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Twilight Sparkle. Faithful daughter, diligent studier... fugitive?

Twilight was simply doing as she was told. Trying to pass the exam that would allow here into the most prestigious school in Canterlot when things went horribly wrong. Now she is on the run, afraid that if she show's her face back in the city of her birth, that all she has to look forward too is a trip to the dungeons. Can a child really survive on her own out in the wilds of Equestria?

Well she isn't exactly on her own. She has her teacher/savior with her. Read as she learns a different style of magic and all the chaotic events that will follow the duo. How much will Twilight learn from the mysterious and odd Wild Horse.

Chapters (8)

In a desperate attempt to escape the Elements cleansing light, the Nightmare found herself drifting in the void between dimensions after a failed blind teleportation. For how long she remained there she did not know, until, finally, a chance to escape appeared as a strange Shard pierced through the void heading to an unknown destination. Unwilling to let such an opportunity pass, the Nightmare fused herself with it.

On Earth Bet, Taylor Hebert was experiencing what could rightfully be called the worst day of her life, before suddenly discovering that she now possessed strange powers, right alongside an odd megalomaniacal voice in the back of her mind.

This is a MLP:FiM x Worm crossover, in which in an attempt to escape the effects of the Elements the Nightmare abandoned Luna and ended up lost in the void between dimensions. Where she then proceeded to hijack the Queen Administrator Shard and so ended up as Taylor’s power. Meaning that Taylor now has all the powers of the Queen of the Night, up to and including a voice in her head that thinks that World Domination is a perfectly acceptable life goal.

So let’s see how Earth Bet will deal with the Queen of Escalation and the Queen of the Night joining forces, shall we?

Beta Reader: The amazing Emtu!

Featured!: 09/25/2021 - 09/27/2021

Chapters (3)

This will be an anthology series focusing on the various individuals who have been effected by the Conversion Wars. Actions can have far reaching consequences that effect even those you wouldn’t expect. (Critiques and ideas are more then welcome for this story.)

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Without any other options, an uppercaste unicorn hires a "human" -- an exceedingly rare and unfairly attractive species -- as her bodyguard. Her mission is to travel across the lands of a pre-unified Equus to reach Equestria and reunite the alicorn filly in tow with her sister. When most of everypony between sees the filly as an abomination needing to be destroyed, the human quickly earns his pay.

This story takes place in the RGRE (Reversed Gender Roles Equestria) universe and has been converted to prose from its original greentext state.

Chapters (7)

This story is a sequel to Empty Skies

With the Crusaders facing their punishments after the Anon-a-Miss incident, Sunset Shimmer finds herself with a new home, a new job, and a new group of friends: the Wondercolts soccer team. But as Sunset normally finds, things aren't always quiet and peaceful in the city of Canterlot.

A series of (mostly) one-shots set in the "Clipper!verse" before or between the events of Empty Skies and the Friendship Games later that spring.

And pssst, thanks to the incredible Gpizano for the cover!


Three Suns and a Dawning Heart [DRA, SAD, SoL] (Part 1): Sunset hesitantly returns to Equestria for the first time since she broke off with Celestia. Twilight assures her that Celestia will be more than happy to have her former student back, but Celestia isn't the one Sunset's so worried about...
Three Suns and a Dawning Heart (Part 2) [DRA, SAD, SoL]: Her weekend with Cadence going better than she could have ever dreamed, Sunset heads to the Crystal Empire with her big sister. When her secrets start spilling about her escapades in the human world, though, Cadence's emotions are hard to ignore and even harder to impede...
Three Suns and a Dawning Heart [DRA, COM, SoL] (Part 3): Sunset finds herself back in the human world with an extra by her side. If she can't convince the princess that her life on Earth is worth living, Sunset may lose her new friendships...
Fire Among the Woodwork - Sunset learns about two girls' plan to ruin Spitfire's reputation while at one of her soccer games, and tries to stop a damaging message from getting out.
Dark Skies Still Bright (part 1) - Finally apprenticing under Soarin's faithful watch, Sunset feels like her life is going well. However, a question poised by Nightshade leads to bigger challenges.
Dark Skies Still Bright (part 2) - COMING SOON
Sun and Son - COMING SOON
Empty Anger - COMING SOON
Girls' Night

