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Fallout Equestria: All That Remains - CamoBadger

A young zebra and her brother venture into the Equestrian Wasteland

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That was not nice! I have just killed one chapter from my favourite list so it came closer to a number that I am comfortable with, and then do you post add a new one just as I am returning to the front page!

Well I know what I have to do while I eat my dinner then, expect me to return later today, with two reviews perhaps so I can get back at you for doing such an evil thing to me!

3688706 heheh, sorry Doom, hope you enjoy it.

Good answer with the whole 'psychopaths know how to survive' thing. It's true to some extent, too. I mean, if they're seen as a psychopath but managed to survive in the most dangerous of locations, surely they simply saw what needed to be done (or what they felt was necessary to survive without issue) and thus...

I'm left wondering if it was a recording or live radio transmittions. I mean, in theory, it'd make sense to be pre-recorded stuff... but maybe not.
The others don't seem to be acting quite like its live, though if its not near you I suppose even if it is then it isn't an issue? Maybe.. I dunno.

I'm calling it right now. Goober would've fucked those diggers right over, somehow. It's cliche but it's an okay cliche - so whatever you do, don't go acting like all cliche's are bad. It depends on how they're used, how often and how many 'points' an author has earned to spend on things like this. You've earned plenty.

Those diggers sound almost cute in a very H.P Lovecraft way.
(And much better designed than any other stories H.P Lovecraft inspired entities *cough cough*)

Awwwwh, Charmer! That wasn't very nice of you... I hope you'll treat me with a little more gentleness *wink wink*

Okay, I was expecting that to be a little more Dead Space-y, but I'm glad it wasn't. It makes a whole lot more sense the way you did it with the whole 'corpse is good place for laying eggs' deal and that's what I was initially expecting before the mention of the cracking sounds around the bloodied eyed corpse. Good show.

Cool fight scene. Interesting so far. Knew it was coming though (though again, not a bad thing.)

Those alarms are related to what happened of the start of the chapter, aren't they? Well shit.
No doubt Goober is going to play a role in putting the bitch down, but I'm wondering - why? Not why would he, he'd do it simply because or simply so he can leave. No. Why is the trader suddenly turning raider?
...I mean, it could be that she WAS a raider all along or something, and that's her shindig. She pretends to be a trader with the shit she's taken from kills then kills some more and repeats the process. Still...

...and by moving onto the next paragraph, Goob knows her. I'm gonna say she's definitely bad trouble, be it a raider or simply bad to be around. No matter what, he paid special attention to that name.

...Why do I get the feeling you have more intimate knowledge with how Felix feels about that little reveal? I mean, it makes perfect sense for you to know how it feels given your history and all, but yeah. The way you wrote it is powerful and true to how it is.

And now we're back to Shayle? Cool.

...This game of hide and seek is weird.

Sorry about the lower quality in that one. It was written over a rather long period of time, which probably contributed to the inconsistent quality. Hopefully the next chapters will be back up to par.

Ahh same good quality as we all know and love... but there are something off about this sudden change in character and little game somehow. It does just seem so... random and out of the blue. Sure we are in the wasteland, home to all things crazy, but still, it did still seem a little bit too... random for me. But I do hope that this are adding to the overall plot instead of just being a sideplot made up because of how the things around you have been.

Ohh and why are this not a review? Because I at last have said to myself that I have to read most of the chapters on my fav list, and reviews does actually take surprisingly much energy and time from me, that I have to go out the door in two secs does not at all have something to do with it.

Well I started reading this maybe 10 hours ago... taken some breaks for day-to-day trifles and such... and now I've just finished chapter 18. Definitely grabbed my attention, I've really enjoyed it so far and can't wait for a new chapter! Thanks so much for being one of the people who write really well and have a really good FoE story to tell. And for telling it :)

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :twilightsmile:

How'd I miss this? Good thing I'm checking the promotion thread.

Ahaha! Stary is intresting pony it seems! Not expected this. :rainbowlaugh:
Good chapter! :pinkiehappy: We need moar! :twilightsmile:

I'm glad you like it! Thanks!
Also, do you mind if I ask where that promotion thread is? Can't think of where it would be from for the life of me.

Thanks Regolit, I'm working on more now that I'm finally done with my move and all set up to go. Hopefully soon...

Sorry that I am saying all the nice things there have been to say, but honestly should it never stop you saying them.

