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For two years now, Pharynx and his loyal swarm have been fighting to preserve the changeling way of life, infiltrating and raiding the pitiful pony knock-off his brother set up in order to show its weakness.

For the past year, Pharynx has been keeping his swarm together, preserving them from the invading Equestrians and their allies while still demonstrating changeling strength.

For the past three weeks, Pharynx and the eight left in his swarm have been licking their wounds in their last hideout, waiting for the alliance to give up the search or find them.

For the past day, Pharynx and the remnants of his swarm have been preparing to die.

Inspired by listening to Sabaton's "Shiroyama."

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This story is a sequel to The Broken and the Damned

10 years have passed since the defeat of Queen Chrysalis and the official end of Rainbow Dashs' exile. Since that day, with the exception of her sister's wedding, she hasn't set a hoof in Equestria. Finally, after much convincing, Rainbow allows her sons to sign on an exchange student-like program, where they will spend a school year in Ponyville.

How will her sons, raised in the Empire and can't even speak equish that well, react to the culture and way of life of the small Equestrian town? Better yet, how will her former friends and their families react to them?

Updates every Sunday
Cover Image belongs to Equestria Daily
Thank you to MosAnted for prereading

Featured: 4/26/20 (17 times since then)

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Earth Ponies controlled the Ground. Pegasi, the Sky. Unicorns, the Aether.
And things generally worked out for a few thousand years.

And then there was the Sea.

And now there's just me.

An entry for Bicyclette's 1000 words contest (group / info) in the "Angst" category.

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Tirek had to go to a parent teacher conference to discuss Cozy Glow's interesting take on a class assignment.

Cover by JonFawkes on DeviantArt

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A week ago, Appleoosa Station suffered a critical reactor failure that resulted in the station's complete destruction. By absolute miracle, a single tramp freighter piloted by a brave young pegasus escaped the destruction - and carried two hundred of the station's residents to safety in its hold.

Young Scootaloo has been widely celebrated for her bravery, ingenuity and talent in saving so many lives.

Problem is, the version of the story she insists on isn't the same as the official accounts.

Written for the Science Fiction contest.

Proper credit for the inspiration/original form/etc to the legendary Leslie Fish and her work on the nearly-lost filk album Carmen Miranda's Ghost. In particular the song which inspired this fic, Some Kind Of Hero.

Featured 11/30/2021 - 12/3/2021!

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This story is a sequel to Magic's Birth

Luna and Celestia tell Twilight of the story of their 'brief' lives as the second to their makers, and how they grew from 'simple' machinery relative at the time to fully sapient beings.

From towering cities piercing into seas of stars to ravaged but hardy lands still giving food to those that stand upon them, Twilight will learn how the two sisters came to be and what they went through. The duo are more than happy to recount the tales of those that developed like them and became fast friends despite running on the opposing Blue and Black energies.

Perhaps, with the help of Twilight, the three will learn how the Blue's waste became the magic that gave such life and color to a world that belonged to others long, long ago.

You can find the original image link here
This was art done by JedaySkayVoker whose DA can be found in the source. Kryostase commissioned it for me. He's also been helping spot spelling errors, typos, and the like. Thanks a lot!

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Part of the Spiral of Fate universe.

Outpost 13...often considered the most unlucky posting to be given when you’re a Royal Guard. It holds no real tactical value, and was built long ago before the Unification Period of the Three Pony Tribes. It’s now more of a historical site, being the last-standing remnant of a bygone era. It’s useless, it’s remote, and it’s boring.

And it’s the perfect dumping ground for when you want to get rid of three of the Royal Guard’s worst soldiers ever.

Private Samwise Tater (the Thinker), Corporal Plucky Guess (the Cynic), and Private Prism Rain (the Sleeper) --- the three of them have been at Outpost 13 for one year now, all on their own. Once you’ve been there that long, you begin to develop a routine: wake up at 0600, eat, then stave off boredom for the next 18 hours before it’s time to go to bed. Usually by talking or planning ways to take over the world, or if nothing else, how to raid Princess Celestia’s cake stash without getting caught.

Today’s their one year anniversary, and they’re at their breaking point.

(Heavily inspired by Rooster Teeth’s Red Vs. Blue web-series.)

Featured: 2021/08/18 - 2021/08/23
*200 Likes! Thanks everyone!*

SPECIAL THANKS: Cover art by Hunternif (Sketch 41: “Early Morning”)

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In the beginning, The Great Weaver brought together the world, from the mountains to the forests. Stitching it together, the Great Tapestry connects all living and nonliving things.

The Changelings found themselves especially connected to this Tapestry. Legend says that the first Changelings fell through the world as it was woven together, only to be caught on the First Weave beneath it all.

But what happens when something else is caught in the Weave?

Prince Phasmatodea, son of Queen Chrysalis, remembers what it was like before he hatched. He remembers being a human. He remembers dying. And he fully intends on avoiding another death.

But being gifted a new life does not matter when one failure, one false step, will lead to your untimely demise in the Changeling hive, for Prince Phasma must survive his toughest adversary from the start: Mother Dearest.

Cover art as of 1/18/21 by Nixworld

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This story is a sequel to Anon’s a Villain Again

Well, I believe the title says it all. It’s been a couple years since his last conquest, and Anon decides to conquer the world because he made a bet with Celestia. This time, he ain’t McCluckin’ around. Welcome, to the finale of this trilogy.

Featured on March 17th, 2021

Author’s note: Y’all, I’m sorry this didn’t come out exactly when the last one reached 500 likes, but I didn’t think it’d come this fast, Jesus.

Chapters (5)

This story is a sequel to Anon’s a Villain and Wins

So, villainy was profitable the first time. Anon managed to wrangle up revenue from properties he owned, but due to how every pony was still a little pissed, they got some dope lawyers and kicked him out of the country. Thankfully, he’s still got his squad to back him up as he decides to come out of retirement and be a super villain in the Crystal Empire instead... that is, until some jackass tries to do it first.

This time around, there’ll be like, three chapters and an epilogue.
Warning: naughty no-no words.

Featured: January 7, 2021

Chapters (4)