• Published 6th Apr 2016
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Fallout Equestria: Black Cat - Rixizu

Break Point is a simple pony that just wants a simple and easy life. That is shattered when she accidentally causes the death of the son of a powerful crime lord. Now she must fight for survival.

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Chapter 33

“Robin.” Break gasped in surprise and eyed the stallion wearily. “What are you doing here?”

“I will not mince words here, I need your help,” Robin replied, “Lion Heart needs stopping. His campaign of terror has gone far enough.”

Break looked behind him and saw the other two Cosas he’d brought with him, minus Splitzer thank Celestia. The big one Ray eyed her with his usual stoic look, but the other one, Nightingale, watched her with open hostility. She reminded herself of the earlier deal with Robin. She’d completed it too with Starlight in town ready for pick up. They should have no reason to bother her but Break thought it would be wise to stay on guard. Who knew if Robin’s ponies would keep to the deal?

“I guess we could do that.” Break said after a moment of thought. She appreciated the help and Robin was good at his job.

“That’s good to hear,” Robin replied and eyed her with a thoughtful look, “I heard you had injuries, but could you move out by tonight? We don't have much time.”

Break stretched her limbs experimentally. They were still stiff but otherwise ready to go. The healing potions had done their job.

“I can do this.” Break said. “One condition. Scavenger comes with us and Loopy too. We’ll need their help. If that’s all right, Scavenger?”

“I-I’m coming.” Scavenger replied and his look told Robin there would be no argument on this.

“Must he?” Nightingale whined.

“It’s fine.” Robin gave a grim smile. “He has skills we might need. Loopy is that pegasus I saw earlier, right? Good. We’ll need air support.”

And he doesn’t know about Scavenger’s ghost, that might come in useful if something goes wrong. Part of her was still reluctant to trust him. He tried to kill her after all.

“I’m coming too!” Starlight said bursting into the room pushing back Nightingale who glared at him.

“No.” Break and Robin said together.

Starlight’s ears drooped. “Why not? I know how dangerous it is and don’t tell me this is for my mother. She can rot in a pit for I care.”

Break winced. She never realized how much Starlight and his mother didn’t get along. Oh well, someponies just don’t have a good relationship with their parents.

Break let out a breath. “We need somepony here to protect the town while we’re gone. Besides, we are taking enough ponies as it is. It would be for the best if we kept the group as small as possible.”

Starlight wanted to argue, but nodded and sulked out of the room.

“Well, that’s one less problem to worry about,” Robin said, “rest up. You’ll need your strength. We leave in 4 hours.”


They were quiet as walked through the wasteland to Zinnia and everypony kept an eye out for danger. Break always hated the night. With the cloud cover over the sky, neither the moon nor the star could provide much light to the world below. It provided a perfect cover of darkness, but also made the world darker and greyer than usual. Her mind wandered back to the world above the oppressive cloud cover. She resisted the urge to fly up and see the real night sky. She longed to see the stars for herself. She doubted pictures in books would even compare to the real thing. A pang of resentment went over her. How could the pegasi hog that beauty all to themselves? Did they not care about their fellow ponies? Maybe the world wouldn’t be so desolate and hopeless if the sun and stars shined on them. Break might have to pay them a visit some day and give them a piece of her mind.

Break left her musings to return to the task at hoof. Their task filled her with dread. So much might go wrong. If they screwed up, they had a thousand enemies to deal with. Worse, Lion Heart had a power like hers, but they hadn’t a clue what it did. Break knew for certain that the knowledge would mean life or death. Was there some way she might force him to reveal his power? Break dwelled on this the entire trip.

The town of Zinnia had changed since she’d last been here. It didn’t have a crudely constructed wall around it for one. Did the raiders create this from any random junk they found? She doubted it would keep anypony out if they wanted to break in. It had two gates with guards and raiders patrolled around the parameter with riffles.

“What did you find Loopy?” Break whispered as the stallion returned from the sky.

“Almost everypony is asleep, but the camp has a light patrol inside. This doesn’t include the raiders milling about. If we break inside, we should be able to slip through the camp unnoticed once we get past the wall. The raiders are expecting the wall and the patrol to keep most intruders out.”

“And who would be crazy enough to break into a camp of raiders one thousand strong?” Nightingale asked amusement on his face.

“Good,” Robin said a slight smile on his face, “we just need a good spot to break through a wall. Break and her power can get through it with no difficulty, right?”

“Shouldn’t be a problem.” Break hesitated for a moment. “Though, I don’t think many should come with us. A smaller group would be better at avoiding attention.”

“Obviously.” Nightingale rolled his eyes.

“I agree,” Robin said ignoring his subordinate’s sarcasm, “Break, Scavenger, and myself will be the only one to enter. The rest should stay here and keep an eye out for trouble. Make a distraction if you get the signal.” He held up an old flare gun.

“Don’t worry, we will keep their attention.” Loopy pointed to the bomb that Scavenger had made earlier in his backpack.

“Make no unnecessary risks,” Robin said with dead seriousness.

