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Laser Pointers are banned in Equestria, and if one is found its owner will not be getting a trial, parole, or a phone call. Why, well they kind of mind control bat ponies into acting like lemmings if it means catching that weird red dot.


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While escorting Princess Celestia to Saddle Arabia, the Pegasus guard, Captain Lightning Bolt leads the entourage over a short cut in order to get to a very important summit. However, while flying over an unusual storm cloud, Bolt gets struck by lightning and falls through the storm.

In Rome, it's the beginning of Emperor Titus's reign when during a storm, a couple of his citizens came to the palace, dragging the unconscious body of a Pegasus with an interesting mark on his rump.

Once again, a huge thank you to PrinceCelestia for the cover art. As well as to Shadeol for editing this beast.

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A standalone side story to Just a Little Batty.

Babysitting sucks when you could be out on a friday night. Babysitting a pair of deviant, little reprobats sucks even more. Guarding the cookie jar has its perks, though.

A Batty-verse Story

Edited and proofread by: Dreams of Ponies and Jowijo

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The first day of school always sucks. It's particularly sucky when you're normally nocturnal.

Now an expanding anthology of one-shots due to popular demand for MOAR!

Featured on Fimfic: 10/1/2017
Featured on Equestria Daily
Now with several chapters in audio: link!
Now with commisioned music: link!

Cover Art Source

Dreams of Ponies
Level Dasher

Submission for the Bat Ponies and Thestrals 2017 Competition

Chapters (23)

On the day of Nightmare Moon's return, she ponynapped one of Celestia's royal guards for interrogation. However, she might be getting more information than she wanted to know.


Credit for cover art goes to ZantyARZ

So I thought of this after remembering a very funny skit from "A Bit of Fry and Laurie." I thought it would be funny if I did the same skit, but with Nightmare Moon and a Royal Guard.

This is also sort of an apology for not finishing "Princess Luna Received a Love Letter." So I hope you all enjoy this one!

Featured 02/13/2018!!! Thank you!!!

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Herman always believed that ponies were an exceedingly friendly bunch, and he figured it was in their nature to be kind and open to all strangers—even to those of different races. But what if he was wrong? What if there was another explanation?

He mentions this fact in his memoirs, but shortly after he sends them to be published he is informed that the Royal Guard wants him for questioning in Canterlot.

Additional notes:
-Equestria Girls is not canon
Proofread by: Eckaji, Snakeskin Ducttape, Javarod, ROBCakeran53, and PresentPerfect
Artwork by: Ruirik
Featured on Equestria Daily
Review link: PresentPerfect and PaulAsaran

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This story is a sequel to Cuddle Time...Again!

The Canterlot Castle's dungeon is renowned for being the highest-security jail in all of Equestria (after Tartarus, of course). Little do ponies know, but the most dangerous, unpredictable, and crafty criminals are held in an entirely different floor, directly under the watchful eye of Princess Luna.

Luna ALWAYS extracts the information she needs from those held in her secret Cuddle Dungeon. And if they refuse to cooperate, well, she'll just suffocate them in her chest floof until they fold like a house of cards.

Inspired by a few brief lines in my story Cuddle Time...Again!

Beautiful cover art by probablydnon on Tumblr (no link; Blog is NSFW).

"deliciously and hilariously silly..." - LightningDashes

EDIT: Featured 8/15/17! Thank you all so much!
EDIT 2: Featured at #1 8/15/17! I am so glad everypony enjoyed!
EDIT 3: Now with an Audio Drama set up by the illustrious TheWingman!

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After the defeat of Pony of Shadows, Somnambula returned to her old village. She doesn't quite feel at home in this new world where she feels out of place and where almost nothing is familiar to her.

Turns out that the sphinx hasn't changed much either, and can really hold a grudge.

Chapters (1)

"... at the forefront of our fandom’s writing scene ... Masterpiece." —PCaRG
"... really enjoyable ..." —City of Doors
"...worthy of high praise." —PaulAsaran
"Lots of wonderful world-building, great action, well-developed characters and an engaging story." —Hoopy McGee

Steel Song is a lot of things. Earth pony. Uncle. Professional bodyguard.


So when he receives a mysterious package from Princess Luna a few weeks after the changeling invasion, he's understandably apprehensive. More-so when he presents himself before the Royal Diarchs to find that not only do they desire him to come out of retirement, but to take command of a most unusual position...

A position that may have more significance than any of them suspect. Because strange thefts are occurring on the Equestrian Railway, thefts that nopony can explain. Thefts that may have far more sinister intentions than their seemingly innocent nature may convey.

Intentions sinister enough to shift the balance of power in Equestria forever.

Book I of The Dusk Guard Saga.
Epic Fantasy
Has a collection of Side Stories as well, the first of which is here.
Now with a TV Tropes page!
"This is 100% Approved by Twilight's Library!"
Added to Twilight's Library 11/26/2013
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One thousand years ago, a guard serving under Luna's branch is devastated after witnessing her banishment to the moon. A year later, he finally comes out to express his emotions.

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