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A lone vampire bat sneaks through the mirror portal and ends up in the human world. Instead of apples, it now craves something far richer. And unfortunately for Sunset Shimmer, she's its next snack.

Sunset can't remember any of her activities past sundown. The light hurts not just her eyes, but burns her skin. And she's thirsty.

So very thirsty.

It's up to the Rainbooms to save Sunset from herself before she drinks the whole city dry. Too bad Twilight Sparkle is her primary target.

Thanks to Saro0fd3monz for the inspiration!

Cover art created by Wubcake!

An amazing reading has also been done by the wonderful Wubcake!

Edited by DrakeyC and HenryAnthonyCourtler

Now with a TVTropes page!

Chapters (10)

With an age-old threat poised to devastate Equestria, the Princesses gather to use a spell left behind by the great Star Swirl the Bearded in order to ensure their victory.

Now all four have become an entirely new being, with her own thoughts and feelings. And in order for the Princesses to return, she will have to die.

Chapters (1)

Nightmare Moon is alone and wishes to have a daughter to share her kingdom on the moon with. Twilight is alone and wishes to have a mother that will love her. What happens when their wishes are granted? Read and find out.

Russian Translation for the story here. Thankyou NovemberDragon for doing the translation you are awesome.

So let's just turn this into a meme why don't we? Filly Twilight adopted by Villian X! I don't know I saw the ones with Daybreaker and Chrysalis and thought, "Oh what the hell I'll do it too because it's fun!" So here I am bringing you a story in a similar vein. Please enjoy the story and CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is welcome. If you are going to downvote tell me why you did so I can improve. (Unless you're being an a**hole than I don't want you here.)

Featured on 7/10/18
Day one featured! That's awesome thank you all!


Thank you Julunis14 for the amazing cover art! Go give her some love she really deserves it!

Chapters (1)

Luna has hidden a deep, dark secret from the ponies she watches over so lovingly. Were they to discover it, she can only imagine what it would do to the image they now hold of her. Twilight thinks it's just precious and plans to uncover it once and for all.

In the name of dapples.

Written because I was brainwormed by the wonderful art of my friends, Amarynceus and SilFoe. In turn, they were then brainwormed to make a couple contributions of their own.

Cover art by Amarynceus, because why not use something I brainwormed by the person who brainwormed me?

Chapters (1)

Immortals are few and far between in Equestria, and they are all known to each other. Two of them are about to get to know each other a little better. Because one has just turned up uninvited in another’s private chambers. Maybe it’s time they had a chat?

This story contains enormous spoilers for season 6, and won’t make a great deal of sense if you haven’t seen that.

Proofread, edited and significantly improved by NaiadSagaIotaOar. Any remaining problems with the story are from where I didn't heed the advice given.

Chapters (3)

Princess Luna has always been more at home on the battlefield than in a palace. The reasons for that were left mostly unexamined, for things are what they are, so why try to fight fate? Fish do not fly, birds do not swim, and the princess of the moon cannot be anything other than what she is. But when a dream reveals that in this modern age the impossible can become reality, she begins to examine who she is in an all new light.

A story about identity, discovery, and love.

This is technically set in the same world as Over a Cardboard Sea, but the two stories are only vaguely related and you do not have to read one in order to appreciate the other. It also takes place in the same world as Either Or and shares some themes with it.

Gorgeous cover art by blankflank.

Chapters (8)

After her coronation, a drunken Hearts and Hooves Day promise comes back to bite Twilight in the flank. Sandwiched between Pinkie Pie and Rarity to ensure she doesn't try to escape, Twilight is forced on the next train to Canterlot. When she arrives, it takes a bit more than mere liquid courage to elicit her confession.

Based on the Disco prompt for The Sun and the Stars: A Twilestia Prompt Collab

Browsing back through, years after my last story, I discovered I had never published this one! So, here's a thing.

Chapters (3)

This story is a sequel to Winds of Change

Changelings have always been a secretive race, shrouded in mystery and keeping to themselves, staying unnoticed and in the shadows, feeding where they could and avoiding discovery at all costs. When Chrysalis made peace with Celestia, the veil of secrecy and subterfuge was shattered, and thanks to Twilight's efforts, the other changeling queens can no longer remain hidden.

Of course, Twilight is more than happy to leave the tricky diplomacy to Celestia. She's having a hard enough time dealing with her own amorous changeling queen and her new personal pegasus guard competing with her.


Cover work done by the talented Jazzy. You can find his works here and his stream here.

Editing work provided by Snoodude and MisterGunpowder.

Chapters (14)

Not porn, I swear, but that name was too good not to use. Blame this entirely on Knight of Cerebus for the idea.

Tirek's return could have been handled better with exactly one change in choice. Celestia shouldn't have sent Discord to take on Tirek, she should've sent Twilight and Luna, though they've got their own distractions.

Chapters (1)

Rarity tries to make the ultimate sacrifice for love.

Too bad Twilight doesn't believe in no-win scenarios.

An entry for The Barcast Writing Contest #2: Make Rarity Not Garbage.

Chapters (1)
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