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Everypony know that the three Cutie Mark Crusaders are bent on finding what makes them unique. But has the time finally come for them to find out who they really are?

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"Dear Celestia, what have i got myself into?" Twilight and Rainbow Dash have always had each others back, but now Dash has no choice but to put her life in Twilight's hooves. Due to one of Twilight's magical experiments gone wrong, Rainbow Dash has been changed back into a 3 year-old filly. Now Twilight has to find a way to to change her friend back before the effects become irreversible. But will Twilight's attitude go from 'mother' to 'lover'?

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Don't cry Derpy! I still love you! Either way, some constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated.
How much does Dinky Hooves really know about her rather peculiar mother? What lies behind those winding eyes in that brain of hers? Was she always the mare of everyone's jokes? Or has fate been unkind to her?
And what about those muffins? Read on!

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Applejack still feels a mite guilty over the conclusions she jumped to when the Mane Six first met Zecora.

So she baked an apology pie!

A bit of alcohol, and a night she cant remember though, lead to some....complications.


Am currently rewriting this to be less....painful to read.

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(CANCELED) Ditzy has always dreamed of being a superhero, but she knew it would never happen. But when she takes a bite of a radioactive muffin, she finds out that even the biggest of dreams can come true. (Cover art by MintSushi)

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From the authors of "Her Smile" and "A Happy Accident"

When you've given everything for the one you love only to have it thrown back in your face, what is there left to do? After a bad break up between Spitfire and Rainbow Dash the two mares go their separate ways, only to find their true love has been in front of them the entire time.

Spitfire x Fluttershy with a side of Rainbow Dash x Twilight shipping

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Sweetie Belle gets a 'love at first sight' crush on a pegasus known as Show Tail, who seems far more interested in everything else but her. Dealing with one's first crush is hard, when you have to beg for his attention. But if you persevere, just maybe, you can win a heart. Oh the woes of young love. Hope you like this better! I know I do!

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A stallion by the name of Shadow Weaver, who has led a life of crime for quite a while now, ends up in Ponyville, where a certain mare comes along and causes his life to take a major turn... Possibly for the better.

*A million thanks to Inoeitall for making the cover art!*

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Spike has long since liked Rarity, and when Twilight Sparkle decides to hold a party and she's invited, Spike must decide if he will build up enough guts to tell her how he feels. He is determined to do so, but that has happened before and he's still chickened out.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: I update a little on the slow side, but please don't let that deter you!

Though I have written this particular work, it is based of of the TV show "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" which is owned by Hasbro Inc. To reiterate, NONE OF THE IDEAS, CHARACTERS, OR SETTINGS CONTAINED HENCEFORTH IN THIS LITERARY WORK OF FICTION ARE OWNED BY ME. THEY ARE OWNED BY Hasbro Inc. I DO NOT CLAIM TO OWN THEM.

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