“Yes, sir,” Ray said stoically as usual.

“Got it.” Nightingale waved a dismissive hoof. “Just watch yourselves, okay.”

Robin gave his subordinate a curt nod, and they crept down to one of the side walls. They approached a side that Loopy said was clear from his aerial surveillance.

Dear Celestia, the walls even shabbier than I thought.

Break thought she’d need to use her stand to get through it, but she realized it would only take a little pushing to get themselves through. The wall was literally a collection of junk used to create a wall. It looked like they had to tear down entire buildings to make it. The wall they stood in front was nothing more than a bunch of concrete in a large pile with trash in the middle. The cracks in the structure were big enough that a pony could through with some effort. The problem was not creating enough noise to draw somepony’s attention.

Break pointed this and they agreed to enter one at a time with Scavenger going in first. He and Free Bird would silence any raider that wandered near. Break went last and it took some effort to push herself through. She cursed her long gangly limbs and used her ghost, after all, to widen the space enough for her to fit through. She closed the gap even further in case somepony came around and spotted it.

The camp was dark, but there was still activity throughout the camp. Raiders were talking and drinking and making a mess of things. Nopony was on guard though and most the patrols barely cared about their jobs more interested in fraternizing with their fellow raiders. Break was on the lookout for any raider they might capture to take their clothes. They stood out too much otherwise and Break feared somepony might recognize Robin. The Cosas commander wasn’t exactly obscure. She pointed at three raiders that were going towards a darkened alley no doubt to relieve themselves and they followed keeping to the shadows.

“I’m telling you, Lion Heart is just using ancient zebra magic.” One raider said. From his wobbling, Break could tell the stallion had been drinking.

“You are so smart!” Another raider replied. “That makes so much sense! Those stripeys did all sorts of voodoo things. No magic was too black for them!.”

The last raider crossed his hoof. “I’m just glad he’s on our side. Imagine what he’d do if he tried to play all hero.”

“No kidding!” The first raider replied. “Who knows what would happen? I’m just glad he’s on the right side.” The stallion barely got to finish as Good Times Bad Times appeared behind him and punched his lights out. His friends soon followed. It only took a few minutes for Break and her comrades to strip them of their gear and put it on. Break really wished she hadn’t. It smelled horrible, and she had to fight the urge to gag. It was also very itchy, and she resisted the urge to tear it off. How could anypony live like this? What type of insanity drove a pony to become a raider?

With so many ponies around and about, nopony paid them even a glace, though Robin hid his face. They made their way to the ship with little difficulty. The problem now was getting inside. Four guards were in front that stood attentive if bored. She wondered who they would allow inside and fear what would happen if somepony caught them. She told her allies her worries.

“S-stealth would be our top priority.” Scavenger said.

“I suppose killing the guards in front would be an issue.” Free Bird said. “Bluff our way in?”

“We need to bluff our way in,” Robin said oblivious to Free Bird’s comment, “wait, can’t you just fly us in?” He stared at Break.

Break shook her head. “I can only use my power on myself. I could fly to the top easily, but I couldn’t carry anypony.”

“What?” Robin stared at her incredulously. “You can change gravity. The weight shouldn’t matter.”

“It’s how my powers work.” Break replied annoyed. “It’s one of my ghost’s rules.”

“Yep, we're all different and have our own weaknesses.” Free Bird added. “There’s nothing stopping me from lifting somepony.”

Robins shook his head. “Whatever, we’ll find some other way. I’m not letting you go in alone.”

“I wasn’t planning to.” Break replied. Does he think I’m crazy?

“I-Is that entrance t-the only w-way in?” Scavenger asked thankfully getting them back on track.

“I don’t know,” Robin said, “I’m not from here. It might have some secret entrance used for smuggling or some such, but I don’t know it.”

They thought about spending some time looking for it, but that would only draw attention and it might take hours. There were only a few hours until sunset. Breaking in with her ghost was an option, but it would be certain to wake everypony in the silent dead of night.

Break sighed. “So we need to bluff after all. What excuse can we even use? Say we have an errant and hope nopony challenges it?”

Robin opened her mouth to shoot down the idea, but stopped and considered it. “That might work. It will be a gamble though.”

Break grunted under the weight of the tankard the three of them carried. She considered using her ghost but decided against it. She wanted to make this buff as real as possible and her sweat and pain would add to the illusion. They struggled up the ramp to the ship and they dropped it in front of the guard relieved. It was lucky the raiders believed them at the bar when they said Lion Heart wanted the tankard of ale delivered to him in the ship. Break hoped these guards would be as easy to fool.

“Delivery.” Break said catching her breath. “Let us through. We don’t have all day.”

“And what’s this?” A raider said kicking the tankard. “Nopony allowed through.”

“Lion Heart ordered us to get it; they’re out of booze inside the ship.” Robin gave the guards his best withering glare. Scavenger nodded. He didn’t speak out of fear of his stutter. What they needed was confidence.

“Nopony told me about it.” Another raider peered at the tankard and examined it.

“I don’t know.” Break said irritated. “I just do as I’m told.”

