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Princess Celestia and Princess Luna are the rulers of Equestria and it's believed they are the only rulers of Equestria, however when Twilight overhears a conversation something big comes to light and that the Princesses have kept hidden for years... There is a alicorn prince that's Princess Celestia's and Princess Luna's younger brother?!

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Times are changing for the ponies. Three years after their magic was restored and harmony established between the three races, they meet in Maretime Bay to finalize their reunification as the Equestrian Kingdom under Princess Sunny Starscout. Ponies gather in the seaside city with aims of celebrating a new era of peace among the ponies.

Yet there remains a lone voice unenthused with the transition.

Queen Haven rides into Maretime Bay with a chip on her shoulder and a crown on her head, the latter of which she will not leave the city wearing. Her subjects called for the agreement to be signed and for her to step down as Queen. She knows she wasn't a perfect ruler, but why does she have to give up everything? Why does everypony else get the happy ending while she gets swept into the ashcan of history? To make matters worse, she's stuck with an overeager unicorn who wants to be her friend.

But upon her arrival, these questions fall to the wayside as an attack is commenced. Crazed creatures attack every pony they see, rounding them up for their mysterious master.

What they didn't expect is that Queen Haven isn't just a queen on her last legs. She's a mare with skills honed through a turbulent time of history. And both the invaders and the unicorn are about to learn that just because Haven may be more prone to parties and paparazzi doesn't mean she's harmless...

Written for the Season 10 Bingo Contest.
Based on this prompt (not really a spoiler, as the prompt is rather vague).

Chapters (3)

As mankind takes it's first step on the moon, they discover that gods are real. Bringing social and culture changes that her daughter and friends had started centuries before.

Chapters (6)

This story is a sequel to My Little Mages: Enchanted Enigma Elixir

It has been less than twenty-four hours since Twilight Sparkle completed Star Swirl the Great's unfinished magic and she is at the top of the world. She has recently been crowned a princess and has ascended into a demigod. All of Mystica, it's protectorates, tributaries and allies have come to Chantalot to affirm their fidelity and loyalty to the new princess. However, in the ocean of well-wishers, one in the crowd plots ill for Twilight.

Deep in the night, this one makes her move, as a former student of Celestia and her own band of cohorts is able to steal the all but the Elements of Honesty and losing the Element of Magic through a magical mirror in the process.

Now, Twilight and her friends have to venture through the mirror after the thieves, reclaim the stolen Elements of Generosity, Laughter, Loyalty, and Kindness and find the lost Element of Magic all the while keeping the remaining Element they have before the former mentee of Celestia and her mentee force the Elements to attune to them. To make matters worse they have to wait a week before they can use the mirror to return to Chantalot.

Can Twilight et al reclaim the Elements? Or Well the Elements of Harmony be forced to have new bearers?

This AU's take on 'Equestria Girls' taking elements from 'The Friendship Games'.

Cover art by Didj and used with permission.

Chapters (9)

Mark Wells was a klutz, but even he could not imagine stumbling into a mirror that he had just bought at an antique store and ending up in a world of colorful equines, not to mention gaining hooves and wings at the same time. And whoever heard of green fur on a horse? Perhaps the great and powerful Princess that the guard was taking him to would have some answers because he sure didn't!

An alternative version of canon events with humorous twists. Written in collaboration with Airy Words.

Cover art by Mix-up and their DeviantArt account is Amalgamzaku.

Book One: Chapters 1–33
Book Two: "Further Off The Mark": Chapters 34–69
Book Three: "On The Mark": Chapters 70–100

Sex tag added as of chapter 32 but it's mostly due to talk. Actual sex takes place "off camera".

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Ever since the beginning of recorded history, witches have been labelled as the evil of Equus, and they live up to the title as well. One of the biggest threats to Equestria, and through the recent Changeling fey attack, they have struck down the Sun Princess herself.

An ailment none of the doctors are able to heal. A curse no researcher is able to break.

