• Published 18th Jan 2017
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Fallout Equestria: Guardian - RuinQueenofOblivion

A Bounty Hunter from the settlement of Reino gets hired to take a filly to Fillytown outside of New Pegasus. However it seems that the entirety of the Wasteland is out to get them, will they make it there in one piece? Will something else happen?

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Comments ( 8 )

Hmm I like it very nicely done.

when your

This is from the griffon line, read over that part once more. It needs to be edited.

Anyway, great story so far! I'd like to see where this is going.
*Tracked, Liked*

Can't wait for the next chapter shits about to go dooooown.:rainbowdetermined2:

I don't usually read Fallout Equestria stories, but this had my attention!


Whats funny I am not even a brony and I started my own fallout stories and other stories on this sight and I enjoy expressing my creativity when it comes to stories..At first I had no idea Fallout Equestria even existed till I was searching around for walkthroughs and found it that way.

Nice beginning. Why she saying shell probably will be last of family line?:trixieshiftleft:
Feels itll be long time till this story will be continued. :ajsmug:

8128330 Oh, that's going to be explained later, short version Silver can't have foals.

And I need to work on this, sorry.

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