and for having the imagination to come up with such a fun look into the world of Fallout: Equestria.


Oh no problem. Thank you for reading and sticking with it! I really appreciate it! :raritywink:

This story is beautiful. Im sad that it is over but i am happy with how it ended

So, I just realized today it was over... somehow my mind was willing it to be not done... still awesome fiction, but in my opinion Sierra Madre was the best DLC... I think the DLC is actually called honest hearts though...


Sierra Madre was "Dead Money".

I enjoyed that one too from a story perspective. Gameplay in that one was flat out annoying though (those radios....)

I enjoyed OWB the most because it is simply just a lot of fun. The cast of nonhuman characters (the Sink appliances, the Think Tank) are brilliantly well done, the writing for it is topnotch, and the message of being so obsessed with the past that you can't see the future is very impressive and deep.

Anyways, thanks for the comment, I really appreciate you having read all the way to the end! :twilightsmile:

4495353 The toaster...OMG. The rucking toaster :rainbowlaugh:
"THE WORLD WILL BURN IN NUCLEAR FIRE!....what? it already did? Oh....

What a ride! Great work, had some issues here and there (mostly pacing at some parts), but that is to be expected in a project this size. Regardless, I enjoyed reading Starlight very much :twilightsmile:
I also appreciate the fact that it's available in Kindle format AND with proper chapters and formatting - bonus points all around!

Overall, great story, great journey, great job!


Thanks! One of my primary things is that I also read stories on an e-reader myself (I own a Nook) and I wanted to make sure a proper e-reader version was available for my own readers as well as myself to thumb through if I got bored. :raritywink:

4593013 Yup, definitely a good call. The only small detail is that the Kindle link at the top of the description is missing the last two chapters and the epilogue, so I had to download them separately. As I said - detail :twilightsmile: (Or at least that was true when I downloaded it about two weeks ago)


To be honest, I wish there were more stories that dealt with / addressed the Followers and used an alicorn protagonist. Yes, they are difficult to manage. Star's personality as she develops through the story was one of my biggest hitting points to keep her from teetering into OP Mary Sue world. :twilightsmile:


Odd. Date/time on the Kindle copy matches the date/time on the epub/PDF. I reuploaded them to the foe-r site just to be sure, but when I do conversions in Calibre I do them all at the same time so I don't miss a format. (I convert a lot of things in Calibre, so I'm used to this)

4593022 I just re-downloaded and re-sent it to my Kindle (using the original Amazon software) and it looks good now, everything's in there. Might have been an Amazon glitch or whatever. Anyway, thanks :yay:

Just finished the story myself. I enjoyed reading it. You should be proud of writing such a wonderful fic. I'll admit that I had some reservations when starting to read the fic: alicorn protaganist, bringing back the elements and the ministry mares. However, you managed to create a captivating story that once it hooked me, I stayed hooked.


Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :twilightsmile:


Not exactly. Greed might have been a bit of a homage, but the others were merely based on the ideas of the those strong negative emotions. There's kind of a theme there, after all. Unfortunately, too many people tend to associate things with FMA because of that. Sort of one of my minor regrets on my casual mentioning that Greed was a homage because then it got people thinking all of them were.

Suffice to say, the other six are nowhere close to being copies of any FMA characters. They were developed out individually.



Erm. K? PH isn't canon. No side fic is except Chapter 20.5. I don't consider PH to be canon in my little slice of the Wasteland. Only the original.


Fair enough. I've been steadily working on improving this in a lot of things, we just haven't yet made it to this chapter in the edit pass to really do anything about it yet. I've filed away your feedback for when we do.

Thank you for so much for the comment! :twilightsmile:

Interesting the Daring Do memory.

It reminds us of the dark machinations in the background back then went completely unnoticed by all back then. Everything was pretty much action and reaction to what happened back then. A little nudge here and there and Pony and zebra nature did all the rest.

Started reading this about last Feburary, mostly to kill time while waiting for the next chapter of Project: Horizons to come out and I was suprised how good of a story it was. I would come back to it every few weeks, read a bit and then move on but it always remained a story I enjoyed. About mid August I finally sat down and used my phone rather than my laptop to read the story and began powering my way through. I was at Chapter twenty at the time, less than two weeks later I was finished. And I really enjoyed it. I always believed the best praise a reader could give an writer is saying "I enjoyed it." followed by "Take my money.". This is the third Fallout Equestria story I've read and the second I have finished and it was good. And I just want to say if you planned on having this story printed in Hardback, you can garuntee I would purchase a copy to sit beside the original Fallout Equestria on my bookshelf.


Thank you so much. It always makes me very happy to read feedback like this.

Rest assured, that if I had like all the money in the world I'd be really happy with getting out printed copies to people that would want them for personal use. In a roundabout way, I hope to be able to do this with my Patreon account provided I get enough pledges.

To be fair, I wouldn't mind having a copy myself. :twilightsmile:

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