Twilight is afraid. Afraid of losing the only mother she has ever known, she fears that she will be kept from being with her until it's too late. Twilight is a good witch, of that she is sure. She has been molded and taken care of by the kindest, most wonderful mare on Equus, ever since her birth mother abandoned her, and she has not looked back.

But why was it fair now that she has the ability, but lacks the knowledge to give to one who has given her everything? Should she delve into that part of her soul screaming to be let free, or shall she wait and put the fate of her beloved mentor in luck’s palms? Still ridden with doubts over the Wedding, she can do naught but research, beg and hope as she waits outside her mother’s chambers day by day, waiting for the Solar Diarch to finally allow her access.

Luna is desperate. Why was it fair that they were brought together for three mere years after a millennia, only for fate to bring Celestia down so low, right in front of her eyes? Despite all her efforts, she can do naught but look on day by day as her sister’s condition seemingly deteriorates, helpless as the witches take advantage of the situation to push back at the chains binding them, seeking to reclaim their rightful place on the hierarchy. She has nowhere to go, nopony she could turn to... And the worst thing? She knows that one of the claims in the previous sentence is a lie.

Aurelia is uncertain. Uncertainty had become very common lately, and she wasn’t sure she like it. Luna was once her friend - her best friend - and yet she had broken her unwavering trust, stole from her and betrayed her. There was also the fact that she certainly wished for nothing to do with somepony who only wore masks and crafted facades as smoothly as a witch. If it were up to her, Celestia could burn in Tartarus for all she cared.

On the other hand, her father’s last wish not something she would ever break, even for petty revenge, and her.. daughter’s cries each night still shredded the soul from where she’d come from. Aurelia has the ability and she has the knowledge. But would it be wise to risk revealing herself to the public eye, to the eyes of the Sisters, the other witches, her daughter, just for Celestia? She wasn’t sure.

Perhaps it was time to embrace every part of herself. Perhaps it was time to own up to the mistake which had cost her her very first friend, her closest friend. Perhaps it was time for her to face the one she’d abandoned and the world she’d shut herself off to.

There is hope for Celestia and there is hope for mending fences, but hope is a fickle thing, and a wrong move could break spirits, crush budding relationships, and topple a kingdom into ruins.

Thank you to:


For your generous support and effort in the making of this story. (And also for teaching me the reins of how to write using FimFiction)


My Brother

For encouraging me to finally make an actual account after a whole year of being on this site.

Cover made from various parts of talented artworks pieced together and edited by Meowofy. Thank you!

Chapters (4)

This story is a sequel to The Quiet kid

Its been 4 long years, and William finally gets the opportunity to return to Equestria. However, when his friend, Joey, is unexpectedly brought along for the ride. And the storm king invades, William is forced to do something he hates... Adapt.

Chapters (17)

William, is not your ordinary highschooler, he is antisocial, quiet, impatient and has an obsession with firearms that others would consider downright creepy, he also happens to be a closet brony.One day, after going to a sleepover he is brought to Equestria by griffon, dragon and changeling mages and given the ability to summon any piece of military hardware he so wishes in hopes that he would lead them to victory against the ponies.He isn't too happy about this...

Chapters (14)

Celestia was having a bad week. Discord had came back from his stone prison and now her student almost went crazy. All she wants is some peace. Too bad an interdimensional time magister decided to permanently visit as well.

Oh, and that magister? He's been turned into an alicorn. And there's also another interdemensional intruder that happens to be nearby and the two hate each other. There goes the neighborhood.

This is a collab story, with its partner story being written by the awesome Silvak

Silvak's partner story: Nocturnal Mayhem

Apparently this dumb story got featured on 5/4/2017 and 5/8/2017! I don't know why, but it did!

Chapters (17)

Twilight and Trixie go through the adventure of life together, the other as their sister. Things go smooth for both mares, but as fillies their lives are more than unusual. While Trixie fights homework, school work, everything else that involves work, as well as her mother, Twilight stands alone as a golden child. More often than not, the sweet alumna sees herself saving Trixie from trouble around every corner. As Trixie lives life to the fullest, exploiting her sister for everything she could, Twilight prefers the quiet way, keeping Trixie in line as best she could.

Chapters (12)