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a super genesis wave caused the two worlds of sonic and Equestria girls to fuse together. all mobians became fully human, the chaos emeralds disappeared off the face of the earth, and the memory of anything being different from how it is now, simply ceased to be.

Now Solaris "Sonic" Dark moves to canterlot and discovers magic in the form of six girls, little does he know, there is something watching in the shadows.

cross-posted from fanfiction.

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Rainbow Dash is in love with three ponies: Soarin, Quibble Pants and Zephyr Breeze. They are the same. Now she's in a difficult situation. how can a pony handle three passions at the same time?

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Name's Michael, I'm just a normal teenager until I landed in Equestria through a portal. Celestia and Luna arent doing a good job so I had to defeat every pony to become KING OF EQUESTRIA!

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A world of peace is now a shadow of its normal self as Terra is in a war with a returned King Sombra and has taken control of the Crystal Empire and declared war on Equestria. But when Twilight and her friends try to stop him the evil king put a powerful spell over them corrupting them turning them into Chaos Demons which are similar to Discord. Then Sombra puts Princess Luna and Celestia into a deep hibernative slumber and seals them away along with the Crystal Heart in a spell created prison.

Now four years later the CMC now almost at the age of the Mane 6 are searching for a cure that can break the spell that Sombra has on their six friends, but Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, and Applebloom soon find a new spark of hope when three stange stallions which are two unicorns and one Pegasus from another world. These three aren't just any stallions they are Sonic The Hedgehog, Shadow the Hedgehog, and finally Silver the Hedgehog who have been sent to Terra by the 7 Chaos Emeralds which are now scattered around the world.

Now with new friends and allies Sonic and his two friendly rivals must find the Chaos Emeralds, save world from darkness, free the Mane 6 from Sombra's control, free Luna and Celestia from their icy prison, and defeat Sombra once and for all! Sonic may have beaten Eggman's plans every time, but this time he's got to get his A-game on overdrive to stop an evil king!

All Sonic Characters have their Sonic X voices.

Sonic The Hedgehog is owned by Sega.
MLPFiM is owned by Hasbro Studios.

This story has a 'Dark' tab.

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I was driving home one evening and my car runs out of gas. So I try to get more, but as I was walking to the gas station, I get zapped by a purple lightning bolt and end up in a world of talking ponies. How did this happen? And why does this world look awfully familiar, like it's some sort of kids cartoon? Well, I am stuck here for while...maybe more than a while actually.

*Category tags are to change/to be added as story progresses*

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WonderZone ("it's where foals gotta go!") is only the most awesome arcade in the world. Just ask Rainbow Dash, age 6. Its the sort of place you long to be growing up.

Some fillies would be content with ten minutes, fifteen, twenty. But all that Rainbow Dash wants - and all that she's getting - is another hour in the ball pit.

Chapters (1)

Rainbow Dash just wants somepony to read her manuscript now, not 'later'. (Which we all know means never.)

Chapters (1)

Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi talk about the tragic story of Tempest Shadow together.

This is a Star Wars/MLP crossover short-fic in celebration of the MLP movie soon to be released in theaters this October.
And Spoiler warning for those who don't want to know about the character.

Chapters (1)

It's been 3 months after the final battle with the Metirex and getting the Chaos Emeralds back from space, but when Eggman is up to his usual schemes and a mishap happen at the end. Sonic and friends end up in a new world full of colorful ponies and stallions and they transformed into stallions and ponies too. Now they must find the Chaos Emeralds again and stop Eggman from taking over Equestria.

But when humans from Earth perfected dimensional warp technology using specs from the machine that sent Sonic and his friends back to Möbius 9 years ago and their new Space Colony Ark 2 research space station comes and with old faces including Chris! But then Sonic discovers that wasn't a Hedgehog at all but a pegasus! Can Sonic uncover the mysteries of his long forgotten past? Can he save Equestria and protect the Chaos Emeralds from Eggman?! And new dangers rise to stop this high speed hero and his friends from getting the Chaos Emeralds.

Find out in the newest chapter of Sonic X in...

Sonic X Season 4: The Equestrian Saga

All Sonic characters have their Sonic X voices.
Sonic and Sonic X are owned by Sega.
MLP is owned by Hasbro.
I do not own anything.

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