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The citizens of Equestria are no strangers to the strange and unusual, especially when it comes to the Everfree Forest. So when the most dangerous creatures start mysteriously dying no one thinks it's unusual. In fact some believe there's someone or something protecting them. The ones who do call it 'the guardian' and speculate as to what it is. But all it is, is just a human who watches over Ponyville's inhabitants who wander in to the forest, and keeps hidden to protect himself. However everything changes when he meets an injured little filly named Applebloom.

Proofread by Regreme

Note: This is NOT a Sniper Elite crossover.

An Anthro HiE story, remember it's your choice to read this. Don't like it? It's your fault. But constructive criticism is welcome.

Chapters (5)

Five years ago, the Free States seceded. Five years ago, the Princesses were taken captive. Five years ago, Equestria embarked on a bloody war that would cost hundreds of thousands of lives.

For five years, Rainbow Dash has fought to save her friends. For five years, the sun and moon have hung overhead, motionless. For five years, Rainbow has lived in that wan glow, while every day kills her a little bit more. The peace and happiness of her youth are but faded memories, and now she hardly recognizes the town she once called home. A hardened mare, Rainbow knows only pain and suffering...

...until one day, a reminder of what life used to be like lands at her hooves, and gives her something to live for once more.

Cover art provided by Ruirik. Editing provided by Solidfire and Pega-Ace. Written for the 101st anniversary of the beginning of World War I

Chapters (2)

From one barren wasteland to another, less barren wasteland, an Australian Information Technology worker finds himself stuck in the snow with nowhere to go. Armed with nothing but a cheap tool set and a three metre Ethernet cable, he must find a way to survive his new location. At least it can't get any worse... right?

Oh of course it can, it's a HIE.

Warning: Contains Australian, Changelings (of course), snow, occasional IT speak, less-than-stellar HIE satire, and shoddy humour not fit for a backyard comedy club.

Chapters (12)

It's a fine, practically beautiful Saturday morning in Ponyville. The sun is shining, the grass is green, and ponies are getting out and about to enjoy the summer day. On her daily toil, Applejack discovers a lone blue pegasus with an odd white mask strapped to his face. He seems pretty nice, and he laughs funny, and may be a little insane, but he's here to stay. That's no big deal, the Apple family is nothing if not hospitable.

But, why does Applejack have an odd feeling about him?

This fic, while marked complete, does not have a concrete ending. If you're new, please keep this in mind. The final chapter is, as it says, an addendum, and details what would have happened had the story continued. Said chapter wraps things up well in my opinion, so the story is thus marked complete.

Damn I miss this story sometimes. I'm sorry, all.

Stop fucking favoriting this you assholes. I keep seeing notifications for it and get sad again.

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With Twilight away in Canterlot, Spike is left to his own devices. But Ponyville isn't the busiest of towns and before long, boredom begins to creep.

So to cheer himself up he decides to go spend time with his friends. Five stalwart companions whom he has known through thick and thin.

But Spike soon begins to realise that really, those are Twilight's friends. Not his.

In fact he starts to wonder whether, since he moved to Ponyville, he's actually made any friends at all...

(*2nd edition. Based on feedback, the final chapter and epilogue have been added-to to better reflect the contributions of the CMC.)

Chapters (6)

Twilight has been locked up in her library for weeks. The tree is in a state of disrepair and no word has been heard from either Twilight or Spike. Her friends are worried sick and Twilight's refusal to come outside have only left them curious to why she remains in her antisocial state. What's wrong with Twilight?

Chapters (1)

Twilight goes with Rainbow to watch her race in Cloudsdale only to suddenly find herself being 'wooed' by Thunderlane.

Saw the cover art and decided to make a story around it with permission from Ravenpuff

9/6/14 Featured!
I don't really know the meaning of this. I was going for a minimum length little thing because I saw the cover pic. Then it gets featured. Maybe it means I can die peacefully now. Except people want me to write more. Dunno what to do with my life anymore.

Many suggestions later. *Dramatic sigh* I suppose I'll switch this to incomplete. :)

YouTube reading by Captain Bron3y!

New chapters edited by the fantastic AnonponyDASHIE

Chapters (2)

This story is a sequel to Winds of Change

Lyra and Bonbon are two normal happily married mares, except one isn't a mare but a shapeshifting hermaphroditic erovore whose mother just invaded Canterlot and the other is a highly unstable mare in heat with an absolutely brilliant plan.

...well, they're happily married, anyway.

Join Lyra and Bonbon as they navigate the wonders of interspecies pregnancy*. Or don't! It's not everyone's cup of tea, and there's a super hero movie in theatre five!

*Including random ponies touching their belly, well meaning bedroom advice from bakers, odd food cravings, morning sickness, cultural misunderstandings, morning sickness, big dramatic fights, random cravings for cardboard, gaining weight, lynch mobs, morning sickness, awkward godmothers who try too hard, patching up feelings, cravings that are downright disturbing, morning sickness in the afternoon, morning sickness, moodswings, pulled medication, bricks thrown through windows, lawsuits, surprisingly intense bedroom activities, dress up, shopping, royal visitations, morning sickness on princesses, kicking foals, more moodswings, mothers who move in to help out alongside their BDSM masters, random periods of glowing, even more moodswings, depression, hyperventilation, dramatic break-ups, internal bleeding, trying to outrun trains, robbing a convenience store, being thrown in prison, having odd cravings for prison food, false labor alarms, morning sickness at night, morning sickness in dreams, dramatic make-ups, numerous hospital visits, and a pair of guards named Lace and Arsenic.

(Cover Art provided by Conicer)

Chapters (13)

Taking a vacation in a nice relaxing and peaceful country? That's good.
Taking a vacation and being blamed for the the theft of some very important jewelry? That's bad.
Taking a vacation and becoming public enemy number one? That's really bad.
Taking a vacation and being hunted by adorable pegasi, unicorns, and ponies? That's... different.

A mage decides to take a respite in what he assumes to be the peaceful and safe land of Equestria. Unfortunately he's accused of stealing the "Elements of Harmony", a powerful set of magical regalia, and goes on the run from the law. Now stuck in a land of magical ponies, cut off from his only way home, and now the most wanted creature in Equestria, does he have any hope of proving his innocence and going home?

Maybe, but let's laugh at him as he gets beat up by cute equines!

Chapters (3)

Stop me if you heard this one: I have been sent to Ponyville on a personal quest. Now I'm stuck in a town with a cowgirl with a manly-sounding name, A crazy cat lady with variety, a damsel who wants to make me look fabulous, an egomaniac (who could be gay... it's the hair), and a mare so hyped up I swear she was on something.

No, I'm not Twilight Sparkle, but it is HER friends. I don't have any. That's why I'm stuck here. My name is Woundsalt.

Uber thanks to Carnival for this magnificent creation of a cover.

And do you really need a warning that there are spoilers in the comments? I expected more from you.


Chapters (44)
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