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The parallel universe is indispensable to fanfiction, even in stories where it isn’t addressed as fanfiction by it's nature takes a route that deviates from the established universe.
It allows for crossovers, mash-ups, what ifs, and all sorts of other fun stories.
My story begins in a nexus between universes, with a father who just wants to let his daughters meet their heroes, and finds himself charmed by the inhabitants once they’re no longer just characters to him.
With his knowledge he could fundamentally alter everything that happens; but his goal is for things to turn out the way they’re supposed to. But change is inevitable. Change for both him and the girls.
Things start light, but there are cracks that show the shadows cast. And secrets are not kept forever.
Relevant crossover tags that there aren't options for/I have far too many: Slayers, Dragon Ball Z, Tenchi Muyo, Monster Musume, Dungeons and Dragons, Minecraft, Undertale, Dark Souls
-- -- -- -- -- -- *** -- -- -- -- --
A father goes to great lengths to find his daughter’s heroes. And finds himself being drawn into the world.
But even the brightest light casts a shadow. And things that could too easily be are seen. Things that demand action. Things that must be confronted. Things that must be destroyed.
But not forgotten. So life can move on.
But scars never really heal. They remind us of who we were. But with help from your friends you can confront even your past to find hope.
However hope and caring can lead you down a dark path. But your friends will fight to see you again, and find their own reward in your smile.
Fire will burn all that it touches, ever seeking more fuel for it’s own survival. But with care that fire can be tamed to bring out it’s brightest light.
There are times where you can help your friends. And times where they must help themselves.
Never forget that those closest to you may be afraid to seek your help, or are unable to ask, or may even demand that you stay away.
But no matter what you stand beside them.
Because your friends are family you invite into your life.

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Graduation was supposed to be a happy day for the Rainbooms. Sunset and Princess Twilight had both agreed to temporarily shut the portal to Equestria so they could leave CHS safe and sound while they went on a post-graduation band tour. However, instead of SHUTTING the portal, they somehow made it explode, shattering the multiverse and scattering the Rainbooms across countless different universes. Now, Sunset Shimmer finds herself face-to-face with creatures straight out of dreams and nightmares, from the pages of legend to the screen of cinema.

Her best chance to reunite with her friends and get home: a self-proclaimed "Giant Nerd" and his old jalopy of a car, both of which are native to a world of silent observers of the multiverse, including her own life with the Rainbooms. Between his guidance and her courage, the two of them are determined to reunite the Rainbooms and get them back home...

Even if that means facing ink demons, xenomorphs, genocidal time-looping children, or even Egyptian god cards.

((The most blatant of self-insert fics. I am 100% aware of that. This is just a project to help me unwind.))

Support on Patreon to see behind-the-scenes vlogs and works-in-progress! Commission info can be found here!

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This story is a sequel to Magic School Days

The Crusaders are returning for their second semester at Hogwarts. You can look forward to a nice quiet and relatively uneventful experience. Well as uneventful as magic allows, anyway.

Their presence has not already caused a wave of chaos that shook the magical world to it's core. You can't prove anything, so it never happen.

Rich-Online has taken the time augment the story so please visit his blog HERE

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Over the ages, many a wizard has considered the potential for the existence of parallel universes. Often, they've also contemplated what might happen if someone were to cross the line into such a parallel universe- even, how they might do that.

Not one, however, expected that others might come to their world... nor anything that happened after. The first sign they had... was silence in the Owlry.

A rewrite/reimagining of the once popular and now cancelled The Gate, this time with an outline... and a more balanced magic system. And, a different perspective. Should be fun...

Written with the editing assistance of both Gerandakis and Skittlebug.

As always, tags may be updated as the story progresses.

Updates weekly on Tuesdays, or immediately on Patreon... when I have chapters available. Which, in theory, is more often than not.

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This story is a sequel to If Wishes were Ponies . . . .

Harry Potter and the CMC have somehow managed to survive their first year at Hogwarts. Equestria has met Earth, and both are astonished at what they've discovered. The Muggles think Equus is a planet from another galaxy, or dimension. The Wizards all think that Equestria is Atlantis. The evidence for both groups appears conclusive. The changelings haven't been idle, though. And neither has been Tom Riddle and his supporters.

