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In the battle training, Bakugou’s hatred for Izuku grew stronger and stronger until he snapped. Luckily for Izuku, his soul carries on.

Written By DannyPhantom79 and BioQuillFiction

Chapters (3)

Silver Spoon. Derived from the phrase "born with a silver spoon in your mouth," which implies being born into wealth, privilege, and now being a pony too apparently.

I opened a Ko-Fi! Mainly because people wanted to donate in order to support me. It should help motivate me to write more in theory. I'll use whatever is donated to help commission more art for my fic.

Chapters (11)

Apparently someone upstairs found some sort of pity within themselves and decided that I was worthy of a second chance. At least, that's what I assume. Since I've magically been dropped into another world, in the body of a baby horse no less! 

That was four years ago. Everything was all fine and dandy, my life was going good.

Too good apparently. 

Since that's when everything sort of went to shit.

Mega ultra super duper props to: FunkyFresh for helping this story get to how it is today.

Chapters (51)

Tony Stark considers himself a fairly open-minded guy, given the whole Iron Man thing and all. There's nothing that can't be explained away by science.

...Even a very tiny lavender unicorn who ended up in his lab. Maybe. Who seems intent on calling him dad. Well, at least he can say to himself he won't have to find a gift for Pepper this year. Now, explaining this one to SHIELD, on the other hand, not to mention getting over his crippling parental anxiety issues? Yikes. ...somehow, facing Ivan Vanko again sounds more appealing.

Set Pre-Avengers. Proofread by TheRedParade

featured on 6/23/20, 6/24/20, 6/25/20, 6/26/20, and on 6/27/20. Top of the box!

(Iron Man and associated characters property of Marvel Comics)
(New title suggested by Airy Words, thanks! 👍 )

Chapters (1)

After watching The Steven Universe Movie on a loop for almost a full day a Human falls asleep and is shocked to wake up as Spinel and oh boy is she not prepared to deal with the Magic of Friendship

Featured 9-12-19 (apparently)
I have never made one of these stories before so I hope it's at least passible.

Chapters (22)

After losing her hive, Queen Chrysalis is forced to start another one. Luckily she has the help of a few loyal subjects who never accepted their fellow changelings new way of life. They must stay hidden from enemies, collect enough food to survive and rebuild their strength. Now the first brood has hatched and there is something very different about one of the larva.

Chapters (53)

In an unremarkable city, in an unremarkable hospital, to two unremarkable ponies, a filly was born. A filly who was all too remarkable. A filly who radiated Destiny, and Adventure.

Her parents, however, liked their unremarkable life, in their unremarkable city, and wanted nothing more for their little filly than to have a nice, normal, unremarkable youth. So whenever Destiny or Adventure reared their heads, they made sure to nip it in the bud. Magical portals, foreign princes, time travellers and mysterious salesponies of magical musical instruments all got the same answer:


Based on the Nope: The Anime joke (original posts) that went around on Tumblr some years ago. Expect silliness.

Covert art based on a picture by greyscale / Theponysketchguy, edited by me to change her hair and eye colour and make her look younger.

Spanish version:
Un poni llamado Nop on DeviantArt, translated by SPANIARD KIWI.

Chapters (11)

Peter Westmoore, 19 years old. Friends describe him as hard working, but a stick in the mud.
Peter never enjoyed the party scene, not when he could be honing his skills as an animator, nor did he have a taste for alcohol. And what does all that responsibility get him? A quick night terror and being dragged to Equestria. Now he, or rather "she" has to find a way back to his/her world. But the six colors adorning his new equine shape simply keep getting in the way. How will a now stressed college student adapt to the happy go lucky world of ponies, and as a filly no less?

Special thanks to my editors; gerandakis and Jasperr Hart. For going through these chapters and helping me clean them up.

Hi, no the story isn't dead, I'm just on the loosest schedule I can manage and still call it a schedule.

Like I've said in previous comments, this stories muse is out for a match of tennis, so it's grinding by very slowly.

On top of that, the most recent chapters don't flow very well with the rest of the story, so here's what I'm thinking;

I'm going to put 'er on hiatus, and go back, do a bit of touch up work on the chapters, bring the whole story in for an overhaul, then continue once it's all cleaned up.

If that doesn't work out, then I'll just have to buckle down and force out the next few chapters, but I think we all know how well that would turn out.


Chapters (21)

Twilight Sparkle has cast loose the magic of Equestria and has been corrupted into a being that craves knowledge, no matter the cost. So, it’s up to Sunset Shimmer to save the day, right?

Yeah, about that…

Thanks to Tired Old Man, Nova Quill/Firimil, and
Steel Resolvefor their edits and suggestions!

Wonderful cover art by shonuff44!

Chapters (3)

Crossover with Ranma 1/2
A project started by taking a pun and fanon meta just a little too far.

Ranma Saotome is deposited in Equestria at the whim of an excited child and with no way home is going to just have to make the best of it.

New Cover art, 2/15/19, commission by Cass

Chapters (4)