• Published 24th Feb 2017
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Fallout Equestria: E-201 - Striker1959

When the world ended in Balefire it can’t be said there weren’t those who tried to survive in the aftermath that was wrought. There were survivors from every aspect of society, but few did so much to ensure that there was something left...

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Entry 1: Apocalypse

What do you think of when you hear about the Equestrian Navy? Most would assume ships made of iron and steel with massive cannons, and I’d say most people aren’t too far off. But a proper navy is varied in actual equipment.

“Still nothing to report Steadfast?”

I was interrupted by the voice of the flight controller back in Baltimore. But I’m getting ahead of myself. My name is Steadfast, a proud officer in the Naval Aviation Corps. But what does a lowly earth pony do in an Aviation Corps?

“Steadfast, are you there?”

“Steadfast here control. Still nothing out here.” You see I’m the captain of an airship built for the Navy to patrol the oceans off our coasts. There’s no fancy cloud architecture here like on a Raptor, just large bladders full of helium and ducted fans to move us around. That’s my command in a nutshell… The ever reliable E-201.

Copy that. Let us kn-” zzzztttt…

“Maybe I thought of it too soon…” I wondered aloud. I flicked the radio on and off a few times but got the same bit of static.


The bulkhead to my quarters to the corridor running the length of my ship was flung open by my First Officer, Spark, with an urgency I’ve never seen from him before. “Settle down-”

“No, I will not settle down!” Spark yelled. “You need to see this NOW.”

Spark was never one to be demanding and if he didn’t look genuinely scared I’d readily knock him down a rank. But he wasn’t waiting as I got up from my desk and hurried the few steps from my quarters to the bridge proper. Usually it’s noisy out here, but all I heard was static coming from the speakers that lined the bridge.

And then I saw it; a flash of green light just over the horizon. “Spark, what am I looking at?” Every soul on the bridge remained silent, their eyes glued on the horizon. As a second flash of green light erupted I took a glance over at the gyrocompass that stood out of the floor on a grey pedestal. We weren’t maintaining our heading over the ocean anymore. We were pointed east.

Right towards Equestria. Suddenly the silence made sense; it was driven by sheer fear and horror. This clearly wasn’t another day.

As two more green flashes erupted I started feeling the same dread that the rest of my bridge crew obviously was. “Celestia help us…” I muttered. We weren’t looking at just another Zebra attack.

We were watching the end of the world.



Patrol Picket E-201, Cpt. Steadfast Commanding
Equestrian Royal Navy
Captain's Log, Twelve Hours After “Apocalypse”

It's been twelve hours since the event that I’m terming as the “apocalypse”. Thirteen hours ago we received an encoded message bearing two words. Broken Arrow, the code phrase for all is lost. We still don’t know who sent the message or the origin of it as there was nothing in the communique to indicate an origin. Less than an hour later the bridge crew alerted me to a flash of light they witnessed in the direction of the continent. By the time I got to the bridge I could see why the were concerned; while we couldn’t see our great nation of Equestria hiding just over the horizon we could see the bright green and white flashes of light in the clouds forming miles away over the land.

After two hours of waiting and attempting to make contact with the control station in Balitmare the first alarm went off. Our equipment confirmed the reality that none of us wanted to believe; the Zebras had deployed balefire weapons against Equestrian targets. After a frantic move to ensure that the airship’s NBC systems were activated we did the only thing that we felt we could given the circumstances and headed for home… The only problem was that there wasn’t anything left of home to go back to. Our first view of Baltimare was the flaming Navy Yard. The few ships that were at anchor were either blown apart or had sunk beneath the waves of the harbor. We could see ponies running too and fro from our perch above the chaos trying to contain the damage but judging by the external radiation levels they were doomed regardless of what they did.

I still wonder if they watched as we moved off to survey the rest of the city. Did they realize that even if we could bring them away from the tragedy below that their time was limited to begin with? The rest of the city wasn’t much better. Office buildings had been blown down like stacks of cards in the shockwave that bombs detonating right next to them generated. Like with the navy yard you could see the ant-sized specs of ponies running around though the chaos, but the denizens of the cityscape were just as doomed as our comrades at the yard. Did they see us hovering above the city and wonder why we weren’t helping too? How many ponies below us died in excruciating pain with their last sight being a navy airship hovering above the destruction? Did they blame us for their lack of salvation?

As I gave the order to head farther inland I kept thinking that. Members of my fifty strong crew insisted that we needed to help the ponies in the chaos below but my decision was final. We needed to leave them to their fates and attempt to find and help those who weren’t beyond saving. I can still see the glares of disapproval from my helmsman and first officer. If the circumstances were different I think they would’ve removed me from command, but even they could recognize the severity of our present situation. But for now I’m considering us to be the only active military unit in Equestria. As such we’re going to perform damage assessments and try to make contact with any other friendly assets… With luck we’ll find more that just us out there.

Author's Note:

2/26/17: Some people who read the original incarnation of this chapter will notice that I've added something to the very beginning; a monologue. After some thought and review over the last two days I decided that it felt like E-201 was missing something important, hence the addition. All five of the published chapters will get a similar treatment, and the dialogue will likely break up Steadfast's log entries. It's a process that'll get stretched out over the next few days as I've been called in as an editor for another story on this site and expect that the college course work will be picking up as I approach my Spring Break (which falls in March as I'm done with the semester by the second week of May).

Anyone got questions? Like what you're seeing so far? Hell, maybe have some gripes? There's a comment section and the Mirrorverse Codex. Read and comment away, because I want to hear from you fellow denizens of this corner of the internet. Until next time gang!

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