Just as a Fo:E story can have a lot of different wordings, meanings and impacts can the same be said for replies. And with how rare feedback are in our little part of the fandom should people never stop saying what they want just because someone else said something like it.

By the way, I am Doom, overstallion of the Fo:E groups having their home on this site, all are inferior to me :pinkiecrazy:

By the way, yo Badger! I need my fix over here! Gimme gimme gimme a new chapter pretty please

Thanks Stormy I realize that I was wrong.
I have read to many books that have rape that use it only for shock value. The rape is never brought up again and the story moves on.

I just assumed this was one of those stories and I'm GLAD I'm wrong.
Thanks for the comment ^_^

Yay Doomade I love seeing your comments ^_^
Wait a second...
You replied to a comment of mine!!!
Anyway lets reply to yours...
I know I should say the things but...
I don't want to be the @$$hole who has no original insight...
Your better than me and I can leave it at that.
Your pretty great...

I have a surprise analysis for this story...
As a gift...

Recently I was searching around google looking for Fallout: Equestria side-fics. Now upon a quick glance on Equestria Daily’s page made specifically for Fallout Equestria side fics I came across the masterpiece that is Fallout Equestria: All That Remains by CamoBadger. I couldn’t help but see that it was the first one listed so it seemed the moderator held it in high regard. I decided to see the description which was as follows:

What do you do if your life is nothing but an incarnation of hell? Do you give up? Do you end it all? Or do you escape?
I thought escaping would lead me to a better life, one which I could be happier in. But the Wasteland can't allow that. It takes and takes, destroying everything you have, no matter how little you have left. It destroys all of it until nothing remains.
My name is Shayle, and I'm a zebra born and raised in the Wasteland that was once called Equestria. I wanted to escape my hell, and apparently I went the wrong way, because I only went deeper.

Shayle and her brother Felix ,at the beginning of the story, reside with their father, who remains nameless, in the zebra village Zeza. This is where the story starts and these are the characters we are introduced to. Now when Shayle says she wanted to escape the hell she lived in she isn’t kidding. The story opens when she is twelve-ish and she is cleaning her father’s beer bottles off the floor, because authority figures can do whatever the fuck they want. She does this because after her mother disappears and is supposedly dead her father becomes an abusive asshole who beats her semi-regularly and she prefers not to be in pain. One night she wakes up to find him at the foot of her bed smelling of whiskey and a devilish grin on his face. He proceeds to mount her while ignoring her resistance and brutally rapes her. This spirals into a 4 year long period where she is raped whenever her father feels like throwing a few thrusts her way. She fantasises about killing him for an agonizing 4 years but refrains from doing it because 1) She doesn’t have a plan for killing him or what to do afterward and 2) If she fails her brother, who has remained safe until then, might be beaten brutally. She endures all this time until she eventually takes her father’s old knife from his military and thrusts the knife into his neck. I would like to mention that the way Shayle rationalises her decision the moment it comes to fruition is delivered a bit awkwardly: I thrust the knife into his neck, due payback for all the thrusts he’s thrown me.I’ll let that last sentence speak for itself.
Upon killing her father her brother Felix is woken up and Shayle tells him to get his ass moving. He packs his books and, fortunately for Shayle, doesn’t see his dead father in front of the doorway to his bedroom. When he asks why they are going Shayle replies that the Remnant (closest thing to zebra government in the wasteland) is after their father, because apparently the thought of trusting her brother to understand your motives flew right over her head. They, Shayle and Felix, scarper the hell out of Zeza and walk for hours in raw sewage.
This is as far as I’m willing to spoil the story for you and if I haven’t persuaded you yet I want everyone to check this fic out. Now on to the reviewing and analyzing parts of review and analysis. If it isn’t yet obvious to some of you I love this fic but I don’t think I have gotten across how much I love this fic. Think Fallout Equestria and Past Sins on equal grounds with...this fic. Yeah I love it that much, the characters and how they are used to further the theme. What exactly is the theme you might ask. Well if I were asked what the theme was, which I am, I’d say something along the line of this: The theme is that hope is often fairly useless when used for pragmatic means. The event of the story that best exemplifies this theme is probably when Little Doc, a resident of Shanty, is shot. (Shit I forgot about spoilers...fuck it.) Little Doc committed no crime and her death had little to no consequence on anyone except the small posse she was residing with. Her death was the result of a dilemma where Shayle was asked which one of the members of her group deserved to die and Shayle said that none of them did. Upon hearing this Minx, the killer, is requested to shoot Little Doc. I mean this was right after Doc just started trusting Shayle and her brother again, she had a life full of opportunities wrenched away from her. Her life meant nothing to anyone but Shanty and once Shanty was destroyed Shayle and her brother were her only hope of finding love, and then she was shot. I’d say being clusterfucked is a recurring motif in All That Remains.
A beef I had with the original Fallout Equestria was that Littlepip was absolutely no one in her Stable and by the end of the story (three months in time) she is the savior of humani-...equinity. This idea would suggest that if you work hard enough you could be a lot more important than you first thought. Everything good about All That Remains begs to differ, which is the primary reason I love it. The characters are always down in the dust where it takes all their effort just to stay alive. This is the more realistic of the two so I tend to identify with it more easily.
I remember a chapter where Shayle spends the entire time looking back on an event that happened at the end of the previous chapter. This chapter is above all the best chapter in the entire fic because it doesn’t really further the plot but compliments my established theme better than any other chapter. Now this fic isn’t all pessimism, there is a chapter where Shayle meets a vault full of clones, all named Sandy, who treat her to food and help her get technology necessary for her residence in a stronghold called Caesar’s Stand. This event is so heartwarming and it is an important event in the story.
I’m not just fanboying this text...you know that right. I actually have a few knitpicks for this story. CamoBadger, the author, tries to bring Felix into the story as a narrator and the result is...awkward. He tries to bring his morals into the story by critiquing his sisters conduct in the previous chapter and it just comes out as...whiny. When Shayle looks back on her own actions it is so much more masterful. I think that is the only criticism I have for this story...but don’t worry CamoBadger improves upon Felix’s narration later in the story so the problem isn’t a continuous one.
One last thing:
It’s worth mentioning that Fallout Equestria All That Remains is not a finished fic which is why I plan to do a more complete analysis when it is done. I thank you all for your patience. Fin.