Chapters (6)

Once one of the most dangerous things to face in the entirety of the world, Liberty Prime now lies unused and unneeded in a world where freedom is taken for granted. However, this world will soon learn to be grateful for their freedom, as it is now under attack. Faced with a massive surprise invasion, Equestria now lies defenseless against the Changeling nation. The Changelings seem unstoppable, with their only threats trapped or incapacitated…

Or so they thought. Even on the cusp of victory the Changeling army has brought themselves their greatest disadvantage. Deep within the Everfree, Prime detects massive energy signatures from far away. How will a weapon of wanton destruction interact with those who have never seen the horrors of death?

Chapters (2)

There have been many close calls, regarding the times when Equestria was in danger. Villains who threatened the balance and each time the Element bearers were called to stop them. However, each time they came to face such dangers, the threat from said villains was no longer present. Each and every time, said villains would say that they would rather live in peace and not seek to disrupt everyone’s peaceful living. The reason? There was this old figure who appeared and simply talked to them. And his words would be etched in their hearts for many years to come.

6/27/21: Thank you all!











Chapters (11)

Part 1 of the "Clipper!verse"
CHS has become a breeding ground for assholes and rampant hatred in the halls. No one knows this better than Sunset Shimmer, whom, without her friends at her side, is the prime scapegoat for all the slander being thrown around. Tired of being the punching bag for all of CHS's problems, Sunset searches for something, anything that will make her life feel worth it again. She needed to prove her innocence. What she didn't know was where her tired feet would take her.

Now, she finds herself surrounded by a group that may be willing to believe her. With new friendships forming between Sunset and CHS's soccer team, the Wondercolts, will she be able to clear her name? Or will the ever expanding reach of Anon-a-Miss smear it beyond the point of no return?


Beta readers: Uria the Sacred Beast, River Road

*Rubs hands together* It's about time that I put my own little spin on the Anon-A-Miss thing. This story spawned in between talks between Uria and I over his own story. It is also heavily inspired by GPizano's stories. Be sure to check them both out if you enjoy this!
Edit [6/19]: Welcoming River Road into my entourage of beta readers! Welcome River, and thanks!
Edit [6/30]: Featured! OMG!
Edit [6/30]: AND 100 likes?! You guys are amazing! Thanks so much!
Edit [7/10]: Featured again! Yay~!

Chapters (9)

It’s the Christmas season, and all are at home with their families...except one. Labeling her as a scapegoat during the Anon-a-miss incident, a number of students have abducted Sunset, intending to make her pay for all the secrets she spilled....Again.
There's just one problem....She didn't.

You guys know Dainn's "Anon-A-miss" Story. But if you don't, leave now, and go read his story. This story is a direct branchoff from his, continuing immediately after chapter 5 of his story. You NEED to read his story up until chapter 5, to understand what's going on in this one.
This will be a darker telling of what goes on after chapter 5 of his story.
The original story belongs to Dainn! Be a stalker and follow him, his story is really good!

Chapters (19)

We have all read the stories about a human waking up as N.M.M in the castle of the two sisters heck even I've read a bunch of them. They were always my favorite with a normal guy trying not to get blasted by rainbows for having the same body as some villain.

But never thought that could happen to me!

Now my hair is on fire, I'm most likely 6 years old and this castle I woke up in looks an awful lot like a certain one that located in the magical land of Equestria.

But that's only fiction right?

Well if there is one positive thing about this...I got to keep my hands.

(level 4 anthro)
Previous Cover art from my friend Sonata Dusk951 Send him some Love :heart:

Now with Editors HeBogin and The-Hidden-Fox :heart:

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