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Before the reign of the Regal Sisters, a pony gazed into the abyss and lost her sanity.
In her madness, she was granted foresight and issued a prophecy that told of the reign of two sisters up to the creation of a gate to the void, the existenceless abyss her insanity and power came from.
More than a thousand years have passed since then. The Equestrians have forgotten about the prophecy and the cult that the mad seer has sparked is all but gone. Only a single follower remains, perpetuating a disputable "gift" passed throughout generations.
Finally, the stars are right and the Princess of the Night returns, starting a series of events that culminate in the ascent of a pony whose magic might be strong enough to breach the boundaries of her dimension.
Now all the demented cultist has to do is to get her to do just this.

Takes place during the second half of the third season. For the most part, at least.
Should not directly contradict show canon. Apparent contradictions are either intentional and will be eventually resolved or errors on my part.

Shout-out to Cygnia for being my lovely preliminary reader.
If you find grammatical errors, please point them out so I can exterminate them.

Chapters (17)

Wanted: Porter, assistant, jack-of-all-trades, minion. Applicants should be strong, loyal, pain tolerant, cold tolerant, unambitious. Must be capable of following simple instructions. Ideal applicant should be of low to average intelligence and mildly deformed, but exceptions will be made for extraordinary candidates, with extraordinariness to be determined by employer. Must be willing to begin work immediately.

Remuneration will be in the form of room, board, and insight into the true nature of the cosmos. Extremely generous bonuses up to and including subcontinents may be awarded if merited and if circumstances permit. Interviews for the position to be conducted at 108 Haybale lane at 10:00 AM sharp on 4/7. Applicants are expected to be punctual.

—The Dark Lord Sassaflash

Editing and indispensable writer-prodding by The Masked Ferret

Chapters (22)

I used to be a human, but then I pissed off a wizard. Now I'm stuck in "Ponyville", in a land called "Equestria", and with no apparent way back home. I'm also pretty sure that I've just replaced somepony. I'd rather not have to answer any tricky questions, so I'm better off trying to be this unicorn whose name has been forced onto me.

My name is Twilight Sparkle, and I'm not a pony.

[Rated Teen for extensive use of vulgar language and sexual references.]

[Cover art made by richhap on deviant art. Unamused Twilight, go figure.]

Chapters (48)

One strange day, Harry Dresden turned into a tiny pastel horse with two girly tattoos on the rump.

She was not pleased about this.

And as strange and horrifying as this was, even by Chicago's only professional wizard’s standards there was a new job to do, and some new bunch of bastards to thump until they stopped their dastardly pony plans!

Except… there seemingly wasn’t a culprit to be found. No dark gods with a thing for horses had risen. No doomsday cults with a thing for pastel had declared their vile, equine intentions. Not as much as an ifrit with a lisp...

It seemed as if whatever had turned so many humans into ponies would simply be a strange and unsolved mystery.

Reluctantly, life simply had to go on, even if it was with double the number of legs as normal.

Now, months later however, this country with the rather silly name of Equestria wonders what became of one of their lost champions, and just why she never returned to them...

Five Score universe by TwistedSpectrum.
Dresden Files and all characters belong to Jim Butcher.
MLP:FIM is Hasbro's, but you should know that by now.

Written as a small Christmas 2014 gift to my followers. :twilightsmile:

Character tags to be added once done, to maintain surprise.

Story contains spoilers for the Dresden Files series, up to Skin Games! Also, spoilers in the comments!

Cover given by the amazing Tulip.

Chapters (8)

After the changelings' failed invasion of Canterlot, Twilight tries to soothe some of Ponyville's rampant paranoia by casting a spell to prove there are no imposters hiding in the town. But her spell leaves her in an alien body, facing a mob of angry ponies who just don't believe her when she says she is Twilight Sparkle.

Or, at least, she was Twilight Sparkle, anyway...

Featured on Equestria Daily, 2/17/13
Cover art is by the awesome and amazing Conicer

Chapters (9)

Shortly before Nightmare Moon's return, a human arrives and sets up in the Minotaur territories. She wears the Ruling Ring she forged and a collection of the other Rings of Power. She is intent on wielding her power for her own goals.

A Dark Lord of the Sith arrives soon after and sets up in the castle of the Pony Sisters. Intent on finding a suitable apprentice. Will they ally themselves with Nightmare Moon and the other enemies of Equestria, or will they seek to clear the board of all opposition and claim the world for themselves?

What will the Elements of Harmony do? What will Celestia do? What will the other nations do? Why is Spike making wagon loads of popcorn?

Chapters (4)

Character List: Courtesy of TruthHut (A work in progress)

Handy is not a happy man at the best of times.

He was even less happy to find himself in an alien world that offended the very laws of physics and got injured for his own stubborn refusal to accept the obvious path fate had apparently laid out for him.

For his trouble he is now on a journey, with the long term goal of finding his way back home, only to find himself involved in plots and machinations so far above his head and cares that he quickly becomes a pawn in a game played by powers who care not for his well-being.

Quite like his life back on Earth if you think about it.

Needless to say, Handy does not care for any of it. He is much more preoccupied with the more immediate and pressing mundane concerns of day to day life a human needs to worry about while in Equestria.

Obtaining a new pair of shoes for example.

All this and one almighty hangover, what's the worst that could happen?

Rated teen for harsh language and minor violence

Proofread by JBL, Jude and Usurper

Chapters (72)

A take on Humans Acting Villainously: Celestia has won, the barrier and conversion bureaus have wiped away everything humanity had and was.
But uneasy rests the tyrant's crown.
The Newfoals remember legends of things that go bump in the night, and they have decided that now even Celestia must know and fear them too. That there are beings to give even Luna nightmares.
Celestia is merely a Princess, and he is the King.

Yeah! Featured 8/7/14, 8/11/14, 8/12/14, 8/14/14 and 8/21/16. Thank you all.

Chapters (23)

This story is a sequel to Not Another Alicorn!

After her ascension into an alicorn, Rainbow Dash managed to dodge royal responsibilities in order to stay with her friends and try to grow closer with Twilight Sparkle, the mare she’s fallen head over hooves for. Everything in her life was just perfect.

Well, except for the fact she’s got meddling princesses dogging her every step, alicorn powers that run on emotion instead of concentration causing random weather around Ponyville depending on her mood, and this new guy on the weather team that’s trying to attract the local librarian’s interest.

Oh yeah, there’s also some big evil bad guys plotting stuff in the background too. But…who has time to deal with that when love is on the line?

Rated teen with Sex tag for innuendo.

Chapters (4)

This is the story of a brony, who inserted into Equestria.
But instead of a pony, he became the enemy of Celestia.

Would he decide to do what’s right, to love and tolerate
Or would his evil changeling nature make it hard to integrate

Then there is the question of the duty that is his natural birthright
Tasked by the changeling Queen, he was to murder Princess Twilight

So, here’s my attempt at a SI with a bit of a twist that others have done before. Go to Equestria, end up on the wrong side of the tracks, and have to deal with it. Enjoy!

Art provided by SoukiTsubasa

Chapters (13)
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