• Published 6th Apr 2016
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Fallout Equestria: Black Cat - Rixizu

Break Point is a simple pony that just wants a simple and easy life. That is shattered when she accidentally causes the death of the son of a powerful crime lord. Now she must fight for survival.

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Chapter 35

“Who are you?” Robin moved in front of Break protectively which surprised her. She’d thought Robin still considered her a bitter enemy despite their alliance. She’d misjudged him again. Train Spotter ignored him waiting for Break’s response.

“What are the Knights of Heaven? I want to know what I’m getting into before anything else.” Break said.

“We’re here to save the world!” Train Spotter slammed his chest with pride.

“By gathering stand users?” Break remembered this same group tried to recruit a monster like Lion Heart. Trust wouldn’t come easy.

“Yep, understand only evolved beings like ourselves can guide the world into a new and better age.” Train Spotter beamed.

Wait, wasn’t that weird white stallion with fake wings also with these guys? Break recalled it was his info that led her here. Her face twisted in disgust. That stallion was pure evil, and they let him join them? Break wanted to refuse, but a stray thought gave her pause.

“Did a mare named Green Mile join your group by any chance?” Break’s tensed fearing the worst. Her gut told her Green Mile went to Zinnia to join this group and prayed she was wrong.

Train Spotter thought for several agonizing moments and then nodded. “I think she did. Spring Rain mentioned something about it. Why, do you know her?”

Spring Rain? She’s caught up with these ponies too?

“She’s my cousin.” Break’s heart dropped. “I’ll join your group.”

“Wonderful! The whole families here!” Train Spotter replied.

“Break!” Scavenger whispered his voice full of worry.

“I know.” Break whispered back. “We can’t trust these guys, but they’re my only lead to Green Mile.”

Scavenger nodded not happy with the situation but knew they had little choice. Robin shook his head baffled by this weird turn of events.

“What’s your plan?” Break asked. Everypony watched him eager to see what he’d say. They were depending on him. A loud boom exploded in the distance indicating the raiders had broken whatever barrier Scavenger had created to block this floor. Who knew how many enemies were rushing towards them. They had only seconds until the enemy engaged them.

“Follow me.” Train Spotter opened the door a crack and saw the corridor vacant. He beamed and grabbed some sand from his bags and scattered it along the floor much to everypony’s confusion.

He’s a stand user, I bet the sand will explode! She watched eagerly to see what would happen next. He motioned for everypony away from the door’s path and they complied.

“There they are!” A raider spotted Train Spotter and motioned his ten comrades forward. Break heard the raiders march over the sand. Break tensed ready for a loud boom. Instead, she heard cries of surprise and groans of pain.

“Well, take care of them.” Train Spotter motioned to the raiders sprawled in a heap in the corridor. The raiders were wincing in pain, but otherwise unhurt from what looked like an unexpected fall. They’d recovered soon.

Did he trip them? Confused by what happened, Break rushed forward and pummel the raiders into submission with Good Times Bad Times rendering them unconscious.

“Let’s go!” Train Spotter walked past the raiders unconcerned scooping up sand and putting it back in his bag.

Robin followed shooting a laser bolt into each raider’s head making Break wince. She wasn’t a killer by nature and even a raider’s death sickened her. She recognized it was necessary, but she still hated it. Scavenger put a comforting hoof on her shoulder and gave him a nod of gratitude. They followed Train Spotter Break’s stand ready for any trouble.

“We need to get to the roof.” Break pulled out the flare gun Loppy had given her. “We have allies that will create a distraction.”

“Simple enough.” Train Spotter beamed and led them towards the main staircase.

They expected ambush as they snuck through the hallways, but the coast was clear. Break saw what Scavenger had used to block the floor’s entrance. He’d used Free Bird to cut steel beams from the staircase and used them to obstruct the door preventing entry. It forced the raiders to use explosives to enter. Break admired her friend’s quick thinking. Robin gave Scavenger another odd look. Did he suspect Scavenger had a stand too?

They followed Train Spotter as they went through the empty corridors. After the earlier ruckus, she’d expected raiders to flood the ship and overwhelm them. The silence was eerie and nopony dared make a noise not even the boisterous Train Spotter. Nopony accosted them as they ran up the spiral stairs though Break kept her guard up and they arrived at the roof minutes later.

This is too easy. What the heck is going on? Robin and Scavenger were just as tense expecting the sky to fall and kill them all. They paused when they heard fighting and yelling. Not wasting a moment they threw the roof’s door open and Break’s jaw dropped when she saw the reason for the commotion.

