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The Dreamscape. A realm of pure, untainted magic, where your limitations are only bound by your own imagination. Luna guards this realm with her life, but when even her magic isn't enough to stop a malevolent force from infecting it and entering into the mind of a friend, she turns to Twilight for help.

They must enter Fluttershy's broken and tainted mind to stop the corruption before they lose her forever.

Editing done by Doccular42

Takes place between season 3 and season 4.

Chapters (3)

Captain Magic Barrier is far from home. Almost everything he once held dear is gone—except for a pair of alicorns, the country for which he fought, and his skills as a competent military officer. And it’s all thanks to a certain legend regarding the longest day on the thousandth year.

Professor Tail has got something to prove. A sharp mind and a quick wit in the world of academia, this pegasus is harboring a state secret that could change Equestria’s defenses forever. She just needs to survive basic training first.

Now, a common ally has played her royal hoof to bring these two together. Perhaps she knows that once training is all said and done, the physicist caught in the unfamiliar world of guard service and the captain dragged through the ages will find themselves a bit less displaced.

So, this was a super fun one to write. Well, sorta-write. In truth, I wrote very little. This story is a collaborative effort between myself and this sexy topless Wingly fellow here, and it is based quite heavily off of our characters and their intertwined stories. The amount of work he put into this is staggering, and words can not express how bloody impressive it is/was. I mean, I was there supervising, but he bloody brought it.

Cover art by the amazing dream--chan!
We have a bunch of folks who helped Wing edit that deserve thanks. These are our editors, proofreaders, and coffee slaves!
Editing Slave Word Worthy, Coffee Slave Iryerris, rebellious slave that has to be beaten into submission regularly Doccular, to Shady's Slave Floofy, because typos can suck a knob, and to the Overcute Pet, Sixkiller5, because print runs need typo slaying.

Special thanks to Discount Slave Alticron, for letting us use a certain earth pony we want to crucify.

Wing's magical comments about various story timelines can be found here, but the gist is that NLD and its coming sequels exist in a separate continuity from APD.

Lastly, if you find any typos, please PM them to Wing You should also totally follow him too.

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Fluttershy might be stronger than she looks.

At least, that's what Rainbow says. Applejack's skeptical, to say the least. Especially after she just lost an arm wrestling match. Besides, that sweet, gentle pony couldn't win a tug-of-war against butterflies, much less be stronger than her, right?


Edited by Doccular42

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Ever have the perfect girlfriend? A girlfriend so beautiful, so classy, so entrancing that you'll walk to school pantless at the sound of her voice? Octavia's that kind of a girl... and after I tell her my morning's story—if she's not blushing half as much as I am right now—then she owes me a damn beer.

Cover Art: ©2014-2016 JonFawkes. Find their art work on their deviantArt page. Permission granted by the artist for use of their image.

Thank you to Posted, Iryerris, Dovah Vahlok, and PiercingSight for prereading. Thank you to fourths and Scarlet Storm for editing. And finally, thank you to shortskirtsandexplosions for the idea.

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Rainbow Dash has suffered an injury that means the end of her career as a Wonderbolt, and today is her last day.

My first fim-fic, a short one-shot inspired by this image

Broken by Underpable on deviant art

A HUGE thanks to Fourths and This girl right here for agreeing to edit the story for me, it was nowhere near as well polished until they went over it.

Chapters (1)

FemAnon never expected to get a second chance at life, dreams, and love. Now she is in Equestria, ready to go on a date. There's just one catch: she has agreed to share her free will with Discord, who only sees it fitting that he should guide her actions, as well as select her potential love interest.

Warning! Contains body control and suggestive topics of sexual nature.

Written because of a bet with Flutterpriest.

Special thanks to Trithtale, mikesnipe and Enigmatic Otaku, for editing and advice.

Chapters (1)

In our thoughts, we are always alone. So what do you do when your mind becomes your prison?

Big thanks to Shachza for proofreading. Twice!

There's a blogpost.

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Perfect dates don't happen by chance. Twilight knows that better than anyone. Today she will use all the knowledge she has amassed on the subject to prepare for her most important moment.

Thanks to Fahrenheit for prereading.

Special thanks to fourths for editing.

Chapters (1)

Alicorns, the regal regents of Equestria. How many ponies would pay an arm and... would pay two legs to be one? And what happens when they're given a choice? The results may not be what curio-merchant-turned-telemarketer Archive had in mind.


Written for F*** THIS PROMPT #13

Chapters (1)

After a certain rainbow-maned pony takes away Angel's only source of food, he makes plans to deal with the interloper.

Pre-read by NeonGreenTiger and Majin Syeekoh

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