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After Twilight and her friends blasted Sunset Shimmer with The Elements of Harmony, they did not expect this side effect. Sunset Shimmer was found unconscious at the bottom of the crater. What’s even more peculiar is that she is now a child. She does not remember anything before her current age, nor why she has scaring on her back.

Twilight now has to unlock the mystery to why the former bully was converted to that age, and why there seems to be painful black veins branching across her back.

This story is inspired by fmriver’s story: Sunset’s Second Round of Childhood

Cover artist: girasol


Chapters (23)

Sunset is all alone.

She no home, no Friends and Especially no Family.

All because the user called Anon-a-Miss who has been using other student secrets to turn them against her. The school hates her. Her friends have abandon her. And she had no family to turn to.

She was all alone.

Or was she? When walking in the cold, she would soon be taken to the home of the people that would change her life forever. And perhaps give to her, the greatest Christmas gift of all.

Cover image belongs to edCOM02 on Deviantart

Chapters (4)

Raymond Dallas, a short, senior college student, gets caught in a dare with his two roommates, which he lost, making him take yoga class dressed as a girl with a rainbow wig, a pair of cyan blue wings sown to the back of the shirt, and a rainbow tail sown to the rear. He was embarrassed that he was taking that class, but things went so wrong during the class, he actually changed genders, name changed to Rainbow Dash, and nobody around him seemed to notice. Not only that, but his entire life was being rewritten, and he was the only one to know about it. And it turns out that the woman next to him during that class became his/her mother, and de-aging him back to Junior Year in High School.

Then when "she" arrived back at the apartment he stayed at, it turns out that he still lived there, but with "her" family and foster sister living there instead of his two roommates for college. "She" was trying to figure out what was going on while the reality around her was slowly changing around her. Especially when her own body was changing to one that's not human, but an anthro pony, but still aging like a normal human. Will Raymond/Rainbow find out what's going on with the help of "Rainbow's" six best friends; Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and Sunset Shimmer, which they had an answer that "she" was not expecting.

Chapters (8)

Sunset has once again become a pariah, the students of CHS have turned against her, and even her own friends have abandoned her. At her lowest point and without her friends, Sunset is left vulnerable as the students voice their frustration at her being Anon-A-Miss. But she still had one friend who believed in her and that was Twilight Sparkle, with her words of encouragement, Sunset is reminded of who she is. With her confidence back, Sunset begins to take back control of the school and hunt down Anon-A-Miss.

Chapters (14)

This story is a sequel to The Gaps in F r i e n d s h i p

For Twilight Sparkle, the world was a very empty place. While her family helped her bear with it, there was only so much they could do for her. Combine that with Crystal Prep's toxic atmosphere, and it was a small miracle that she hadn't done something drastic a long time ago. As the void surrounding the poor girl continued to grow, that possibility became more and more likely. At least, until the day she found a strange black crystal near the remains of Canter Creek Bridge. Twilight's life was now about to make a drastic change, but would it be for the better, or the absolute worst?

Chapters (1)

"On Hearth's Warming Day, Celestia usually wants to relax and enjoy the holiday season. Unfortunately, her pet, Philomena, has other plans, frustrating her and refusing to listen to anything Celestia says. When Fluttershy stops by for a chance visit, Celestia hopes she can calm the chaotic phoenix, but what other reason does Fluttershy have for being there? "

Prereader: Ninjadeadbeard,SunlightRays

Cover art: Artist
Picture was cropped by ninjadeadbeard

This was written for [Petrichcord] as a part of Jinglemas 20XX! For more information about Jinglemas, checkout our group!


Chapters (1)

After many years away from Equestria, Sunset Shimmer decides it's time to go back and get things right with Princess Celestia. Even uncertain of how the princess would react to her, Sunset goes to meet her hoping Celestia has forgiven her as well as her friends, however, what she does not expect is that things are not so simple between her and her former teacher.

Chapters (8)

Naruto and Sunset have ended up in late 1800's America. There Naruto is found by Theodore Roosevelt and became his ward. And Sunset ended up becoming the daughter of Barbie Norton. Now years later Naruto becomes a government agent along with Kurama in protecting their new home against threats from other worlds.

Chapters (31)

Meet Spike, a adventures happy future Prince of Equestria and the son of Princesses Celestia and Prince Thorn.

As a teenager he seeks crazy adventures and decides to move to Ponyville by himself making friends and catching the attention of 6 teenage fillies, a Changeling and a Dragoness.

A Spike x CMC, Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, Ocellus, Smolder and Dinky harem story.

Chapters (81)

What happens when a pregnant Trixie shows up at the Golden Oaks Library during a storm? Twilight ending up as an unwilling caretaker of the showmare and her unborn child is what. What happens after that is all chaos.

Chapters (19)
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