The entire raider camp was in chaos. Tents were ablaze, and the fire spread out of control. Raiders rushed around trying in vain to contain the fire. They threw what little water they had, but it did little good. One raider tried pouring bourbon on it, but it exploded in his face. Caches of weapons and ammo exploded as the fire engulfed them. Break gapped at the pandemonium. No wonder the raiders had been too distracted to worry about them.

“Not bad eh?” Loopy flew down towards them.

“Report,” Robin said grateful to see an ally.

“Well, we knew things went south when a raider called for backup in the ship,” Loopy replied. “Raiders aren’t fire conscious at the best of times and they always camp far too close together. We strapped the bomb to a motorcycle and drove it riderless into the camp’s square.”

“Good thinking.” Break sighed in relief. Loppy’s distraction saved their hides.

“Is Lion Heart dead?” Loopy beamed at her compliment.

“Yep, Lion Heart is dead as a doornail!” Train Spotter said.

“Who’s this, a defector?” Loopy eyed the stranger with curiosity.

Break looked at Train Spotter not knowing how to respond not know what he was. The more she was with the strange stallion, the less she trusted him. She reminded herself she needed him to find Green Mile.

“He got captured, and we rescued him.” Break lied thinking it the best answer. “But that doesn’t matter, we have injured.”

Loopy recoiled when he saw the mayor and his injuries. “Mayor Road, are you okay?”

“Yes, I will live.” Mayor Road replied.

Loopy turned and bend down. “Get on my back. I’ll get you to Lily right away!”

“Have Ray look at him first,” Robin said, “he’s trained in medicine.”

“But…” Mayor Road gestured to his rescuers.

Loopy sighed. “Sorry guys, I can’t carry you all. You’re on your own.”

“It’s fine.” Break replied. “We’ll find our way back. Mayor Road needs serious medical attention.”

“You are dressed like raiders, that should help. Sorry I can’t do more.” Loopy’s ea’s dropped.

“It’s fine,” Robin said, “warn the others first of the situation and prove back up if we need it. Mayor Road needs more help than we do.”

“Well, okay.” Loopy wasn’t happy but nodded.

“You’re brave ponies.” Mayor Road shook the hooves of everypony in Break’s group, except Train Spotter, and got on Loopy’s back. Train Spotter fumed but said nothing. They watched as Loopy flew away.

“Some ponies, I did all the work!” Train Spotter muttered.

Break rolled her eyes. She wanted to tell him they didn’t need him to escape after all but held her tongue. For now, she needed him.

“D-Do you think w-we can escape t-town?” Scavenger asked.

“We have three stand users; I think we cope with the situation,” Robin spoke loud enough only Break and Scavenger heard him.

“W-what?” Scavenger said startled.

“What, you think I didn’t notice.” Robin crossed his hooves. “I saw the raiders you killed while we escaped. You clawed their throats out. Explain that.”

“I-It’s true, I have a stand.” Scavenger looked down ashamed at the deception.

“I won’t ask now how you two suddenly got powers out of nowhere, but when we get to Lily, I want answers.” Robin’s glared.

“Very well.” Break sighed. “Just don’t tell him about Scavenger.” She pointed at Train Spotter.

A small smile creased Robin’s lips. “I didn’t intend to. I don’t trust him ever a little.”

“Alright, ready to escape this dump?” Train Spotter asked.

“How?” Break crossed her hooves and wince when her chest erupted in pain. She chastised herself to be more careful with her injured body.

“With this!” Train Spotter pulled out a grappling hook from his bag. “It’s how I got inside the first time. It beats walking through the front door and facing awkward questions. Sides, superior beings like ourselves are beyond worrying about guards.”

“Right, superior beings.” Break watched Train Spotter attached his grappling hoof to a rail and tested its sturdiness. He smiled satisfied and climbed down without a word.

“Can you believe that guy?” Break said as the troublesome stallion disappeared.

“I don’t envy you,” Robin replied, “but find out what you can about this group. They’re dangerous and trouble.”

Break nodded. So far they didn’t appear too moral which worried her. Worse, she feared what they might convince her cousin to do. Green Mile was a troubled mare even as a foal. Something bad happened to her as a filly which Break had never gotten out of her. Well, once they finally caught up to her cousin, Break would turn her to the right path and everything would be fine. She hoped.

Robin climbed down next and Break used her powers to float down to the surface. Climbing down would be too painful in her condition. No pony had paid them much mind as they landed too preoccupied with putting out the fire or looting supplies. Some raiders just abandoned camp all together surprising nopony. Raiders were selfish and greedy by nature and Lion Hear wasn’t here to rein them in.

Break and her friends stayed on alarm as they walked through the chaos, but Train Spotter acted as if he owned the place unconcerned by the chaos. Even a fiery tent almost collapsing on him didn’t even earn a flinch.

