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After Songbird Serenade's concert, Twilight Sparkle attempts to give Tempest Shadow a fresh start on life, but Tempest is anxious and stubborn, insisting that there'll be nopony that she can relate to heart-to-heart, the frightened townsfolk of Canterlot only adding to her attitude.

While attempting to restart the Mirror for a teleportation presentation, Twilight Sparkle causes a serious malfunction. Tempest tries to use her horn to blow a fuse and terminate the portal's magical power supply, but ends up overclocking the portal, which becomes overpowered and pulls them all in. Moments later they fall through storm clouds, eventually hitting hard pavement. Dazed, the group of friends finds themselves on the run-down streets of downtown Toronto, where they face even greater troubles - and a group of friendly faces.

WARNING: This story contains:
- Discussion about drugs
- Violence and some blood
- Sexual talk and descriptions of a character feeling aroused
- Cursing, though no vulgarity

P.S.: This story takes place after the events at the end of the MLP Movie. My Little Pony as a TV show and a franchise does not exist on Earth in this story, so no human knows of the characters' names or existence.

Chapters (41)

Since finding a portal that connects their castle to the home of a human named John, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna spend their free time exploring John's home and discovering exciting new things. But they tend to leave their diligence in the details at home. After all, it's a vacation, what could go wrong?


I don't know why I wrote this. I'm sorry. Not sorry.

#1 FEATURED 9/23/18 - 9/25/18 Thank you, everyone!

Chapters (1)

Having been assigned a project about researching lost civilizations, and learning how friendship could have helped them survive, the Student Six try to find something unique. They find in the form of a sphere hologram projection, which tells about a different world that is plagued by ghouls, deathclaws, and super mutants. A world where various factions fight for survival, and to rebuild the human race in their image. A world that is both harsh and dangerous where friendship and decent kindness are a rarity.

A World Of Fallout.

Thanks to Chaotic Note, Titanium Dragon, Black Hailstorm, and Anonymous for helping with this.

The Storyteller series belongs to ShoddyCast who I recommend you follow. I also suggest watching the series of the Storyteller if you are a Fallout Fan or want to get into the Fallout series which belongs to Bethesda.

Chapters (11)

MAJOR CHANGES ON THE WAY! I'm not giving up with this story

Pinkie finds a new pony. A very quiet and mysterious one, and she hopes to know more about him and becomes his friend.

And I seriously don’t know why she wants to give that trash a Welcome Party. I just hope he dies violently with the new wave of violence on Ponyville.

But, on her quest to know more about this one, will she likes her answers? I just hope everything turns out fine.

Crossover with Hotline Miami, made by Dennaton. Play it, rage it and enjoy it ;)
INFO:Please, to the ones that played both Hotline Miami 1 and Wrong Number, be careful with spoilers.

Chapters (26)


Back from the dead, wakes up in a laboratory with no memory of his past. But a cientist, Core Estelle, who says to be his mother, told him that he died in a accident, that also took both his arms and legs, but he was brought back with new cibernetic prostheses to replace them. But, when the laboratory is attacked by man named Akan, Henry's mother help him to escape but stay behind, only saying to him to go to Canterlot High School and find a man named Jimmy. Now, Henry must find this man, because he may be the only one that can help him rescue his mother and kill Akan.

Crossover with the film: Hardcore Henry. I recommend if you are looking for a film that have some sweet scenes of action and violence, where the plot isn't the main focus.

Chapters (8)

This story is a sequel to Trixie's Great and Powerful Adventure

When Trixie Lulamoon found herself lost in the distant past, she had no idea how to get back. And so, she decided to make the most of it. Follow her year-long sojourn through the ancient past of Equestria, in her own words, as she somehow manages to found a rebellion, teach a child the ways of magic, and make serious bank off a populace that has never seen a proper Showpony performance before!

Foreword by AK Yearling, author of the famous Daring Do series.

Featured: 4/1/2020... which fits Trixie so well...

Chapters (4)

After his defeat at the hooves of the Bearers of the Elements of Harmony the stony figure of Discord was dragged far, far, far out of Ponyville where the good ponies could eventually forget the name of their tormentor...


But, it seems, as the months have passed some creature in Ponyville has not been able to put aside what had happened. Now, that creature approaches, and it seems as though he'd like a word with the immortal spirit of chaos...

Chapters (1)

Anon is adamant that bananas are the best fruit in the universe. Applejack disagrees, for obvious reasons.

Fistfights ensue.

This happens more often than you'd think. It's all in good fun though.

Chapters (1)

Rainbow Dash pitches an impromptu training camp she has planned for Scootaloo to Rarity and Applejack so the under-performing pegasus can practice her flying. Rarity and Applejack don't approve. For many reasons.

Chapters (1)

Spike led Thorax into the throne room of the Crystal Castle confident he could convince the others that the changeling could be trusted. That he meant no harm, and instead wanted to be an ally and live peacefully with them. That he could make them see Thorax for what he really was. That they could befriend the changeling and accept him as one of their own.

They didn't.

And consequences followed.

First featured on 11/12/2016. -- Now with a TV Tropes page. -- Review by Arcanum Phantasy -- Review by PaulAsaran

Chapters (98)
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