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During the slow moving summer, young ponies have to find inventive ways to have fun. Most of the time a bright imagination is enough.
But in Rainbow Dash's case, in order to do that and preserve a fledgling reputation, you have to bite your tongue and gallop into dark places unknown to be the cool pony.

Chapters (2)

Rainbow Dash wants the latest Daring Do. And she'll get it, even if it means sharing the only book in Cloudsdale with the biggest jerk in Cloudsdale.
Slice of Life + Adventure

Ongoing: My tentative submission for the Straight Shipping Group's "Disagreement of Sorts" competition.

Chapters (12)

A mare goes into heat when it is time for her to find a mate, and have foals, as it is the only time this is possible. For most, it is a joyous time, a chance to deepen bonds with their special someponies, or have some fun with friends. For others, it is a time to hide, for they are not quite so promiscuous.

For Fluttershy this year, it is neither of these things. This year, going into heat, she knows the end of one of her biggest dreams has arrived.

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Rainbow Dash has been dating Dumbbell for a while now, and everything's been going just peachy. The only problem is how exactly she's going to tell Fluttershy that she's dating the same pony who made her foalhood a misery…

A Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash friendship fic. Tagged romance as well because there is a relationship somewhere in there.

Written for this contest and for this amazing person.

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After an accidental storm is created at the Cloud Factory, and heads towards Appleloosa, Rainbow, Billy, Hoops, and Score are forced to work together as a team to dissipate it before it floods Appleloosa. Hopefully a certain secret doesn't get out either.

(Note: This is a story I wrote quite some years ago, and was originally published on my account on DA. It was written pre-season 2, back before SoarinDash was a thing, and was my contribution to the back-then-rare concept of Rainbow being paired up with a guy. I will admit, that this isn't exactly my best work, but as one of my earlier works, it was no less important.)
(Note 2: Made a mistake, this isn't done yet. Sorry for the misunderstanding all. ^^;)

Chapters (3)