What have I gotten myself into? Break sighed wondering how anypony could have such little common sense. Still, if anypony gave them odd looks, Break’s stand made quick work of them and they made it outside without incident. The makeshift fence stood in ruins as raiders fled to safety and they left the camp unimpeded.

“Phew, I wasn’t sure you’d make it out of there, Boss,” Nightingale said as they approached the rendezvous point.

“Mayor Road is recovering,” Ray said, “I’ve patched him up the best I could. He needs a real doctor. Break blinked. She’d never heard him use so many words before.

“We should make our way to Lily right away,” Robin replied all business, “I fear the fleeing raiders might attack the town.”

“Good, then we can go on our way Break.” Train Spotter walked in the opposite direction of Lily.

“Who is that?” Nightingale put a hoof on his gun.

“It’s a long story, don’t bother him.” Robin sighed.

“We aren’t going yet.” Break said putting her hoof down. “Not until Mayor Road gets to Lily.” She also worried about it getting attacked. Desperate raiders did crazy things.

“Really?” Train Spotter stared at her and she glared back. The fate of Lily didn’t concern him even a little. “Fine, whatever. I love wasting a day’s travel. We spend the night there, and we go post-haste. No arguments.” He muttered to himself about sentimental fillies.

“Most kind young lady.” Mayor Road smiled at her and Break blushed. Much to her surprise, Robin also smiled and gave her a grateful nod.

Mayor Road road on Loopy’s back again and they made the long trek back to Lily leaving the chaos of Zinnia behind them. It wouldn’t be long until they learned of Lion Heart’s fate. What happened then, Break didn’t know. She hoped they would disband, or at least fight amongst themselves for supremacy. She hoped nopony was charismatic or powerful enough to pull them back together.


“What are we going to do?” Bloodgood looked down at Lion Heart’s dead body. “The boss is dead and our army is in shambles!” Almost half of their raider army deserted for better pastures.

Murder Machine shrugged. “Dunno. Such is the way of things. We’re raiders. Did you expect anything else? Twenty caps it was one of our guys did the deed too.”

Bloodgood rubbed his face so hard it hurt. “How could this happen? The boss was invincible! Unstoppable!” That stallion had powers mortals could only dream of. How could he die so easily?

“He was a fool, that’s why.” A voice said, and they turned to see a yellow shaggy looking stallion with a navy blue mane approach them. The unicorn dragged a bad leg behind him and his cutie mark was a simple black X. Bloodgood shuttered. Something about the stallion’s dead eyes unnerved him. They were dead, soulless.

The stallion laughed. It didn’t convey joy or even mirth only mild amusement. “He had the army for what? Two weeks and it fell after their first big attack? And all to a little filly? Pathetic.”

“What do you mean?” Bloodgood hadn’t seen this stallion before and he didn’t dress like a raider, but something about his manner made him wary. Bloodgood wanted nothing to do with him.

The strange stallion shrugged. “You didn’t see her? The infamous Black Cat?”

Bloodgood and Murder Machine flinched at the name. Of course, they’d heard of her. Who hadn’t? She was a curse on the wasteland and brought destruction wherever she went. If she was here, it explained much. Only Black Cat could bring a thousand strong raider army to its knees singlehoovedly. His sister had been a member of the seemingly invincible Yellow Star slaves and Black Cat killed them all in one single day.

“You fear her, good.” The strange stallion smiled. “She’ll bring her curse against the entire wasteland one day.”


“I’ve read her destiny.” The strange stallion said. “She’s part of the coming destruction. The entire wasteland burnt to a cinder.”

“No.” Bloodgood was a raider, but that level of destruction was unimaginable. Horrible even. Somehow he didn’t question this stallion’s words.


“Excuse me?” Bloodgood asked.

“Give yourself Lion Heart'sHearts blood and maybe you will change the future.” The strange stallion walked towards the door.

“Wait, what do you mean?” Bloodgood couldn’t make any sense of his words.

The strange stallion made a sickening smile and walked away saying no more. Bloodgood didn’t chase after him. What had the stallion meant? Was the Black Cat a threat to everypony?

“I have no clue.” Murder Machine shrugged. “You think he’s right.”

Bloodgood replayed the previous conversation through his mind again and again. He shook terrified. It seemed silly a raider like him scared of anything. The wasteland was a hellhole, but also his home. He had friends, family, and ponies he cared about.

Bloodgood steeled his resolve. “Get a syringe.”

Murder Machine took a step back. “But.”

“I’m doing it.” Murder Machine words were resolute. “I’m stopping the Black Cat.”