“Can’t say I’ve ever seen you before.” Another raider said glaring at Break. She fought the urge to wince.

“Out of a thousand?” Break rolled her eyes. “No horseapples you haven’t.”

“Let them through who cares.” A raider said and shrugged as his companions glared at him.

“We have a job here and I intend to take it seriously.” The leader said.

“And you expect us to carry this back?” Robin asked incredulous.

“Yes, I do.” The leader said. “I’ve got no orders for this and I‘m not let a bunch of you guys have a wild party in the ship.”

Break sighed in relief. At least he didn’t suspect malicious intent. He thought they only wanted to throw a party. An idea struck her.

“Okay, fine you got us.” Break said and her allies stared at her in shock. “But come on, we’ve won and we’re unstoppable! The guys are bored inside and like I said they’re out of booze.”

“I don’t care.” The leader said. “You ain’t getting in.”

Break pulled out a bag full of bottle caps. “We’ll pay for it. Plenty of wealth to go around.”

The leader hesitated. The bag had at least a hundred caps. Break cursed that she had to waste her savings and the rewards she got from saving Lily twice, but needs must.

“I might look the other way.” The leader said his eyes glinting with greed.

“Hey, you‘re sharing that, right?” Another raider said.

“No, it’s all mine.” The leader replied and the four raiders broke into an argument. They took advantage of this and lifted the tankard inside nopony paid them much notice. This time she used her ghost to make the load easier.

“I-I can’t believe that w-worked!” Scavenger said.

A small smile formed of Robin’s lips. “Always count on a raider’s greed. Let’s store this somewhere and get going.”

They found a nice corner to hide the tankard before getting on with their mission. Scavenger led the way because only he’d been here before. The place was littered with trash and bloodstains painted the walls. Break didn’t want to think about what caused them. They weren’t from simple gunshots. Scavenger used Free Bird to scan corridors for a sign of life for it was easier and more reliable than using her PipBuck. The hall had patrolling raiders, but they were rare and easy to avoid with Free Bird’s help. It amused Break how much this confounded Robin and he asked several times about it but to no answers. He eyed Break with suspicion thinking she was behind this. He didn’t suspect Scavenger having powers at all.

They checked the living quarters, but they only had regular raiders. The top deck was empty as well. Where might somepony of Lion Heart’s size be hiding? With the first three decks clear, they made their way to the bottom deck. The sound of groans hit their ears as they traveled down the stair. Break winced as somepony screamed followed by mocking laughter.

“Don’t die yet Mayor Grand.” A booming voice said. “I still have a need for you.”

Break tensed. That must be Lion Heart. He was so loud that they could hear him from even this distance. The laughter came from the City Council Room. No guards were about so they crept their way towards the room. Robin pulled out his laser pistol. Smart move for his ghost couldn’t block that. At least Break hoped this to be true. They didn’t know his power.

“Stay back and let us handle this,” Robin said to Scavenger, “watch for any trouble.”

“What? Come on! You’ll need our help!” Free Bird said in protest. Robin couldn’t hear it so the protests went on deaf ears.

Scavenger looked to Break for guidance and she thought on it. “Stay here for now. A lookout would be a good idea.”

“B-but.” Scavenger wanted to argue, but Break stopped him.

“We don’t know his power.” Break whispered. “I want to observe and attack his blind spot if this goes bad. Lion Heart need not know about two ghost users yet.”

“O-Okay.” Scavenger said giving in to her logic.

“Fine.” Free Bird said disappointed. “You owe us for this.”

They needed a guard. She didn’t want somepony to raise the alarm and force them to fight 1000 raiders. Plus, Scavenger’s ghost was good at killing silently.

Break almost threw up when she got a sight of what Lion Heart was doing. Through the door of the chamber, she saw the stallion pouring boiling water down a pony’s throat. Lion Heart used his ghost to hold his victim still while he poured the liquid. The victim’s features were almost unrecognizable from the beating and torture. It was an ugly sight, and it horrified Break to the core. Robin stayed calm and stone-faced but she told from his eyes the sight also horrified him.

“We have to do something!” Break whispered. She would be damned it if she didn’t attack him right now. She didn’t care what power this monster had.

“It looks clear. He’s all alone.” A tiny sinister smile came to his lips.

Break nodded then noticed that this wasn’t entirely true. In one corner was an earth pony stallion sleeping on the ground. He acted that somepony wasn’t being mutilated in front of him and slept like a happy little foal. This threw her off, but he didn’t matter. The stallion didn’t have a weapon.

“Ready?” Robin said and readied his weapon. “Cover me.”

“Aim from his left.” Break said. “His ghost isn’t blocking that direction.” It was likely that the laser shots would fly through the ghost unimpeded, but she didn’t want to take any chances.

Robin nodded. He held up a hoof and lightly tapped on a wall counting down. At the third knock, he threw the door open with his magic and dove to the left as Break instructed. Lion Heart stared for a second in alarm and confusion giving Robin the time he needed to fire. The laser bolt hit Lion Heart right in the temple.