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In the final future seen in S5, Starlight refuses to believe that it isn't an illusion just created by Twilight and tears apart the time travel scroll, trapping them. The world turns out to be a seared wasteland where everything they come across is burned to a crisp in unrelenting sunlight.

They find solace in Everfree Forest, where Luna has embraced her Nightmare side and allied (and more) with Queen Chrysalis in an attempt to at least save the lives of some her beloved ponies. The horror of the present they're stuck in sets Twilight on a course to try and figure out what happened and how to stop it. It turns out that she is no where near ready to face the enemy that took over that future. After all, how do you fight someone you love?

Chapters (1)

When the Crystal Heart is not recovered, all the element bearers manage to flee the Crystal Empire... except one. With time running against them and Sombra's power growing, can Twilight's friends save her from the evil king before she breaks?

Chapters (8)

Twilight has been banished and hated but she didn't do what they say Celestia believes her but this was the best out come for her. Twilight spent days wondering trying to find a place to rest when she find other's like her. Now things are starting to look up but when Twilight discovers a darkness that plains to attack Equestria will she let the land that turned it's back on her burn or will she try to help.
(this is some time after season 4)

Chapters (6)

A day following his horrific attack on both Canterlot and Ponyville, Tirek returns to lay claim on what remains. Including the dead.

Because they're all dead, right? Like, seriously, there's no way they could've survived that, right?


Chapters (1)

Just for Harmony and the Sisters, Discord decided to take things a bit seriously the second time around.

Now seemingly unopposable on his Chaos Throne, King Discord has all of Equestria at his clawtips.

His very first decree? The very first royal act of chaos? The moment that may define his reign?

Pardoning Mane Six.

Wait, what?

Discord's reign will be filled with surprises, chief being how the draconequus is far from malevolent to those in his lands, despite what the ponies have been told. It seems that while Equestria belongs to Discord now, but he does play(mostly) responsibly.

And as time goes on, the appeal of Chaos can worm its way into most any heart.

NOTE: Not a tyrantlestia fic.

Chapters (3)

After Luna's banishment to the moon, Princess Celestia swore to protect Luna's infant daughter, Princess Moonlight, and put her into an enchanted sleep only to awaken upon Luna's return.

A simple fairy tale, but one with dire consequences to the Mane Six... one in particular.

Chapters (1)

Former King of the Crystal Empire Sombra wakes up in a prison cell with the given decision between reformation or a lifetime in prison. He accepts with some caution and after some more details are sorted out, he is moved to the castle of Princess Twilight Sparkle under reformation.
With all the craziness about the arrival of an evil slave king going through the humble town of Ponyville, Sombra is left wondering what he got himself into.
Can two ponies who hate each other with all their guts become friends and prove that old habits can be changed? It depends on how you define 'hate'...

Chapters (10)

When the latest Daring Do novels were delayed, Twilight and Rainbow Dash read the tale of Mare-y Potter, a 11-year-old Pegasus who was whisked away from the mediocre life and finds out that she is a wizard...

Cover art by me and edited by TheSheepMaster
Based on the novel "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" by J. K Rowling
Rated T for edited coarse language and violence.

Chapters (2)

In the darkest moment of Twilight’s life, where all who she cared for have left her, a voice gives her comfort. It tells her that she is not weak, that she is not worthless, that they were foolish to ignore her. When she is offered power and knowledge that was denied of her, Twilight accepts and changes the fate of Equestria.

This story is going through revision and some editing, anything mentioning Nemoroth or Horus should be ignored.

Chapters (5)

Twilight goes for her exam for the Royal Sister's School for Gifted unicorns But something goes wrong. Follow Twilight as she tries to figure out what happened to her and how it affected her and her family.

Picture done by TheParagon at Deviant Art.

Chapters (5)
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