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This story is a sequel to Beyond Me

The world collapsed around me, and then it kept on turning, and I'm still this pony. But I think that's a fate I've accepted now, seeing as there's nothing I can do about it. All that's left for me to do now is see how I can change things, even if that does make certain Equestrian figures angry.
Of course, that's me assuming things are gonna go my way. They never do.

New chapters twice a month.
Cover art by softponies.

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This story starts just before season one

In the blink of an eye, the whole world collapsed in on me. Well, it didn't necessarily collapse. It's different though. Very different. Frighteningly different. I knew that God had a plan for me, I just didn't think it would involve being a pony.

New chapters twice a month.
Cover art by Hemlock conium

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Pinkamena just wants to stay in her own lane. If Pinkie has a problem that needs yelled at, kicked at, or jeeringly tolerated until it goes away, she can handle it. But what’s a sourfaced split personality to do when her agreeable half vanishes overnight like a fart in the wind?

Pinkamena is not a sleuth. Nor a convincing actress. But she’ll need to be both to guise as Pinkie and solve the mystery of where her better half went.

What a pain in the flank.

(Teen rating for Pinkamena’s crassness and comically short temper.)

Its National Novel Writing Month! I'm breaking my regular short story conventions for a multi-chapter tale of fumbling comedy, uneasy mystery, and (most frightful of all) first-person narration.

Chapters (6)

Nothing is right.

Jake has no idea why he woke up as a pony mare in Equestria. He has no idea why he can't remember what he was doing before it happened, and he has no proof that his human life is even real to begin with. Just his memories. Memories he can't even trust any more, because even the Equestria that he's found himself in doesn't match what he remembers and everypony he meets think he's a unicorn by the name of Skitch-Sketch, who's been right at the side of the Element Bearers.

And then there's that creeping sense of dread. Feelings that he's run from for a long time. And the sensation that some other, deeper doom is bearing down on the planet Equis.

But surely the Mane Six can fix everything....right?

Cover Art by the awesome GatesMcCloud!

And fan art by the loveable and huggable Angermuffin!

Starting story of the Skitchverse

Chapters (11)

Rainbow Dash's life is full of colour: of sunrises and sunsets that dance, of skies so blue you can taste them, of prisms that fracture light and fill one's soul with rainbows. Truly, it is a life where she couldn't ask for more.

Why do ponies fear that? It's as if they're scared of beauty. Or maybe scared of her, possibly.

If only they'd let her enlighten them. But maybe today will be a luckier day...

I know I made promises about what my 50th fic would be. Trust me, I do have them in mind and I will finish writing and publish them, for your sakes and mine. I just didn't want to write two romance stories in a row, that's all, and I figured that I could shake things up a little and try something new.

Art commissioned from the ever-wonderful Cyonix!

Thanks to Flashgen for helping me write this. And my sincerest thanks to Hay Tea for making this possible.

Chapters (2)

One second she was about to taste the sweet and delicious victory she's been yearning for since she was imprisoned.

"You're a pony yourself, aren't you? I'd be damned if you were the next one to bring my downfall, pony."

Instead, she's tasting the Castle floor as her mind began to fully understand the situation she was in. All decisive thoughts were thrown out the window. There was only anger and pain.

Chapters (1)

Rainbow Dash is a simple mare. She loves flying, she loves napping, but most importantly of all, she loves her friends. She loves her family. She loves the little tortoise who sleeps in the corner of her bedroom. She loves her town, she loves her country, she loves her world.

She's never thought about what she would do without it all. She's never thought about what she would do if she woke up one morning, only to discover that the world had passed her by. She's never thought about what she would be willing to do, how far she would be willing to go, to get it all back.

Featured 7/2/22 - 7/8/22

Chapters (6)

Sunset always knew that she was destined for greatness, but she never dreamed of how great she could become. Not until she had seen it – the mirror had shown her as an alicorn. Ignoring Celestia’s warnings, Sunset goes looking for answers.

When she learns that the mirror is also a portal to another world, well, what else was she supposed to do? But it seems that she hadn’t considered every possibility. She hadn’t, for example, considered that she might get herself trapped on the other side. Nor did she think she’d find herself transformed into a child again.

(Also available in print (temporarily out of stock), as an audiobook, and in Russian!)

A story set in the Who We Become series (earliest story, so a great starting point :raritywink:)

Many muches of thanks go out to ArchAngelsWings, Dessert, Mind Jack, Pasu-Chan,
CharCharChan, w_brown7, and eton975 for proofreading.
Additionally, thanks to Pasu-Chan for providing the glorious cover art :scootangel:

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Sometimes, watching those we care about suffer can hurt more than anything.

Iron Will doesn't sit down and take pain in stride, though. He's gotta fight back. Like an angry bull. So when the ignorant jerks up at the state capitol decide to be idiots, he has to figure out a way to make things right again.

Only sometimes, there's no perfect catchphrase for the job.

First place entry in the Quills and Sofas Transgender contest.

My entry for the Pride and Positivity event. Please consider donating to one of the following charitable causes:

Cover art was a gift from a friend, applejackofalltrades! Thank you so much!

Much gratitude for my fellow Q&S members for their support/suggestions/prereading: applejackofalltrades, themoontonite, Undome Tinwe, The Red Parade, Silvermint, Bicyclette, wishcometrue, The Hat Man, Vis-A-Viscera, and Atom Smash.

Additional editing/prereading provided by ninjadeadbeard, Jarvy Jared, and Arkane12

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The ponies of Equestria know Harmony as not just an ideal, but as a force that actively shapes their existence. It guides them through their lives, brings them prosperity and ensures good will triumph over evil most of the time.

However, exposure to it can be unpredictable for those crossing over from other realms. Sufficiently long stays in Equestria can even lead to a change of form to one indigenous to the land.

And those unlucky enough to be slated to become a source of Harmony itself may find themselves unable to leave.

Translation: This fic contains the gradual transformation of a human (male) to a very young alicorn filly.

Set just before Season Five. Non-Earth human and an Equestria that's slightly different.

Cover Art by the talented Mix-up check out his work here: http://amalgamzaku.deviantart.com/

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