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I'm a guy who's new to fanfic writing and intends to write about ideas I am really interested in. Yeah, that's about it.

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This story is a sequel to The Sisterverse Social

What do you do when you're forced to choose between what you love, and what is right?

Radiance, the older sister of Twilight Sparkle, has finally gotten her dream job as an officer at the Canterlot Police Department. However, before she's even hardly found her bearings, she witnesses a group of police beating an innocent pony. Now she must decide who to tell about what's really going on--or even if she should tell anyone at all.

Written in the belief that it is not a crime to treat other people like human beings.

Set in the Sisterverse, established in "The Sisterverse Social." In this universe, the Mane 6 are composed of three sets of sisters: in this case, Rarity and Sweetie Belle, known as "Radiance" and "Moonlight Serenade", are the biological children of Night Light and Twilight Velvet, making them siblings with Twilight and Shiny.

Many thanks to my prereaders: Matt, Krack-Fic Kai, and PresentPerfect.
Super-Special thanks to daisychains and The Cloptimist, who gave an enormous about of help as dialect coaches.

Art by the wonderful LiaAqila. Go give her a comission!

Chapters (9)

Canterlot High School is having a talent show, and the Rainbooms are eager to join in. However, things get complicated when the human world version of Sunset Shimmer suddenly makes an appearance. After much confusion and several mix-ups, she finally meets her counterpart and her friends. Unlike her counterpart, however, she's shy and reserved. The girls try to befriend her, but this Sunset doesn't seem to be too interested in friendship. She is, however, very interested in the rumors of magic surrounding Canterlot High, and seems to be hiding something magic related herself. And when magical mishaps begin to occur, the Equestria Girls begin to suspect that this new Sunset may be behind them. Is it possible that she's evil and power hungry the way her counterpart once was, or is there something else at work?

Chapters (15)

This story is a sequel to Three Second Chances

Despite all attempts, Cozy Glow still hasn't been shown a path to friendship. No pony has been able to get through to her, and she's only gotten worse with each attempt.

Reluctant to return the filly to stone again, Princess Twilight has one last option. One pony she hasn't tried. Or in this case? One person.

Sunset Shimmer.

Can Sunset do what no pony has been able to?

This tale is a spiritual sequel to Three Second Chances, by popular request. It follows the spirit of that tale, but is not a direct follow-up and so no prior knowledge is required.

Featured: 11/27/2019, 12/13/2019, 1/9/2020, 1/23/2020, 1/30/2020 and 2/6/2020!

Reviewed by PresentPerfect to earn a rating of Highly Recommended!

Featured in the Royal Canterlot Library!

And featured in Equestria Daily's 40 Fanfics to Read for Villain Day on 11/12/2020!

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This story is a sequel to A Magic Turn of Events

Fifteen years ago, reality changed forever. Equestrian magic flooded the world and everyone became a fantasy creature ripped from myth and fairy tales. No human was left in its wake.

Today, a new school year is starting. Keepsake, a unicorn who calls Canterlot City his home, wakes up early and prepares for his first day as a history teacher in Canterlot High.

Thanks to Venerable Ro for pre-reading and providing in-depth insight for this story, FanOfMostEverything for several nuggets of wisdom, and Antiquarian for setting me up with a good mindset in writing this fic.

Chapters will be published daily.

Chapters (6)

This story is a sequel to Magical Curiosity

After a serious magic mishap with the portal, the dimension of Sunset Shimmer and her friends has been rocked to its very core with everyone suddenly a pony, a zebra, a griffon, or some other magical creature from magical Equestria.

Not to mention that this reality's gone magical as well, if the sun revolving around the Earth did not make that obvious enough.

With this irreversible change, everyone's stumbling along in the quest to regain a semblance of normal life, but how can they do that in strange bodies and with strange magic? How will they tackle all the old with all the new?

Find out in this not-so-chronological collection of short stories exploring the day-to-day journey this world's taking.

Chapters (19)

While visiting Canterlot with Limestone, Marble runs into an energetic pony who could match her twin in cheerfulness. And she's cute. And wants to talk to her. And cute.

Naturally, Marble explodes from shyness.

Pre-read by: Timaeus
Ch. 1 Audio Reading by TheCaptainSand - Scarlett Blade

Chapters (12)

Three sets of sisters—one from Ponyville, one from Cloudsdale, one from Canterlot—all make the trek to Sweet Apple Acres for the yearly Sisterhooves Social. They’re all expecting a good time, in their own way, but none of them expect how much the Social will mean to them—or to Equestria as a whole.

Yet another Season 1 AU—I’ll let you figure out the changes for yourself this time. :)

Some mild language, but I think it's mild enough to qualify for the "Everyone" rating.

Based on an idea by Tyranid457.
Beta-read by Eruantalon, Level Dasher, and Matt. Thanks guys!
Art by Alanymph.

Chapters (8)

Lyra Heartstrings finally achieves her dream of traveling to the other world. In a new body, and living among a different species, she experiences new things and discovers what’s most important to her. But will she ever return home?

Chapters (8)

Spoilers for S8E6

Scootaloo was overjoyed to discover the Cutie Map was sending her and her friends across Equestria for a friendship mission. It was her first time flying outside her dreams.

If she didn't do something, it would be her last.

Cover by Zutcha. Quick editing by Bitera.

Chapters (1)

After foiling Wallflower Blush's scheme, Sunset decides to spend some downtime with Starlight in the human world. They catch up for a while, but soon discover that they have something unique in common: The Trixie from their universe helped save the day at least once. Grateful for this trait, Starlight decides that both Trixies should meet up, since they're heroes and all.

And then the inevitable happens: Both Trixies meet up with each other and immediately decide to have a competition to figure out which Trixie is the Greatest and Most Powerful.

Things only escalate from there.

Edited with the help of Salnalus. Thanks to Amber Solaen for putting the Versus graphic on the image. Featured on 3/18/2018.

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