Wow, hit Featured on the first day, 12/08/20, and lasted until the 12th! Yeah, Ch. 1-4! Looks like Ch. 5 put it back for a short time. Ch. 6 lasted an hour on Featured. Ch.s 7-present lasted at least 2, and as many as 5 hours! (Except Ch 29, on Memorial Day -- no show)

Art work by: Mix-up. You can find him at DeviantArt, or his Youtube Channel.

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Harry Potter, after a beating by Dudley and friends wishes he had somewhere safe to go, and starts crawling home. He ends up in Equestria. The young Cutie Mark Crusaders find him. A year later, a Hogwarts owl unleashes the CMC, Harry, and Equestria upon wizarding Britain! And adorable cute magic-wielding ponies upon the rest of the world.

Copyedited by gerandakis. Excellent cover art by Mix-up.
Made Featured Stories starting Ch. 18, Jun 25, 2018!
Made Front Page Popular Stories – Jun 11 (15), July 10-13, 16-17, 19-21, 23 (24-29), Aug 1-2 (32-33), 9-10, 13-14, 22-23, 24-25 (35-38, 41-42), Sept. 14 (49), Oct. 5 (57), 2018!

Inspired by Dogger807’s hilarious story, “Magic School Days,” here on FiMfiction. While there is humour (and tree-sap) in this story, that is not its only focus.

Wow, Sir Chaos Omega made a TV-Tropes page for the story! Thanks!

Published on the FiMfiction website with the kind forbearance of the copyright owners of My Little Pony (Hasbro) and the Harry Potter series (Scholastic Press).

The timeline for “My Little Pony” is messed up. That is, if you look closely, the order of the shows as aired is out of order of their logical sequence. Evidence: in Swarm of the Century (#10) we see the dresses that Rarity makes in Suited for Success (#14) — so unless Rarity time-travelled, #14 should take place before #10! Also, in The Ticket Master (#3), the other five seem to know Twilight and Spike quite well, yet in Boast Busters (#6) they don’t seem to know Twilight at all.

With careful attention to details such as those, you can put the three years of episodes prior to Princess Twilight Sparkle (#65, Season Four) into a two-year stretch of time. If you work hard enough, you can even squeeze them down to one five-season stretch of Summer to Summer.

I used the two-year seven-part timeline mapped out by deviantart’s tobyandmavisforever (do a Google search for “tobyandmavisforever mlp timeline” as the fastest way to find them). Thus, Harry arrives in Equestria shortly after the Crystal Empire two-part episode, and Twilight and Spike have been in Ponyville just under a year even though the Crystal Empire episodes start the third year of My Little Pony.

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After one of her adventures, Daring Do finds a book that reveals a shocking truth that changes everything everypony thought they knew about the past of Equestria and friendship itself.

Cover art is The Windigo by Man-Eating-Llama. You should definitely check his other stuff out!

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Six months after her defeat in her town, Starlight Glimmer comes to Ponyville seeking for revenge against the Mane 6; this time not only taking their Cutie Marks but destroying them as well.
Humiliated and defeated the girls simply disappear leaving the Kingdom at the mercy of its enemies for ten years… until the arrival of the Undead Knights. A group of seven unspeakable cruel monsters who protect Equestria at the costs of countless massacres, painting Equestria with the blood of its enemies.

Equestria’s ultimate protectors, the shadow of Harmony.


This story ignores Season 5 finale
And as all my other works this is a translation, the original can be seen here at FanFiction.

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Sunset Shimmer has decided: she's done.

A too-close encounter with the magic residing in herself and her companions has convinced her that it's possible to embrace too much, and she's no longer willing to accept the risks—be it for knowledge, heroics... or her friendship with the other girls.

As always, desperate times call for Rainbow Dash.

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In wake of the second Changeling Takeover, Discord is infuriated with his magic being useless when he truly needed it. To reclaim his pride, Discord does the one thing he never needed before: Train.

Now he shall remind the world just who he really is: The most powerful entity in this world. Possibly any world. And he will start with the Pony of Shadows. But is Equestria ready to see the unknown and untapped limits of Discord's might?

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