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Warning: Frank depiction of alternative sexuality and lifestyles contained herein.

Holly Heartwood, who once toured the roller derby circuit under the name 'Holly Homewrecker' has come into possession of a older row house in the city of Manehattan. After receiving the house and a small inheritance, she decides to stay in Manehattan, find a real job, and perhaps settle down a bit.

As fate would have it, Holly's home is just a few blocks away from Manehattan's oldest firehouse, a historical landmark. She goes there looking for a job, but first, Holly has to prove that she is tough enough.

As it turns out, the fire department is not ready for a former roller derby star known as Holly Homewrecker...

MFD fanart.

Chapters (28)

Moon Dancer has been awarded a prestigious grant to study the Everfree Forest and its history, and so she's moving to Ponyville. In the midst of settling in and making new friends, she meets and becomes completely enchanted by a shy, animal-loving pegasus.

But as these two nervous little weirdos start an adorable, awkward relationship, it becomes clear that not everyone is happy about this turn of events.

Now with a sequel!

...And another sequel!

Chapters (8)

And lo, the hero did find the sword, and having found the magnificent, beautiful, most perfect weapon of the ages, the hero did set forth to roam the earth while bearing the sword, much to the dismay of alicorns and harmonious creatures everywhere. So began the adventures of the handsome, perfect sword and his wacky kensai puppy.

"Shut up, Limey, and stop narrating!"

And thus, Shēdo did began arguing with the narrator, much to the dismay of the narrator himself. Dirty pool, Shēdo, dirty pool. It's bad form to argue with the narrator as the story is being told.

"Shut up!"

Lo... hey, waitaminute! Shēdo! We've become an entry in the Weedverse.

"Limey, some of the things you say are very troubling."

A bit of stupid fun background info.

Chapters (19)

A damaged robot pony, unlike anything ever seen in pre-industrial Equestria, is found in the orchard. Before it collapses, it says only two words: "Twilight Sparkle..."

Twilight fixes the mechanical mare and gives her a new directive: "Make friends." Now a robot must learn what it takes to be a good friend and, while she's at it, what it means to live...

Featured on Equestria Daily (11/22/15) and The Goodfic Bin! (3/20/16)!
Featuring illustrations by Colby Green (Illustration Gallery found HERE.)
Editors: GaPJaxie,The Knight Templar, GenerousGhibli, E3gner, and Reese.
Technical Consultants: Artichoke Lust and JFalk.

Now with its own TV Tropes page!

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This story is a sequel to The Iron Horse: Everything's Better With Robots!

Turing Test is a robot pony. She's also Equestria's Minister of Technology (it's a long story). She wants to bring ponies into the modern world, but it's an uphill battle against years of technophobia and prejudice among the Canterlot bureaucrats. But then she learns of the untold advanced technology in the world of humans and sets off on the ultimate field trip. Canterlot High just got a new exchange student...

Editors: Reese, GenerousGhibli, E3gner
Illustrations: Greenfinger

Chapters (8)

When teenage Rarity decides to start calling her mother by her first name, Cookie Crumbles is far from thrilled. But Rarity's at that age where she'll do just about anything to get a rise from her, and making it stop always takes a bit of work.

Luckily, Sweetie Belle might just give her the inspiration she needs to fight back.

A little something that popped into my head and had to be written down. Just for fun this time, folks.

Cover art brought to you by WhiteDiamondsLtd.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Crystal Camaraderie

A working wizard's work is never done. Chartreuse faces difficult tea times, keeping her two friends looked after and well behaved, and a growing monster-beneath-the-bed problem that plagues the Empire.

Oh, and one visiting mother that sends her poor housemate Nomination into a neurotic downward spiral from which there may be no recovery. The arrival of the Major is a crisis unlike any other.

An entry in the Weedverse.

Chapters (11)

This story is a sequel to The Commander's Compromise

Chartreuse Le Feu, now in the apprenticeship of her dreams, is assigned to be a helper to Chalcedony, a blind crystal pony who can see into the thaumaturgical spectrum of light, but can’t view mundane objects. After being introduced to one another by Sunburst, they go out to visit Chalcedony’s favourite tearoom.

Along the way, they meet a pegasus colt of the nocturnal variety, and he’s a bit down in the dumps...

The day is just full of surprises.

An entry in the Weedverse.

Chapters (5)

Twilight has a theory about the behavior of pegasus ponies and needs a subject to study. Enter Rainbow Dash.

A short comedy/shipping fic that I've had the idea of floating around my head for a while, I probably haven't done it justice, but whatever, I've actually written something, its a miracle!

Cover art done by : Mattings



Chapters (4)

After a long stretch of boredom where nothing goes wrong, things finally explode and Twilight decides it is the perfect day for science. Today, she will make many discoveries, the least of which is that everypony around her is a pervert.

An entry in the Weedverse.

Chapters (5)