• Published 19th Nov 2013
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Fallout Equestria: Airborne - DeciMayhem

Flying is my life, the open air, my love. As long as I can escape gravity, I have a reason to live.

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And I'm back (finally).

You go on one unplanned hiatus and all of a sudden you forget where the story is supposed to go, which facts go where, where certain landmarks in the wasteland are. It all adds up and gets harder and harder to catch yourself back up with the universe and your own story.

Thankfully, a couple fans and a handful of friends finally forced me to get my head back in the game, and I am grateful they did. I missed these characters.

Enjoy Chapter 5. It's been 5 months in the making. I Pinkie Pie promise the next chapter won't take nearly as long. This story is back to stay.

The DeciMayhem

PS: The big lesson here is always take notes and keep them readily accessible. I'd never have been able to continue the story without my pages and pages of background notes and story arcs. Thanks, Notepad.

This is getting interesting :twilightsmile:

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