Woohoo! Finally caught up :)
This fic was in a list of FOE sidefics suggested by Somber at the end of a Project Horizons chapter, and it hasn't disappointed. I look forward hopefully to more!

I never did like Project Horizons... *shrugs*

No offense or anything I just felt the first few chapters were preachy and shoving the theme up my ass...
It felt alot like the Scarlet letter to me...
One moment...

Meh everyone has their own preferences :ajsmug:
I have no idea what the Scarlet letter is mind you.

1) The Timeloop Trilogy by Eakin
Great stuff
2) Fallout Equestria All That Remains

No longer exists apparently…

Wat. It does seem to have been a while since it updated mind you :fluttercry:
3) Friendship is Optimal
Never read it.
4) The Law Offices of Artemis, Stella, and Beat by Eakin
Never read them, but Eakin is indeed good.
5) Fallout Equestria
Of course.
6) Past Sins
It may be overrated, but it's still great. First readthrough made me cry.
7) Twice as Bright
Never read it.

I probably should have been clear that I did like Past Sins I just think everything I put above it was so much better. I just felt that the redemption arc was overplayed and intrusive at times and took away from the pure genius that the slice of life aspects of Twilight being a mother added to it.
I'm not kidding about Friendship is Optimal though. I can assure you that, compared to Friendship is Optimal, everything else is completely underwhelming. (Although I'm currently reading Slaughterhouse 5 which might beat it...)
Artemis Stella and Beat is a Friendship is Optimal sidefic that is almost as good as the original but still better than anything lower on the list.
Twice as Bright is a Pinkie and Celestia shipfic that I love.
I was looking on my favorites list for stuff I had already read and it didn't show up. So I assumed Camo was ashamed of it and deleted it. I made the post then I looked it up on google and found I was wrong. So yeah...

You don't know The Scarlet Letter by Nathanial Hawthorne? The most annoying book that Americans are required to read from the early 19th century.
Keep it that way and don't look into it for your own safety...


The most annoying book that Americans are required to read from the early 19th century.

Well, it's a good thing I'm not American
Really though, I didn't have that, my English course came with such charming titles as Hard Times, Death of a Salesman, Macbeth, Mississippi burning, Lord of the Flies, a load of Carol Anne Duffy's poetry, and that one book by Anthony Horowitz (I think) where a boy and girl have to survive after a nuclear fallout.

Your book has been advertised on the new facebook group page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/foebooks/ :)

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