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A young, ten-year-old Twilight Sparkle spots a little boy playing all by himself in the morning. She’s seen this boy before, but this is the first time she’s truly noticed him. Unable to place her curious nature to the side, she proceeds to learn things about him that will break her heart.

However, at ten years old, what can she really do about it? What will her family do when she comes to them with questions that belie her age?

Co-wrote with Moonlit Sparkle :twilightsmile:

Sequel found here: A Spike of Remorse Written entirely by Moonlit and TwiDashForever.

Proof read/edited by: Twidashforever and Lunatone Thanks guys!

Featured the day it went up, 12/21! Thank you so all so much for everything. Moonlit and I were absolutely shocked!

Chapters (2)

Spike has a Rarity plushie he's cherished all year. Then, he gets a Starlight plushie for Hearth's Warming...

Written as a dual entry in Aragon's Comedy (Is Serious Business) Contest under the prompt "We learned something, Starlight" and FamousLastWords' A Two-Faced Charade contest.

Chapters (1)

Garble's behavior towards Spike and his pony friends - despite being mimicked by his cronies - was unacceptable by the standards of the Elder dragons, and he was taken sorely to task for it. When the Elders decided an apology had to be delivered, Garble's twin sister, Garbledina, volunteered to deliver the apology. She claimed it was a sense of responsibility for her twin's behavior, but in truth she was curious about the 'runt' who so thoroughly got under his skin.

When she actually meets him, however, that curiosity quickly grows to something more. This comes as a shock to Spike and his friends...especially to a certain unicorn mare.

Cover image - cropped from the image that inspired this story - by Mr. 101.

Chapters (6)

Spike Drake is a fifteen year old high school student who transferred to Canterlot High School. It is not long until he catches the eyes of almost every female student in the school, especially seven extraordinary girls who all fall for him at the same time. Not only that, but some of the female faculty of the school develop feelings for him as well. The question is will he be able to handle all of the attention that the girls and women at CHS give him or not?

Inspired by both The Girls of My Life and Ladies Man On Campus by Wildcard25.

Chapters (2)

Spike took a walk in Ponyville, and heard something about a gemstone in the Everfree forest, he checked it out, and does not come back, a worried Twilight formed a search party, but after 2 months of searching, he was persume dead.

1 year later a purple alicorn colt is found unconscious on the apple farm, it turns out it was Spike and three certain fillies fall for him, and found out he's remembering little by little and has to deal with a jealous Twilight, when Starlight starts teaching him magic.

Chapters (16)