• Published 10th Jan 2017
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Fallout Equestria: Sin and Sacrifice - Tomepony

Twenty years after the Day of Sunshine and Rainbows, the ponies of the struggling New Canterlot Republic look for help from their past.

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Hm, well just by going by the ones that are shown in the cover pic and the Prologue I'd have to go with this lineup:

Chris Pine for Chrome(the unicorn stallion)
Wendee Lee for Midnight(the unicorn mare)
Kari Wahlgren for Obsidia(the alicorn)
Brina Palencia for Jade(the bat pony mare)
Chris Pratt for Danaus(Changeling stallion)

Dwayne Johnson for Deuce
Elizabeth Maxwell for Whisper
Kirby Morrow for Mako
Caitlin Glass for Tig

I can always provide you with more as more characters are introduced in later chapters as well.

Your book has been advertised on the new foe facebook group page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/foebooks/ :)

Personal thoughts: havent read it yet, but I like the description and may check this one out myself. ^-^ I hope you keep writing it. Also, great username, my own Fo:E OC is named Tome, so you have good taste. XD

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